Glowing all Winter Long.

Hi Everyone,

Yes the colder nights are drawing in and the sun tan, (if you live outside the UK) is starting to fade. So its time to extend that healthy glow with some of my favourite tanning products to help you maintain that glow during the winter months.

I have three favourites. One for the face and two that work wonders on the body.

Clarins  Liquid Bronze Self Tanning  Milk. £17.50/125ml

None sticky with a low fragrance. Goes on very easy and blends lovely. Tans within an hour and gives a lovely golden healthy glow to the face. Apply again if you like a deeper colour. No tango effect at all. I have heard great reports about the tanning products by Clarins and especially the gel, (for body) and both are award winners.  Only a small amount required too. I have tried St. Tropez,  Lancome and Dior for the face but Clarins  gives the nicest healthiest glow. It lasts for about two days, so 2-3 applications per week to maintain the colour.  The only minor setback is that there is no SPF factor but i apply one to my face anyway. BONUS! Cheapest product with more product for your money.

Dior Bronze Self Tanner Natural Glow for Body.£25.00/120ml

Very silky feeling brown gel that blends very well and dries quickly. Low fragrance which is nice and sweet and gives colour within two hours. Gives a natural golden colour to the skin. A small amount goes a long way and you can build the colour up without turning orange. Need to apply 2-3 times a week to maintain colour. I used to love the air brush version of this, but sadly they discontinued it. BONUS! Dries quickly with low odour, so you can apply and get dressed within 10 minutes.

St.Tropez Bronzing Mousse. £20.43/120ml 

Lovely light weight mousse that smooths over the skin quickly. It does take a little longer to dry, maybe because it contains aloe vera but really nice results. Make sure you blend this very well  though as it can leave dark patches by ankles and feet. Best to use mitts with this one or you really have to scrub it off the hands to stop discolouration. It does have a strong aroma which can be off putting.  The spray version has a much milder aroma (£20.43/200ml) but have to be quick with this to avoid a patchy look. BONUS! Feels moisturising.

I have not found any cheaper varieties that give a lovely streak free colour.  Piz Buin and Ambre Solaire are quite good though.


~ by Mirifique Beauty on October 10, 2012.

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