Essie is No Trophy Wife ! (Part 2)

Hi Everyone,

A short and sweet one this week. Things are getting busy for me now Christmas is approaching. Having to sort out Christmas gifts and also incorporating them into my blog is going to be interesting and fun, so watch out for that!

I have already done one review on Essie nail polishes and a brief history of Essie Weingarten herself. If you would like to read that then press here. I am going through the blue phase with Essie at the moment!!

Nail polish is usually hit and miss with me. It either looks awful on my nails or it chips within thirty minutes. So when i tried Essie i was expecting the same Scenario. Well i was wrong. Not only do the colours suit my skin tone but also they last days before chipping.

Trophy Wife (97), is a gorgeous teal shade, not too dark with a soft almost metallic finish. I really love this one. It also does not stain the nails either. I also love the innovative names Essie comes up with for her polishes too.

Essie nail polishes do not usually need a second coat either and have a none smudge brush which makes it great to apply on your right hand nails. I am not left handed so i usually have the cotton tips ready with nail polish remover to tidy up.

If there was a slight negative with this colour is that this one is a tiny bit  gritty and not as smooth as Aruba Blue. It does not put me off though, i still love it.

Costs £7.99 for a generous 13.5 ml and is a great product from the high street.

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Take care everyone and enjoy the rest of your week, see you at the weekend.   😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on November 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “Essie is No Trophy Wife ! (Part 2)”

  1. I love this colour!!!!!

  2. Yes me to. I love the blues and purples in her range, and such great no chip formulas to, very impressed

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