5 of My Sunday Best……………………Chanel, Pixi, Bobbi Brown Spring Treats!

•June 18, 2018 • 2 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Its about time i did my favourites for the past couple of months. Here are the products i have been using the most and reasons why. Lets crack on.

Chanel Lumière D’ Été Illuminating Powder.

This was released a few years ago. It was before Chanel concentrated on the Le Beiges bronzing powders.

The compact itself is embossed with a raised Camelia flower. (I miss these beautiful embossed powders from Chanel. They used to do some gorgeous ones). Comes with a brush which is plush enough to use on your travels.

This powder itself is beautiful, silky and finely milled, very illuminating with no glitter. It gives a lovely soft focus natural effect. I love it. It is the same formula Chanel now use for the Les Beiges bronzing powders.

Above Left; Brush which comes with palette and right; swatches heavy and blended.   

I have been using this one a lot over the past couple of months because we have had some great weather in the UK,(highly unusual). My body has colour although my face does not; (I use SPF 50) therefore, i have to give my face colour and this does a great job. You can buy the Le Beiges in Medium Deep to get the same shade in this.

Chanel Chance Body Oil, Chance Eau Vive. (NEW. LE)

I love the Chanel Chance body oil and have bought it many times over the years until Chanel decided to discontinue it. I was gutted.

This Spring, they have released 4 new ones (limited edition) in all the Chance variations. The Original Chance itself; Eau Fraiche; Eau Tendre and Eau Vive. I was over the moon.

I decided to buy the Eau Vive because i also own the perfume itself. This version of Chance has blood orange which gives it a citrus edge.

The body oil itself, melts straight into the skin with no greasy finish and leaves a subtle scent. Great, if you don’t want to wear the perfume itself or to further enhance the perfume.

I do only use this once a week at most because it is very expensive for 100ml.

I will be buying the Eau Fraiche version next.

Chance Eau De Parfum, Gabrielle.

I have to say this perfume has grown on me. It does not have the typical Chanel DNA so, Its been a do i, don’t i love it, for the best part of a year.

I must admit, i do wear it for work only; however, this is where it does come into its own.

My full review is here so i won’t go on too much.

It has a very mild floral fragrance which gives off plenty of orange blossom with a musk back note. Great for work because it isn’t in your face and makes an ideal Spring fragrance.

I have always loved the bottle design.

Pixi Skin Treats. Rose Oil Blend.

I love this oil. It is great for seriously dry or dehydrated skin. If i’ve been out in the sun too long, i apply this before bed. It leaves skin supple and plumped by the morning. I have been using this one at least once a week over the past 2 months.

It has a strong fragrance of roses but it’s not irritating.

Great for plumping out those fine lines.

Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick, 02 Coral.

I love wearing this in the Spring/Summer time. It makes my skin look so good. I always get told that, when i wear it too. Most people think its my foundation, but i swear it’s this.

Coral gives a warm glow to the skin that works well over bronzer and as a cheek blush. I use it as a blusher and then work it into my bronzer around the outer edges of my face. Great over the Chanel Illuminating powder i just mentioned above.

The brick itself is divided into 6 various shades 3 of which, are highlighting and 3 are colours. Swirl through the whole lot and use a smaller brush to add each shade individually. E.g; as a highlighter on top of cheekbones. Love it!

Above left; swatches of each individual shade of the BB Coral Brightening Brick. Right; heavy and blended swatches of all colours together.

What have been your favourite beauty products over the Spring/Fall? (Southern Hemisphere)

P.S. Sorry about the Monday posting but due to an unforseen problem, i couldn’t post yesterday and didn’t want to wait another week to post.

Have a great month and i will see you all soon. 😉



Recent Beauty Buys………………….Dior and Chanel!

•June 10, 2018 • 13 Comments

Hi Everyone,

I am still saving to furnish the house so i have been cut throat about buying beauty this year.

This means the blog also takes a hit. I try to post where i can but i don’t want to repeat myself or take the blog off in too much of a different direction. A few high profile bloggers/Youtubers have done that recently, and tbh, i don’t check in with them as much as i used to.

Keeping with the beauty theme, i have bought a couple of items over the past two months that i can now review.

Featured below right, is the free gift i received for buying two products from the Cool Wave collection. Dior have been doing some really great gifts lately). 

Summer is here and i love the high end summer beauty collections. Here’s what i bought recently.

Dior Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara, 160 Purple Pump.

Dior have released 5 coloured mascaras in their Summer Cool Wave collection. They are blue, pinks and purples. I opted for the warm vibrant purple.

I never normally wear these colourful ones by themselves. (I am not going through a mid-life crisis after all). I do love them as toppers though.

Pump’N’ Volume mascara is a very thickening mascara that gives wow lashes.  If you have very short lashes, this will probably be slightly clumpy for you but long and sparse lashes will benefit. The lift is great too.

I must admit, when i bought the black version, it didn’t last quite as long as i hoped. I do use a lot of mascara though.

Above left, I start with one coat of Diorshow Mascara and Right; I complete with a second coat of Dior Pump N Volume Mascara, Purple Pump. This gives a subtle, warm effect rather than full on purple.

Back to the purple one. It is a gorgeous colour and put on over black mascara, gives the most beautiful warm hint of purple that is great for all eye colours. I like the effect it has on my eyes.

They are limited edition and are a fun way to enhance the eyes.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer, Lip Plumper, 011 Pool Blue.

This lip Maximizer is fabulous. I have never been without it since i started buying it a few years ago.

It does moisturize really well, only has a slight tingle that wears off quickly and gives a natural plumping effect. It can be worn on its own or over lipstick. I use it of a night before bed and first thing in morning. This gives the best effect for me.

Above left without Dior Lip Maximizer; middle, after 10 minutes; right, after one hour.

I always use the pink one from Dior; however, Dior released the blue one in this summer collection and i thought i have to give this one a try as well. Not that the colour is significant on the lips. It will be great over warm lip colours to cool the colour off.

Chanel Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil, 30 Brun Naturel.

I’m not going to dwell on this one too much. My all time favourite eye pencil. Its so natural i effect and easy to work with.You can create the lightest colour to a dramatic look and its not ashy.

I have purchased numerous times now and no others have beaten it yet.

Chanel Rouge Coco Ultra Hydrating Lipstick, 432 Cécile.

I decided to buy this when i saw Margot Robbie wearing it at the Golden Globes. Its such a lovely nude with the tiniest hint of pink.

Nudes are hard for me to work with because of my pale skin and i like wearing lipstick. I can’t wear a strong shade in work so this is ideal. A lovely colour with a satin finish. Very moisturizing and has good staying power.

There you have it. Hope everyone’s keeping well and i will try and check in again soon. Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉

Guerlain Terracotta Light, Sunkissed Healthy Glow Powder…………02 Natural Cool.

•May 19, 2018 • 4 Comments

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give this product a review of it’s own. Reason being is, i love Guerlains Terracotta range.

The bronzing products offer a beautiful natural finish, which gives the skin such a healthy glow without the orange effect. They are exceptional even by high end standards.

I have bought a few products over the years and use them all. They are either face bronzers or highlighters; both which i love so much.

The newest offering in the Terracotta range is the sunkissed healthy glow powder.

Guerlain did a similar one a couple of years ago with the Terracotta Joli Teint powder duo. I bought the 00 Light Blondes, which was a little pale for me. I still like it as an all over setting powder though.

Terracotta Light Sunkissed Healthy Glow Powder.

This powder is a cross between the Joli Teint powder and the four seasons bronzing powder. It isn’t quite a full on bronzer and yet it offers the colour with a hint of pink. There is an overspray of shimmer that doesn’t transfer.

The finish is very satin without being glittery or too much on the highlighting side either. This makes it perfect for a healthy glow but without an obvious bronze effect.

The 02 Natural Cool is just that. It is a step up from the 00 shades that are too light for me, even though i have light skin. This is just perfect. If you want more colour, 03 deeper shades are going to be ideal for you.

The colour stays put for a good eight hours too without fading. I noticed a light fade once my skin became quite oily at the end of the day.

Above left; without Guerlain Sunkissed Healthy Glow Powder and right; with.

The great thing about this small compact is, its only 10gm in weight, great for the handbag to use throughout the day.

I found the best way for me was to apply with a large fluffy brush and i used a smaller one for under the cheekbone to give a touch of definition.

Top Left; Terra Tropica bronze & blush, Right; Joli Teint Healthy Glow Powder Duo 00 Light Blondes;. Below right; Sunkissed Healthy Glow Powder, 02 Natural Cool, Right; Four Seasons Bronzing Powder, 02 blondes. Bottom; Terra Ora Highlighting Powder. 

I really like this one because it offers a slight healthy finish to the skin with a satin glow. A bit like you have been outside all day and have just caught a glow of the sun but not the full on red face.

In conjuction with this product, i also use the Terra Ora highlighter to give further enhancement to the top of the cheekbone. A perfect match.

Final Verdict.

If you own any other Terracotta bronzing powders, you would probably not need this one; however, it does offer a more natural healthy glow rather than a full on bronzing effect.

Great for paler skin tones and blends very easily giving a healthy soft focus satin finish.

Use 03 shades if you have medium colour skin tone. Both finely milled powders offer an apricot and pink tone too.

Overall, a nice edition to the range and my handbag for top ups.

Which Terracotta products do you own and love? Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉

Five of My Sunday Best………………..Office, Liberty, Dior, Chanel and Sony.

•April 1, 2018 • 7 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Recently, i have been doing some new home improvements, decorating and buying new furnishings. Obviously, that leaves very little for beauty items.

I have still been buying much needed beauty items though and want to share my favourites for the last 3 months. Yes, i cannot believe its been three months since i last posted. It has flown by. My new job is quite demanding and i have been catching up with friends at weekends to.

Finally, Easter weekend has given me a long weekend off so i can post.

Here are my top 5 favourites for the past couple of months.

Office, Black Ankle Boots.

Love these boots i got in the sale. They have enough of a heel on them to give my legs length and make them look slimmer and; they are very comfortable. You can’t go wrong with classic ankle boots with tight jeans.

I got them almost half price.£38 from £60.00. The leather isn’t hard and i haven’t had a single ache or blister off them. Well done Office!

Liberty Loddons Flower Print Design Cushions.

I bought two new couches with a fairly neutral fabric. This means they will fit into any colour scheme and i can make them look great with coloured cushions.

I had my eye on the Liberty’s loddons flower print cushions from John Lewis for some time, but they are pretty expensive at £60 each. They have beautiful fabric though.

There is currently 20% off so i got them a bit cheaper. I just love them and they are feathered cushions. Great quality.

Dior Capture Youth Plump Filler Serum.

This is just wonderful. Again, i bought it on discount. It’s quite expensive full price.

Its a serum you put on after your moisturiser and is like Estée Lauder’s ANR on steroids. It must contain more hyaluronic acid because, it plumps out lines super fast. No fragrance and no irritation at all. I just love it and its going to be part of my skin care routine for the forceable future. Who wants obvious lines after all ?!!!!

Botox looks too un-natural and gives every one who uses it a plump face. Yuck! This is probably the next best thing that keeps you looking natural.

Chanel Vitalumière Aqua Foundation, SPF 15. 20 Beige.

Always a staple in my foundation collection. I try out new ones from various brands that come out each year and yet, i go back to this one everytime and Dior Star Foundation. Both are incredibly similar in that they give a dewy look, which is great for maturing skin. (I have just re-purchased for the umpteenth time).

I can’t do without this one. Medium coverage with a super natural finish. Great for sensitive skin, even though it has the typical Chanel scent. Love it. I use 20 in the winter and 30 when my skin gets a touch of colour in  the summer.

Finally, Number 5.

Sony Digital Radio.DAB/FM XDR-V20D

I recently bought this again with a discount code, (I’m getting good at this).

I needed a new radio and this one is a little cube which packs a powerful punch in sound. You can download your own songs on to it. Its an alarm clock, and i have programmed 5 radio stations. Has a rechargable battery, so i can take it from room to room with me. I love the grey/blue colour and it fits well on my bedside table.

What’s not to love? Worth every penny.

That’s it for this month. Have a great Easter everyone. Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉


Dior Forever Undercover 24H Full Coverage Weightless Foundation………A New Skin!!

•January 28, 2018 • 4 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Recently, i finished my favourite matte foundation in the world; Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet. I love it and i will re-purchase.

I like to try out new foundations because technology moves quickly and foundations are forever becoming more skin-like each year.

Dior have just released their 24 hour wear full coverage foundation. Water based with high pigment.

Now, when i think of full coverage foundation, i conjure up the 1980’s with the heavy, cakey foundation that you can feel smothering the life out of your skin.

Not this one!

The Foundation.

It is weightless while being full coverage. Dior describe it as an ultra-fluid foundation that has correcting pigments which last 24 hours while only leaving the thinest of films on the face.

Apparently, the shades are a bit different to your usual ones because of the water/pigment mix. I found the 020, still works for me though. It provides a semi-matte finish.

There is 40ml of product for only £1.00 more than the Star foundation, (a great luminous matte foundation) and it comes in a plastic bottle, ideal for travelling with.

What I Like About It.

I have been wearing it now for almost two weeks and i really like it a lot.

It does cover blemishes and redness quite easily. In fact, my concealer is fast becoming redundant.

After 4 hours, my t-zone still becomes shiny but thats easy to correct with powder. It did wear off slightly around the base of my nose; however, i do rub my nose a lot out of habit so, that can only be expected.

It dries down quite matte on my skin. If i use a serum, this gives better results on the finish.

I have combination/normal skin with a slightly oily t-zone.

It never settled into any lines or clinged anywhere. Most importantly for me, it doesn’t look like i’m wearing a heavy foundation, while remaining flawless looking.

I used the Dior foundation brush to apply it and found that it blended out quite easily. It is important to shake it well before you use it to give an even finish.

What I Don’t Like About It.

To be honest, i struggled to find any real negatives. I suppose the only thing i could think was, i probably would only wear this foundation in the Autumn/Winter and not in the Summer. Reason being, i hate full coverage foundations in the heat and i get a oily t- zone very quickly in the Summer.

The plastic bottle isn’t quite as luxurious as previous glass bottles by Dior but that’s never going to affect the performance of the foundation.

The Freebie.

I got given this because i bought a foundation. Its contains 3 eyeshadows, one lip baume and one lip gloss and the quality is as good as any of these full sized products. Beats the skin care samples you usually get. I got the new serums as well.

Final Thoughts.

I have only tried one other new foundation last year, and that is Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Aqua, which i quite like.

The Undercover foundation does tick many boxes. I love Dior foundations in general; however, Dior Star is my all time favourite, still. I think Undercover is a great one if you have problem skin or want a really flawless look.

It gives a great finish without the heaviness of a full coverage foundation and it looks skin-like too.

40ml of product is great value and as far as i know, Dior is the only high end brand offering this much product.

Technology has really moved on since the heavy, cakey full coverage, unnatural finish foundations of the 1980’s and even the 1990’s. The words full coverage, are no longer scary and yes, you can have flawless skin that still breaths.

Dior Lip Glow Squad 2018 Haul………………Dewy and Holographic Lip Balms.

•January 21, 2018 • 2 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Dior have just released a collection of lip glow lip balms for Spring 2018, along with a gorgeous duo chrome holographic highlighter, Holo Gold. (Dior do highlighters so well).

I’ve had three of the balms for over a week now. In fact, i’ve had 006 berry for some months because they released this shade in a previous collection.

The lip glow squad consists of various shades of lip balms from pink, reds to purples and they come in various finishes, ranging from dewy, matte and holographic.

I bought the dewy 007 Raspberry, re-newed the 006 Berry and purchased 010 Holo Pink, (Holographic).

The Lip Glow Lip Balm.

Comes packaged in the gorgeous Dior Lipstick case, only this one is a transparent pink to symbolize the lip balm itself.

There is a healthy 3.5gm of product; however, it does wear down a little quicker than a lipstick so, thats probably a good thing. The dewy balms are £25.00 and the Holo/Mattes are £26.oo.

The balm itself reacts with the pH level in your own lips so will create a slightly different colour on everybones lips. They are enriched with wild mango butter and luffa cylindrica to give continuous hydration for up to 24 hours and can be worn as a base to lipsticks or by themselves.

They wear off naturally and can be worn with lip liner. Have an SPF of 10.

The colours and textures available are;

001 Pink (original); 004 Coral; 005 Lilac; 006 Berry; 007 Raspberry; 008 Ultra-Pink; 009 Holo Purple, (Holographic); 010 Holo Pink, (Holographic); 101 Matte Pink; 102 Matte Raspberry.

Lip Glow Dewy Lip Balm, 007 Raspberry. (Limited Edition)

Raspberry is a gorgeous reddish pink. Glides on like a balm without being sticky. In fact, these balms are not sticky or heavy either. They give a gorgeous slip and add shimmer to the lips, while also giving a slight plumped look as well. I get a transparent reddish pink to my lips with this shade and sadly, this one is limited edition.

This one will be ideal for Spring/Summer months to replace the Berry shade i have been wearing during winter.

Lip Glow Dewy Lip Balm 006 Berry.

I re-purchased this one because i loved the first one i bought. Balms very rarely impart any real colour to the lips however, this one gives a gorgeous mauvish deep pink shade to my lip. Ideal for Autumn/ Winter months and to give the lip a bit of life. Again, great dewy finish with a plumping effect.

Lip Glow Holographic Lip Balm, 010 Holo Pink.

This is the original pink shade that has undergone a transformation. It has a duo tone of shimmer going on that is quite beautiful. At my age, its all about making my lips look a bit younger. This does the trick.

The lipstick itself is pink and then turns slightly coral in other light with pink, silver and green micro shimmers. Really beautiful and very different. It is very similar to the highlighter that Dior has in this collection. That is pink and then turns gold in another light. I can’t wait to wear this in the warmer months when the sun hits off the shimmers. It gives a more frosty finish in ambient light.

Above left; without any product; right, with 007 Raspberry Lip Glow. 

My Favourite.

Berry is my favourite because it gives the most amount of colour to my lips in one swipe however, Holo Pink gives a lovely sparkly finish that i can use on its own or on top of another lipstick.

Final Verdict.

Dior lip glow lip balms don’t come cheap but the one thing i love about them above some other balms out there is; they come in a lipstick form and not in a pot you constantly have to dip your fingers into.

I love the various shades and finishes. I was not enamoured with the matte one i tried because, i just didn’t get the matte thing within a balm and it looked a lot like a patchy, dry lipstick on my lips. Not one i would buy.

They don’t sit heavy or sticky on the lips and feel quite comfortable. They will wear off when eating food or drinking hot drinks. That is to be expected with any lip product though.

Yes, i will buy again and i have done. Reason being is i can wear them in work and they can be applied without using a mirror; if they go over the lip line, they won’t look stupid and who can go wrong with a lip balm in the cooler months! They actually do stop my lips drying out and cracking and look great at the same time.

Dior Capture Totale Youth Serum.

When i bought the lip balms, i was given two of the new Youth Serums in Glow Booster and Plump filler. Normally, i’m not really bothered about the skin care because the sample sizes are not enough to reveal a noticeable difference in the skin. WRONG! The glow booster really does give the skin a subtle glow and works wonders under the new Dior Undercover Foundation, giving a healthy, not-so-matte finish.

The plumping one really did smooth my skin out. I even put some around my eyes. It will never fill in deep lines; however, it did diminish them and sorted out all the fine ones. Brilliant! This is next on my hit list.

Which lip balm is your favourite? Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉

MB’s Beauty Awards for 2017…………………The Winners and The Shocker!

•January 7, 2018 • 10 Comments

Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe its that time again. Working out which beauty products have hit the mark for me the whole year, is always a bit tricky. I try out so many things but i have finally narrowed them down.

I have done this post in 2015 and 2014 but didn’t do one last year!!!! I think my favourites were not that different from the previous year and that’s why i didn’t bother.

Lets Begin.


Guerlain Multi- Perfection Hydrating, Blurring Concealer.

This concealer is beautifully creamy and covers darkness really well while also brightening. It doesn’t settle into any lines and doesn’t drag the skin when you apply it.

Most heavy coverage concealers are usually quite drying but this doesn’t at all. I do set it down with a touch of ultra fine powder. Simply gorgeous and one of Guerlain’s finest products. A great product for more maturing skin like mine.


NARS Blush, Blissful.

What a difficult one. I love so many make up products; it’s ridiculous. I do however, adore NARS blushers and this one is a lovely deep rich burgundy red with a hint of blue undertone. Highly pigmented, never goes patchy, or fades and doesn’t oxidize either. Excellent for a mid price point and that’s why it gets this award.


Chanel Ombre Première Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow, 802 Undertone.

Fantastic for highlighting, using as a base product or as a primer for other colours. Chanel really upped the stakes with these new Ombre Premiere eyeshadows. (I have bought two more since their release.)

They are beautifully creamy, easy to apply and blend. Non-glittery and leaves a subtle amd classy natural look to the eye. They dry down and never crease. A super effective eyeshadow for multi use and travelling with.


Peter Thomas Roth.

I first heard about him through Pixiwoo sisters and I’m loving the hyaluronic cloud moisturizer.

It’s super light and works a treat on winter dry skin and non-greasy. Very impressive! I hate greasy, heavy moisturizers. There is no scent to it either. I am also playing with a selection of face masks from PTR to.

I hope it becomes mainstream in the UK soon. It is available to order on line. I bought mine in Sephora while on holiday.


Lancôme Monsieur Big Mascara.

Where Dior disappoints, (see below) Lancôme has come up trumps. They have come up with a mascara that not only delivers massive lashes, it gives massive volume for a very reasonable price.

Not that cost is an issue for me when it comes to beauty products that actually deliver, but this is fantastic for £21. Has a whopping 10ml of product and the wand is great for giving long fanned out lashes.

It actually beats my all time favourite from Lancôme; Definicils mascara! Which is very good to.

My only slight gripe with it is, the flat top end of the wand doesn’t give great lower lashes. Still, its a complete winner and it doesn’t smudge either.


Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, Night Fall.

OH MY! OH MY! Talk about a statement lip.

Chanel make the best lipsticks ever! You know its true. The Rouge Allure is the cream of the Chanel crop in texture, pigment and longevity. The Rouge Allure Velvet is how a matte lipstick should feel on the lip and Chanel created the first ‘comfortable feel’ matte lipstick long before the mainstream brands.

Velvets do not look drying or flat like some mattes do either.

Nightfall from the Fall 2017 collection, just delivers a punch with a deep, vampish rich red that will suit anyone. It has a cool tone that keeps my teeth looking white, even though they’re not. I just love it. I always get great comments when i wear it too. Sadly, it is LE and still available, i believe. So get it quick!


Chanel CC Cream. SPF 50 PA++++

Chanel knock it out of the park with this CC cream. I used it everyday while i was in the US on holiday and i never got even the tiniest bit of colour on my face. Fantastic protection!

A lovely creamy, mid to high coverage cream and covers blemishes a treat. It can be set down with a good quality setting powder without looking cakey. The B30 gives me a nice colour without looking orangey; especially in the summer when i have a touch more colour.

The PA++++ offers the highest protection from the worst type of sun rays.

It is expensive for a reason. Probably the best foundation type product you will ever use. Or; at least, i have used.


Chanel ‘Les Exclusifs’ No 22. Eau de Parfum.

I first tried this at Caesars Palace Forum, Las Vegas. (There are no boutique stores where i live). I was lucky enough to get two samples of it from the lovely assistant.

Santa sent me a bottle for Christmas. It is part of the Les exclusifs range that offers a stunning collection of fragrances not available on the high street.  No 22 being my favourite!

It is very similar to no 5 in that it is rich in Aldehydes but it really packs a punch and isn’t as sweet. One spray lasted the whole day on my skin whereas, N05 EDP will last 3-4 hours.


Kérastase Aura Botanica Moisturizing Oil Mist.

This really should be under the best new release for 2017 but as its a hair care product i adore, i will put it in this category instead.

A beautiful and very light weight oil mist for hair.

I have extremely fine hair so, the very words hair oil, sends me running a mile. I conjure up greasy, lank hair. No thanks!! I had nothing to worry about with this product!

I ordered this because there was quite a good discount on it and i have very dry/split hair ends.

It is lovely. Used sparingly, its gives my hair lovely soft ends. (I have heat treated, dyed hair). I have only used it on towel dryed hair so far but it can also be used on blow-dryed hair to. Ideal for the hair ends and not the roots unless you have very coarse/thick hair, i would say. This bottle is going to last a long time.

I plan to get the whole range at some point and will keep you posted.


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix.

I always award this category to EL every year for their ANR. This time i am giving it to the new release eye matrix.

I really love this formula. I do like the other ANR Eye Serum to; however, this one has a wand which isn’t the best i have ever used but, It’s still better than putting my finger in the pot.

It soothes, reduces fine lines and actually moisturisers the area.

I always say, you can tell a great skin care product when you run out of it because, I notice the difference within a couple of weeks if i’m not using it. This applies to ANR every time.


Nivea Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover.

Effective, cheap, great for sensitive skin and works a treat. I used to use the expensive ones but tbh, i couldn’t really see a difference.


Nuxe Prodigieux Precious Scented Shower Oil with golden shimmer.

I love the body and hair oil already. It has a lovely, very natural botanical fragrance. I can’t say i notice the golden shimmer unless it’s super fine.

The shower oil is no exception. It is a fragranced gel/oil that lathers up fairly well and leaves the skin with a mild fragrance and very moisturized.

Other than my high end body products that match my perfumes, this is my next all time favourite without a high end price.


Laura Mercier Fan Brush.

Still the best makeup brush i own. It is a mix of goat hair and synthetic fibres that give a very effective brush for highlighting and removing excess powders. Super soft and gentle. Its like a feather on the skin.

Washed many times, its never lost its shape or lost a single hair either. Worth every penny.


Diorshow Pump N’ Volume Mascara.

Seriously disappointing. Dior released it to replace my all time favourite mascara, Dior Extase. A poor substitute with 4gms less product and more expensive.

Don’t get me wrong, it made my lashes look great; false lash effect, full and spider-like but it started to dry out after just 5 weeks of use. The pump thing is too gimmicky and pointless. I will not be re-purchasing.

There you have my top picks for 2017. Which were yours?

Have a great 2018 and i hope to see you all then. 😉