Christmas Gift Ideas 1……………..Body Shop White Musk Libertine

Hi Everyone,

How’s it going? I am writing posts like crazy as i am a bit busy now. Always the way just before the holiday and i love this time of year the most.

Over the next couple of weeks i am going to share simple little ideas for Christmas gifts. They are not going to be expensive gift sets with tons of packaging and very little product but more realistic, well priced  and good value ones. Lets get stuck in then to my first one.

I have always loved the Body Shop White Musk beauty products. The fragrance is gorgeous and at a high street price. Not surprised they have stood the test of time within the Body Shop brand and have become iconic. White Musk is now 31 years old and going strong.

Anita Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop came up with some fantastic products such as the Blue Corn 3 in 1 face mask, Japanese Washing Grains, Body Butters and Coconut Hair Shine in a quirky boot polish style tin as well many others in her original Brighton Store.

I really like the the Body Shop and have shopped there for a long time now. They produce interesting products quite frequently, which keeps the brand fresh and interesting. I had become slightly concerned when Anita sold the business to L’Oreal in 2006, as i didn’t think they would stay true to the brand. Well they have for the most part despite Anita’s death one year later.

Last year, the Body Shop released the fragrance called White Musk Libertine. I was slightly skeptical because they have released different versions over the years such as Midnight Iris, Breeze and White Hot Summer.These have been ok but nothing near the quality of White Musk itself. Well! They got it spot on this time.

White Musk Libertine stays truer to white musk.

Developed by perfumer Vincent Schaller, it is the iconic white musk with notes of rare Sharry Baby Orchid ,Vanilla and a back note of Turkish Delight and its the first one i have loved nearly as much as white musk itself.

I have purchased three of the white musk libertine collection.The Body Wash 250ml/£6.50, Fragrance Mist Body Spray 100ml/£7.50 and Body Butter 200ml/£10.00. These are typical products i purchase from the white musk collection and you can get gift sets in the Libertine range as well. Also available individually are;  Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and body lotion. I like to buy individual items so that i get more for my money and i can gift box them myself.

The body butter gives a nice mild fragrance that lasts for approx. three hours as does the body mist. I find though that the body butter is a bit softer in texture than their typical body butters, its more of a thick body moisturiser. Not a true body butter as such but i still love it. The body wash is what it is, a fragranced gel soap. The fragrance mist has changed a bit. It now comes in a larger glass bottle and gone is the heavy alcohol they used previously in other body mists and it is superior in quality for it.

Will i repurchase? Yes absolutely! It does have a lovely floral, slightly sweet fragrance however; i will always love White Musk just that little bit more, even if i am nostalgic about it.

Please ask questions if i have missed anything and please follow my blog as i will be doing a prize draw at 100 followers and you may be the lucky winner, Cheers! Have a great week everyone and i hope this has given you some helpful gift ideas for stocking fillers at reasonable prices. Take care    😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on November 24, 2012.

4 Responses to “Christmas Gift Ideas 1……………..Body Shop White Musk Libertine”

  1. I follow! I love your blog!
    Love body shop!

  2. Thanks so much. Yes they do some great stuff don’t they? I think they deserve a heads up

  3. i haven’t used the white musk in ages! and gosh, it used to be my fav perfume! maybe ill gift this to myself on xmas, thank you for reminding me!

  4. Yes you have to. I have always loved White Musk, its gorgeous.

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