New Dior Nude Lipstick in Charnelle

The new Dior nude lipsticks are a collection of 10 shades in beige, browns, soft coral, pale pink and reds. Come in a lovely classy black/navy case. Β£25.00 each.

I opted for Charnelle, a soft coral with a back note of beige. I lined my lips with Chanel Precision Lip Pencil in Coralline, which matched perfectly and i love this lipstick. It is super moisturizing so i think this one is going to be great for winter. Even though the colours are nude, they do not wash the lips or face out and still have colour impact but in that subtle day wear kind of way. The colour remained on my lips for a good length of time as well, which is a surprise for a moisturizing lipstick. The only slight negative i can see with this lipstick is that it is really only for day time wear and i probably would never wear this shade for an evening out, but each to their own.


~ by Mirifique Beauty on October 7, 2012.

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