Who needs a foundation brush !

Fairly new (in shape) is the blend perfection sponge. Used for the application of liquid foundation, it is made from latex and formed into a dense little ergonomically shaped sponge. The shapes and colours vary and so does the price. It is supposedly made by the same company however; it costs anywhere between £5.00 and £15.00. Certain beauty brands are selling it at the top price!! The sponge is shaped like an egg, a long tapered tube or like the one i purchased, which is made by cosmopolitan and cost £5.00 in Tesco.
To use, moisten the sponge in a little water and then place foundation on the back of hand as usual, dip the base of sponge into it and stipple and press it across the face to achieve a smooth flawless finish. The pointed tip is used to apply foundation around the eyes and nose and applying extra foundation to blemishes.

How does it hold up? Well the one i bought is great. The slight indentation was great for holding it without it slipping from my hand. Yes it does take a bit longer to apply the foundation than a brush but still a good result. I was able to push the foundation into open pores to achieve a smooth finish.
The MAC 130 brush is my number one for applying foundation as it is very quick and after stippling, it is great to go back over the foundation with a circling motion to buff up the foundation and remove any brush marks. This also gives the foundation a soft sheen to the face and fills in any open pores around the nose. The cost is another story though. It is £29.50.
The classic foundation brush, (one shown by Lancome) is also good for applying foundation in sweeping strokes but does not buff up as well as the circular one and can leave brush strokes on the face if you don’t pay attention. £26.50.
So for a five pound price tag, i think this is a great buy. It will not last as long as the brushes but if your short of cash, then this is the way to go. Word of warning though, be careful where you buy it. Tesco offers it at a low price.


~ by Mirifique Beauty on October 16, 2012.

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