MAC the Miracle Matte…….. A Clear Necessity for the Handbag

Hi Everyone,

i thought it was time for another update and second of the week. I love writing and have chosen a MAC product to write about which has given great results. The last MAC product i purchased and had written about, was not a good experience. If you want to read about it then press here.

I bought the MAC Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Compact a few months ago and have had it in my handbag ever since. Β I like to use products for quite a while before reporting on them as you cannot really know how a product is going to perform or how long it will last with just a couple of uses.

MAC say it is a clear powder which can be used over makeup or on its own, mattes the face and reduces the appearance of fine lines using optical illusion. Not too sure about the second claim but the first one is true.

The packaging is a black box with fine green and pink sparkles on it as is the compact itself. I’m not sure if this is a bit misleading because it gives the impression that the powder has shimmer in it and yet it has no shimmer at all. The compact is easy to open and has the obligatory mirror inside.

The unique difference about this product is it’s completely white and yet, it deposits a clear finish on the skin and mattes down my oily T- zone immediately. I have used this a number of times and its still going strong.

But the real selling point is, it never cakes or builds up on the skin. The powder is super fine and just disappears on contact while giving a nice matte finish with only a couple of sweeps of a brush. I have to do this at least three times a day due to my oily T-zone, so its great for that and the coloured powders do tend to build up a bit. It does not dry out the skin either or highlight any lines and the compact is small enough to carry in any size handbag.

The negative point about this compact is that it does not come with a powder puff or brush, so you would need to purchase one. Considering the price of this, i think MAC could have at least supplied a powder puff. It costs Β£19.50/ 6.3gm. It has lasted me a long time now though and has not cracked yet (touch wood). I am careful not to throw my bag around as well just to make sure.

So verdict then. A great product for people with oily t-zones/combination skin, who don’t want the powder to show up on the face, none drying and will suit every skin tone. Make sure you pack your own brush or powder puff to accompany the product if travelling with it though.

~ by Mirifique Beauty on October 24, 2012.

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