Chanel No 5 L’Eau………………The Newer, Cleaner, Fresher No 5.

•January 11, 2017 • 2 Comments

Hi Everyone,

I was lucky enough to receive this wonderful perfume as a Christmas gift.

When it was first released, i read a review that wasn’t too favourable on this new fragrance; therefore, i was expecting to hate it.

A couple of other fragrances released last year (aimed at a younger market), lacked any real depth, longevity and were mostly candy-like sugary fragrances.

Was Chanel’s new offering going to be as disappointing?

Chanel have got it right this time.

Chanel No 5 Family.

No 5 had gotten a reputation over the years as a perfume for the older lady. Something younger women didn’t want to be associated with and it’s decline in sales began. Chanel released No 5 Eau Premiere as a result of this.

Meant to be a modern version of No 5 itself, It’s a lovely perfume that is very strong in Sandalwood and the difference is, they have removed 6 ingredients out of the original No 5 perfume.


At first; It was released in a 75ml version only and a very different designed bottle from no 5 Eau de Parfum. This was said to alienate the No 5 customer hence, why they have made a 50ml version that sits in the same bottle as the original

Chanel still had to come up with a perfume that would reach out to a new audience; while retaining their loyal No 5 followers. A perfume that could make an impact with a fresher and lighter edge to suit current market trends.

The answer came with No 5 L’Eau.

chanel-no-5-leau-xThe TV ad features Lily-Rose Depp and is targeted towards a more ‘youthful’ audience. It certainly ticks the box; however, If you are expecting candy canes and sugar, you will be disappointed. Thankfully, it didn’t take that road.

The NEW No 5.

Where I believe, Eau Premiere lost a bit of that No 5 character, L’Eau keeps quite a bit of it. It is slightly sweeter, but not in a sugary way at all. In fact, it’s still full of elegance with a touch of familiar vibe.

Top Notes include; plenty of citrus fruits and aldehydes, bergamot and Neroli. The citrus keeps the aldehydes at bay a bit and allows the fresh clean scent to show through.

Middle notes include; Rose, Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang. This gives a slightly floral after burst that sits alongside the citrus really well, once the aldeydes fade.

Base Notes include; Cedar, White Musk, Vanilla and Orris Root. The vanilla and musk really shows through at the end to give a lasting sweetness that works beautifully with the citrus fruit to avoid that sickly sweet overload.

L’Eau gives at least three hours wear on my skin.

Final Verdict.

I really do like the new Chanel No 5 L’Eau.

fluffy-and-chanel-no-5-leauChanel have succeeded in giving a lighter, cleaner and musky sweet version of the original No 5 perfume. It loses that powdery soapy scent of the original and the oppressive aldehydes have been given a bit of a back seat. I love that it keeps the complex nature of Chanel No 5, and yet, is an up-to-date version.

It will keep the die hard fans keen for a new experience while, introducting a new market to the No 5 range, who want a lighter, cleaner edge to an iconic perfume.

Chanels best move yet.

Have you tried it yet? Take care and i will see you all soon.;-)

2016……………….A Year In Pictures!

•January 1, 2017 • 6 Comments

Hi Everyone,

DSC09882(1)Givenchy Live Irresistible PerfumeChanel Sunkiss Ribbon Blush Close upMandy March 2016Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Marie AntionetteGuerlain La Petite Robe Noire Deliciouly Shiny Lip ColourGuerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick 070 Plum BrellaGuerlain 070 Plum Brella and 001 My First Lipstick on topChanel Stylo Eyeshadow 177 Rose Petale CloseupChanel Stylo Eyeshadow 177 Rose Petale Swatch on eyeVichy Idealia Skin Sleep Recovery Night gel BalmMy Beautiful FluffySony A6000 CameraThe New ToysDior Addict Lipstick Hydra Gel Core 976 Be DiorChanel Dimensions de Chanel Mascara Two Coats on EyeDiorshow Mono Eyeshadow 658 CosmopoliteChanel Summer Makeup 2016Chanel Illusion D'Ombre 128 Creme BruleeDior Addict Gel Core Lipstick, 927 Sophisticated. Close UpSpider close uplash-and-brow-gel-to-finishBobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow Pink Stone packagingCharlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Lipstick, Liv It UpCT Hot Lips Lipstick CaseAdidas Ultra Boost 2 TrainersDior Brow Chalk close upDior Brow Chalk on EyebrowsSpider in WebAutumn Eye LookDior Addict Gel Core Lipstick,927 Sophisticatedchanel-rouge-allure-matte-liquid-ink-on-lipschanel-rouge-allure-liquid-ink-matte-lip-colourdsc00911outside-the-liverpool-museumthe-beatlesdior-5-coleurs-smoky-sequins-eye-palettespeedo-swimming-costumeyoure-gonna-hear-me-roarchanel-no-5-leau

I would like to thank all my followers for your loyalty throughout 2016 and to those who check in as well. Have a fantastic 2017 and i hope all your dreams come true. Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉



Five of My Sunday Best………….Health & Beauty.

•December 18, 2016 • 2 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Yes, i did miss October favourites. Tbh! I’m getting a little bored with rounding up favourites each month and have decided to just do a random post now and again on what i love at the moment. Hence, my 5 of Sunday best.

It just seems more of a natural post to write. Sometimes my favourites can often be the same monthly and that inevitably, becomes a bit boring to read and write about.

So, here are 5 random things i’m enjoying now.

M&S Merinotec Thermal Base Layer Top.


Great base layer tops cost upwards of £40+. They are worth every penny because, they usually have a high wool content, contain the technology that keeps them thin, breathable and extremely comfortable to wear. They will also deflect sweat away from the body to keep you super warm.

Well! M&S has got in on the act and come up with a small range of base layer tops that are seriously as good as any branded sports wear base layer tops out there and at a cool £25.00.

I have been wearing mine in the cold winter mornings while running, for the past six weeks now and i have to say, its fantastic.

I don’t sweat in it, it feels great to wear and it washes beautifully. If you use base layer tops then click on the link below while they are still available.

Speedo Swimming Costume.


I have just treated myself to a new swimming costume by Speedo.

I plan to up my game in January with regards to my fitness. I usually run two- three times weekly, aqua run once/twice weekly and hand weights every other day.

I will take up extra swimming one day a week and i plan to try out a spinning class too.

My special holiday will be next September and i plan to be one dress size less again by then. Even though i have lost a lot of weight from what i used to be, i still want to have toned up a bit more too.

I love Speedo because they use clorine resistant material to make the costumes and my last one has lasted over 4 years and still hasn’t gone thin. I am just changing it because i bought it when i was a stone heavier and; it’s too big now. Whoop! Again, they are very comfortable to wear and i have tried out other brands and they never last as long; so inevitably, i always go back to Speedo.

Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating Powder, Cruel Gardinia.

Guerlain Iridescent Highlighting Powder Cruel Gardeniaguerlain-illuminating-highlighter-cruel-gardenia-swatch

This is such a beautiful highlighter. It gives a great strobing effect too. I can’t believe Guerlain made this one limited edition. They need to re-release it.

The colour is a very pearlescent pale pink that works with my pale skin tone. This one would suit pretty much every skin tone worn with a pink based blush. It stays put all day and gives a lovely glow to the skin. A real winner. Great in summer and winter too.

Illusion D’ombre Single Eyeshadow, 128 Rouge Brulee.

Chanel Rouge Brulee in direct sunlightChanel Illusion D'Ombre 128 Creme BruleeChanel Illusion D'Ombre 128 Rouge Brulee Swatch

Fall 2016 Look FOTDI was a bit apprehensive about trying out the new formula Illusion D’Ombre. I have to admit, i loved the previous formula and still get a lot of wear out of the ones i still own.

I just love this new warm coppery orange shade so much. It’s very pigmented and blends out lovely. Goes great with most shades of browns/coppers and even purple eyeshadows. A great choice for winter. It is also a bit creamier than the previous version and not as glittery.


I have had a few issues with my running over the past year. I have had consistent tendinitis in my right ankle and it has set me back quite a bit.

I had to visit a Physio a few months ago and he gave me some great stretching exercises to do that seem to be slowly working.

youre-gonna-hear-me-roarThe irony of running is, you have to be physically strong in the hips and legs to do it in the first place and i’m slowly building the strength up now; to the point where, i’m up to 4k runs again, consistently. Just this past month i have been able to take it up a level and i’m so pleased.

It’s a very slow process and i am cross training more to allow for this.

There you have it 5 of my Sunday best. What are yours? Take care and i will see you all soon.;-)

Latest Haul…………Guerlain, Pixi, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Chanel and L’Oreal.

•December 4, 2016 • 4 Comments

Hi Everyone,

I have been buying a few beauty essentials and the odd indulgence this past couple of months.

Here they are and why i repurchased or bought them to try out.


Guerlain Multi Perfection Concealer Hydrating and Blurring Effect. 04 Medium Cool.


Guerlain recently released their new Lingerie de Peau foundation, which is much lighter in texture and lovely on the skin.

Along with the foundation, they also released the multi perfection concealer. It is beautifully creamy and works really well on dark circles as well as redness and small blemishes. It does soften and hydrate and blurs out fine lines too. A very nice concealer for the maturing skin.


Above left; Without product and right with concealer under the eyes.

I also like the fact that it comes in a squeezy tube because this enables you to control the amount which is dispensed.

There is very little else to say about good concealers really.

Pixi Lower Lash Mascara.


I bought this because i like the look of the brush and thought it would be quick to use with minimal smudging. It doesn’t smudge which is great news. It’s also waterproof. The bad news is, it takes an age to capture every lash.

In the morning, i have very little time to play with. (Who has!) This would eventually drive me mad and; it doesn’t give my lower lashes any real definition where other mascaras do.


Above left without any product; right, with Pixi lower lash mascara on bottom lashes.

Having said all that, it is a nice mascara and at £11.00, i’m not going to moan too much. I won’t repurchase though.

Bobbi Brown Sequin Eyeshadow. Silvered Heather. (Wine & Chocolate Collection).


I loved this eyeshadow as soon as i laid eyes on it. I like all the shades in this collection and they are selling out super fast.


This one is a high sparkling silvered lilac shade. It works realy well pressed over the BB cool lilac and pink stone eyeshadows. The Silver Heather looks very similar to Silvered Lilac, (released a couple of years ago).


Pictured above above left; BB Sparkle Eyeshadow, 26 Silver Lilac; centre, swatches of silver heather on left and silver lilac right. Pictured above right; left, BB long wear cream eyeshadow cool lilac with silver heather over the top; centre, silver heather and right; silver lilac swatches.

As you can see silver heather is a much warmer tone and great over laying the cool lilac.

Dior New Look Mascara. 090 Black.

Diorshow New Look Mascara good picNew Look Dior

It never fails to impress. I have bought this mascara a number of times and hadn’t bought it in a while so, i repurchased.

It is fantastic at capturing every single lash quickly with it’s unique and small brush head. (Unlike the Pixi one).

I love the formula too. It isn’t wet or heavy; lifting and curling my eyelashes while keeps them there.

The only thing it doesn’t do it thicken and it can smudge a bit too.

Sadly, there is no waterproof version so, i use this as my first coat mascara underneath the Dior Extase, which gives great thick lashes everytime with no smudging. A perfect combo.

Chanel Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil. 30 Brun Naturel.

Chanel Eyebrow Pencil 30 Brun NaturalChanel Eyebrow Pencil 30 Brun Natural without Flash

Fall FOTD 1Another repurchase. I just love this eyebrow pencil. It really is perfect with my natural shade of colour. It gives great definition while remaining very natural in shade, avoiding that harsh almost ‘scouse brow’, which i hate. It also sets and stays in place because it’s not a chalk or a khol pencil.

Best brow pencil out there. I use the Dior chalk brow pencil when i want darker brows for a more dramatic look.

L’Oreal Techni. Art Volume Lift Root Lift Spray Mousse. Volume 3.

I never used to bother with hair mousses at all until my current hairdresser started using them on my hair.

I love this because it’s a mousse spray rather than a big fluffy mousse. This means you can direct it exactly where you want the volume.

It does work really well at lifting and holding the hair. I would say slightly less so than my Kérastase Densimorphose mousse; however, the prices are very different too. The latter is quite expensive and i don’t use that one for work.pixi-lower-lash-mascara-wand-and-cat

I got this at a great price on Amazon and you get loads of product too. Use sparingly because it can get sticky if you put too much on. A great find.

These are some of my recent beauty purchases worth giving a mention to. I hope this was helpful to you.

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉

My Latest Haul…………….Dior Holiday Splendor Collection 2016.

•November 20, 2016 • 5 Comments

Hi Everyone,

I have been waiting in anticipation for Peter Philips take on the Dior Christmas collections and i’m not disappointed at all.

After the seriously disappointing Chanel Fall & Holiday collections 2016. Possibly, the worst holiday collection i have ever seen from Chanel. It’s great to see Dior got it right.


Luckily, with my limited beauty spending this year, i am quite happy i saved my money and the Chanel Spring Coco Code 2017 collection is going to steal all my money because that is beautiful.

5 Coleurs Splendor Eyeshadow Palette, 066 Smoky Sequins.

Anyway, rant over. I managed to buy two pieces from the Dior collection and as per usual, i wanted more. I love both the quint eyeshadow palettes but opted for the Smoky Sequins palette because that would suit my blue/grey eyes a bit more.


The five shades consist of a sparkling white to use as a highlighter; pale silvered gray can also be a highlighter; a lovely mid toned gray with a satin finish and a black that is the most matte of all these shades and is ideal in the crease and as an eyeliner. The centre shade is a beautiful light coppery brown that has a high satin finish. Great to add into the centre of the mobile lid or used as a transition shade.


As per usual, deeply pigmented and do not crease. They also blend together very well. I really do love the holiday quints by Dior. Never fail to impress.


Fusion Mono Long Wear Mirror Shine Eyeshadow, 751 Infinity.

You cannot go wrong with this bouncy textured mousse eyeshadow that goes on like a high sheen sparkling powder.


I have most of the shades in my collection and they make great highlighters and transition shades. The neutral colours also suit every eye tone.


This shade is a mid toned brown with a high sheen finish and it works very well with the smoky sequins quint. Again, i have never known these to crease but i do wear a primer on the eyes.


This shade also has facettes of tiny green, golden and pink sparkles that twinkle off the light. Beautiful.


I don’t understand any middle-aged woman who wants to wear all matte eyeshadows. There is nothing more ageing in my opinion. You always need that bit of satin/sparkle finish just to lighten up the eye area. The Fusion Mono eyeshadows can add that without being over kill.


That was my picks of the Dior Holiday Splendor Collection for 2016. What; if any, where yours and why?the-cat

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉

Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour……………….150 Luxuriant.

•November 6, 2016 • 2 Comments

Hi Everyone,

I have been a bit late with this post but i still want to review the latest lipstick from Chanel.

Rouge Allure Ink lip colours are the newest in the Chanel lipstick line up. They are matte and deeply pigmented and are following the latest trend of matte liquid lipsticks.


Initial Thoughts.

I wanted the deeper pink shade that is 150 Luxuriant. It is a lovely, deep pink with a slight Fucshia/red edge to it, without being over bearing for day wear. Great with a minimal eye look.

The lipstick comes in a frosted glass bottle. Very simple and classy, as you would expect from Chanel.


The applicator is tapered and very easy to use and control on the lips.

The lipstick is very silky to apply and packs an intense punch of colour that can be built up. When it ‘sets’ down, it leaves a matte slightly satin finish to the lips without looking very dry. Something Chanel does very well with all its matte lipsticks.  It also doesn’t feel sticky or show any dry patches on my lips either.


How does it wear?

I loved the finish of the lipstick itself and it stays put for hours through drinking.

It never sets down completely, in some respects, this is a very good thing; however, i found this one didn’t work very well through eating. It just looked so patchy and not in a good way.


When you eat through an ordinary lipstick, the lipstick will wear off from the inside of the lip outwards. This gives a line around the lip of colour where the lipstick and pencil still remain. With the Ink liquid, i had patches of colour all over the lips and it also went a tiny bit over my lip line too, which didn’t look very appealing.

The other thing is; do not apply a lip plumper under this colour because it will never set at all. You need to apply on to dry lips. It doesn’t feel drying in any way on the lips though.


Overall Thoughts.

I love the application and the intensity of the lip colour. It feels great to apply and never leaves the lips feeling dry.

I just hate the way it wears off when eating food and i can’t see myself rushing out to buy another one unless, it comes in a fab colour i need.

The thing is; Chanel make a fantastic range of Rouge Allure Matte lipsticks. They wear beautifully and feels very velvety on the lips and wear off evenly.

The real saving grace of this lip colour is, the pigment is nothing short of fantastic. It is lovely and even in application and i don’t regret buying this very flattering shade at

Have you tried the Chanel Rouge Ink lip colour yet?

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉

September Empties………….Dior, Chanel, Lancome, Nars; etc.

•October 9, 2016 • 4 Comments


Instead of doing another favourites, i  thought i would do an empties because, they are mounting up this month.

I am in the process of using up products rather than buying, yet more. My dressers have become overloaded to the point that i can’t find anything.

Here are my current empties.


Chanel Le Volume Mascara,  Prune.

I do really like the effect of this mascara. This one is an aubergine shade, it’s warmth works well with blue eyes. This mascara gives long spidery lashes that i love and is quite dramatic in finish. It doesn’t beat my all time favourite which is, Dior Extase, but i still really love it and i like the shades Chanel produce as well.

Swatch of Le Volume PruneChanel Le Volume Prune

Chanel Stylo Yeux Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner, Ambre Doré.

I cannot tell you how much i love these stylo’s. They really are waterproof and stay put all day. I can’t get enough of the shade Ambre Dorè, a pale orange/bronze shade that works so well with blue eyes.Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner 911 Ambre Dore Close Up

This one got constant use over the year and it has taken me a year to use it up. I love wearing it along my waterline and luckily, i repurchased another because this shade has been discontinued. Chanel Sable is out now and a very similar shade too, as is Ardent.

Lancome Definicils Mascara(2)Lancôme Definicils Mascara.

Another fabulous mascara that never do without. It gives long and separated lashes without any clumping at all. It never smudges either. A great mascara.



NARS Smudge Proof Eye Base.NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base

I repurchase every time i start a new one so that i’m never without it. This base is white in colour and evens out the eyelid colour to give a great base to add colour to.

It never lets my eyeshadows crease and intensifies the colours of the eyeshadows too, so you can apply a little less. It is the best product NARS do in my opinion.

COLAB Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo, London.

I do like this dry shampoo that Ruth Crilly ( A model recommends) has created. It really is invisible and does a nice job with a nice fragrance too. I purchase it every time its on offer at Super Drug.

Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover, Bi-phase.

I used to use Lancôme bi-phase eye makeup remover and it is very good; however, its very pricey too and the Nivea one is just as effective for £2.00. I admit , it isn’t quite as good as the former but it still does the job and is a hell of a lot cheaper.

Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Water.Garnier Oil infused Micellar water

A very nice water that also adds a touch of moisture to the skin. I like micellar water as a gentle part of cleansing but it’s never my main cleanse. It is so cheap and effective though. A great buy.

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse.

This is the only bronzing product that never streaks on me and gives great colour and it doesn’t have a biscuit odour either. It blends in very easily and lasts a good 3-4 days, even with every day showering. Love it. A holy grail product for me.

Redken Diamond Shine Airy Mist.

A great light weight hair mist that gives great shine without making it lank in any way. It took a while to finish this as well. A great find.

Dior Bronze Self Tanning Gel Mist.

I do really like this one for a quick fix. It dries down super quick and has no odour to it.Gives a healthy warm glow to the skin that is very even. It is very expensive for the amount of product you get.

Tigi S Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray.

I use this year upon year. Some say it makes the hair lank; however, it doesn’t if it’s used correctly.Garden Spider

It should be held at arms length so it disperses a very fine mist onto the hair. It really does smooth down the hair without any frizz when you apply your straighteners. Brilliant product i will keep re-purchasing.

Another month over. It’s also my fourth anniversary of blogging. How time flies! Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉