YSL Shocking, is it? The Length High End Mascaras will Go To.

Hi Everyone,

Another weekend has arrived and its got so much colder this week. Hope you are all keeping warm and well. Time for another update and this one is going to be mascaras. Which have a very integral part to play in making up the eye.

I never thought about buying a YSL mascara before. To be honest, i have been super happy with Diorshow Extase, Diorshow New Look and Lancome Definicils. All three are completely fantastic for my lashes. I should add that i have long lashes that curl quite easily and they are quite thick and evenly spaced. Yes in that area i am very blessed. However; this doesn’t mean i can throw any old mascara on my lashes. Some mascaras are heavily fragranced and cause my eyes irritation, (usually high street/drug store ones) some are so fiddly and i just end up spending ages getting my lashes to look good, Lancome Hypnose Drama is a bit of a pain for this and then there are some that you cannot do a second coat with, Chanel springs to mind. Therefore; i pick mascaras very carefully and usually with a certain amount of wisdom.

Lancome Definicils has been a staple favourite since i was 19 years old, which is a while ago he hum!. It has never failed because it is incredible for lengthening and separating lashes and never clumps either, even then it gets old. AMAZING! 6.5ml/£21.00. 

Diorshow Extase has a fantastic brush and gives great thick, curly lashes in one coat. It lasts absolutely ages as well, due to the generous 10ml in every Dior mascara. Pictured below left.




Finally, Diorshow New Look, doesn’t miss one single lash with its nano brush, great for bottom lashes to and lifts and curls brilliantly and never clumps either. Both 10ml/£23.00.

By the way, do i dare mention Lancome and Dior in the same post? They are massive rivals, especially in the mascara wars.

So why buy YSL Shocking mascara? Well i had read on a couple of blogs how great it was so i thought, why not give it a go!

I bought the sea black one as it is a lovely shade of black with a hint of blue in it. One great thing about YSL mascaras are that they have a nice range of shades. The new one in the Northern Lights Holiday Collection is a permanent line in Cassis. Sea black (4) is pictured below left.

YSL say that their mascara gives shocking volume/false lash effect, with its special formula and its ample helix cut brush with an asymmetrical shape.

The Long and Short of it

I have used it on two occasions and both times i have been quite disappointed. It does give lashes great length and curling ability but it’s just so clumpy and bitty. I applied one coat on the first occasion i used it, and it left little clumps all over my lashes meaning, i had to spend some time combing them out. The following time i used it, the first coat wasn’t too bad however; the second coat was not good. It  just pulled the first coat of mascara off my lashes and left little clumps all over the front of the top i was wearing. The little bits kept going in my eyes, so kept feeling like i had something in them all day. I couldn’t wait to take this mascara off. Very fiddly mascara to get nice, even lashes. It has 6.4ml of product for £23.00, which makes it very expensive, even for high end. It has a similar brush to Lancome  Hypnose mascara but the mix is far too thick and dries too quickly as well.

Pictured below are all mascaras applied in one coat. Starting from left to right is Lancome Definicils, Diorshow Extase in the middle. Diorshow New Look far right and then below left is YSL Shocking Volume Mascara. If you enlarge the picture of YSL and compare with the others, the clumping can be clearly seen. All mascaras were applied when purchased new.

I will use this mascara as first coat under my Lancome Definicils and will not be repurchasing. What a shame. Great shade though!

For a comprehensive review and swatches of mascaras, go to my website http://www.mandymcmulli7.wix.com/mirifique-beauty. Can be accessed through my twitter account @mirifiquebeauty. Featured are Dior, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Chanel, Maybelline, Body Shop and Clinique mascaras. Hit the ‘Wave your magic wand’ page. Will also give you an idea of what mascara you should look at buying depending on type of lashes you have.

Have a great weekend and Bonfire Night everyone 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on November 3, 2012.

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