Essie Has it Nail-ed! (Part 1)

‘If your nails are naked, you’re not dressed’. Essie Weingarten.

While i was in Boots today trawling through the high street makeup, with no success!!!  I stumbled upon Essie. I have read a number of blogs recently on these nail polishes but normally the bloggers only showed the pale coloured ones, i am no fan of pastels believe me! However; the stand in Boots had a whole array of colours and one drew my attention instantly. Aruba Blue, OMG! Its stunning and even better on the nails. I believe i am now smitten, hence the part 1, because i  will not stop at one.

The colour is a rich deep bright electric blue and under the light  a pink pearlescent is visible. Not visible with my camera unfortunately. It also only took one coat to get great coverage and the brush is well designed so i made fewer mistakes when i was painting nails on my right hand.

Essie Weingarten started making nail polishes in New York in 1981 after noticing a gap in the market for exciting modern shades while she was in Las Vegas. She took 12 shades , (3 original still in existence) made at her home in New York to Las Vegas and literally sold them door to door. The brand went global in 1982 and has grown ever since with the help of celebrities such as; Joan Rivers, who mentioned  it on ‘The Tonight Show’ , Sharon Stone, Madonna, Cindy Crawford and even her Majesty the Queen, all of which are fans.

The brand won eight beauty awards in 2010 and four again in 2011.

Essie still works most days in the kitchenette in her boardroom making new nail colours with interesting names such as the current fall collections, Stylenomics and Recessionista, lol! (My kind of business woman).

The recently opened flagship store boasts 900 shades. Oh and if you think the blue is not you, there’s 299 other shades in circulation around the world awaiting discovery if you can’t make it to NY store that is, for the complete set. Now this is a high street product worth talking about £7.99/13.5ml. Boots/ Superdrug.


~ by Mirifique Beauty on October 18, 2012.

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