Oktober ‘Beauty’ Fest…….. Products used and well loved in October.

Hi Everyone,

Another month used up in 2012 and into winter we go. Clocks have gone back so dark and cold nice and early.  Time for a sunny review on products i have been using  and loving over October and  including my star product of the month. I have not included foundation here because i have been testing a few over October and will do a report on that on my website shortly. Stay tuned for that.

From left to right.

Essie Nail Polish. Aruba Blue 92

Stunning electric blue shade and Essie nail colours come in an absolute huge variety. Mine didn’t start chipping for at least 4 days and only a small amount on a couple of nails i use the most. Comes with a no-smudge brush and one coat is all that’s needed to get a lovely, even result. Cheapest place to buy them is Boots and Super Drug. £7.99 for a generous 13.5ml. I never usually go for many high street/drug store products however; i have to say, Essie give high end nail polishes a real run for their money and are half the price. Fantastic product.  See history behind the product and my full review here.

Body Shop Foundation Lip Butter in Dragon Fruit

Gorgeous aroma. I’m hooked. It contains Shea butter as the main ingredient and has dragon fruit extract. Costs £4.00 for 10ml but every penny of profit goes to charity. Lovely softening buttery feel to the lips.Great stuff!

Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Topseal. Heat-Activated  Reconstructing Milk 

A leave in cream for dry and damaged hair. Actually makes hair feel lovely and soft. I use most products in the resistance range.  For use with dryers and heated irons.  I havn’t found any high street equivalent/dupes for this,and i have tried to. Its that good. 125ml/£18.90. It lasts ages and you can get better price deals for it online.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in Caractere 3.5gm/£24.00  

There isn’t another lipstick out there for me, no dupes in quality either, sorry guys. Brilliant and stays put for hours. This shade is lovely for winter and i have just wore it a lot this month.

Diorshow New Look Mascara in Black  

I bought this after trying a sample  which impressed me. Lovely powerful full lashes. It has a micro brush head which picks up every single lash. Because its small, it gives greater control, especially on the bottom lashes. My lashes have never looked so great and i don’t need to use my curlers with it either. £23.00/10ml.  Picture left is with just one coat.

NARS Single Powder Eyeshadow in Lhasa

Gorgeous highly pigmented grey eyeshadow with a touch of lilac and soft shimmer. Really love NARS eyeshadows, they are high quality for a reasonable price and i prefer their packaging to MAC. I have wore this one as a socket colour for most of the month and i get compliments every time i wear it. So i will probably wear it much more now 😉 £17.00

YSL Golden Shimmering Lip Gloss in Arctic Blue 55

A new purchase from the Northern Lights Holiday Collection and i have been wearing it all month. As its limited Edition i may have to get another one before they go. Contains 0.2% 24 carat gold and light/dark blue light reflecting spheres. Has lip softening nigelle and cameline oils and lasts ages on the lips. Non-sticky and looks fab in the sunlight. Click here for swatches on this over different coloured lipsticks. Buy it before its gone. £22.00/6ml. Pictured below left.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum 

This is the elixir of youth. Why didn’t i discover this years ago? Before i started using this, along with other face products, i had a slightly lined face and the lines around my mouth and the one between my eyebrows were getting deeper. Not anymore. Two weeks of using it and hey presto!! Lines are neither deep anymore or half their length. I will be using this for the rest of my life. Who needs the plastic looking face botox brings, when you just have to buy this? £52.00/ 50ml

Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder in 47 Feerie

As Chanel are just about to release their holiday collection and have another sparkling face powder for the season, i thought it was time to start using the limited edition one i got from their holiday collection 2011. This one has green and pink sparkles in a warm beige powder. The new one is going to be a rosy beige gold one. It is a lovely face powder and comes with a medium sized powder puff. Indulgent! Yes. Love it! Yes It will also last for years so its worth it. Get it on the Christmas Wish list. Limited Edition to. 30gm costs £32.00.

AND FINALLY!!!  The Star Product of the month is…………

YSL Premiere Neige Top Coat New from the Northern Lights Collection. 

Also limited edition. I have wore this over all my nail polishes and it is a real top coat, rather than a sparkling nail polish. Love it very much. Contains pink and blue sparkles to represent a frosty finish. Great over blue nail polish. £18.00/10ml.  Full review and swatches here.

So there you have it. Sorry it’s a long one wordy one but its difficult when you are doing monthly favourite’s. Hope you have a fab week. Bye for now 🙂


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  1. Great reviews! I’m following your blog now xxx

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