MAC Marilyn Monroe Cremesheen Lipstick in Pure Zen

I would like to start by saying i have had great positive experiences of the products i have purchased from MAC. Including; Studio Finish Concealer, Transparent face powder and the brushes are fantastic. I also understand that MAC are widely considered to be mid range products rather than high end and offer good quality for the price. So i have considered this in my review. Another point is to remind myself not to buy products i am not 100% about online.

So when MAC were bringing out the MM collection i was very excited. I loved the look of the packaging in the promo pics and thought i have to purchase at least one item from this whole collection. I had read on previous occasions, on many blogs that MAC lipsticks are lovely. So i thought i would buy one from the MM range.

As soon as the Marilyn Monroe collection hit the website i purchased the Pure Zen cremesheen lipstick ( a re-promote). It arrived two days later in the post, very prompt! I eagerly ripped the packaging open to find a rather small package. I looked it over and noticed that it was 3g in size. Small, but i guess it was only £15.50. The lipstick case had a rather sweet picture of MM on it.  The lipstick itself had a strong aroma of wax with a hint of sweetness, maybe added to try and mask the waxy smell. The lipstick was far too pale for me, not MAC’s fault, completely my own and a good reason not to select shades online.

I tried it anyway as i wanted to check the quality out for future possible purchases. I applied the lipstick with a brush and then after blotting, re applied with the bullet. Well 30 minutes later it was gone. Wow! Couldn’t believe it. I had not eaten anything, so what happened?  Now maybe a cremesheen is a more moisturising base but still, 30 minutes is not good enough for that price. Not happy at all. I have bought low end lipsticks that have lasted three times the length of time at a third of the price. Lesson well learned i guess.  If a lipstick cannot go the pace for at least one hour or preferably more then what is the point?

I know that MAC do other formulas and Pro long wear ones too, so next time i will try in store first before i buy and my advice to you, if you have not tried them, is do the same, and you will not waste the money i did.

Picture below left is with Pure Zen and right is Pure Zen with Chanel Glossmer in 104 Astral. I applied the glossmer to give the MM lipstick some life and as ever Chanel saved the day.  Did MM really wear a shade that pale??? I think this shade will work very well on skin with a warmer tone, not pale skin though.

Any comments or questions on cremesheen lipsticks are welcome.


~ by Mirifique Beauty on October 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “MAC Marilyn Monroe Cremesheen Lipstick in Pure Zen”

  1. I can’t wait to try this lipstick, great review! I might not waste my money on it now!!!!

    • If you have a darker skin tone it will work for you. I just thought that it smelt rather waxy and never lasted at all. I use Chanel ones which are amazing and have real staying power but obviously you pay for that quality.

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