Christmas Gift Ideas 2………. Dior Invites you to The Grand Bal 2012.

Hi Everyone,

Yes we are almost there, i love Christmas. Hope you all feel the same and are finding it easy to choose presents for your loved ones. If your struggling, then lets get right onto Christmas gift idea number two.

I have purchased two of the products from the Dior Grand Bal Holiday Collection 2012 for a gift and i believe the eye shadow palette accompanied by the waterproof stylo eye liner would make a fantastic Christmas present for anyone who loves great makeup. It is all limited edition and as usual, great quality from Dior.









Dior have released in this collection two 5 colour eye shadow palettes. First one is called Fairy Golds (764) and the second one is the one i bought in Night Golds (524). I cannot do swatches because i have purchased them for a present however; the Night Golds has proved to be very popular and is pretty much selling out as soon as it comes into store. The colours in this palette are dark brown with golden sparkles,deep gold, taupe, platinum gold and pale yellow gold. You can see why this palette is so popular. All the colours are very universal. The four other colours in this palette offer a shimmer finish and are highly pigmented and have a creamy feel to them rather than a chalky finish. (Picture below left)

Dior Grand Bal 2012The fairy golds, designed for day wear, have silver white in the centre, rose platinum, deep gold, pale white gold and dark bronze brown. They are beautiful and also have universal shades. (Below)









On a personal level, i do think Dior 5 colour eye shadows are great value. There are many looks to create from just one palette 6gm/£40.00, that’s £8.00 per eye shadow. The only problem i have is that most of them give a shimmer finish which highlight the lines on my eyes. A real shame! It’s one of the reasons i don’t buy them for myself. However, i have noticed the Spring 2013 eye shadows have a more matte finish. Yipeeeee! Maybe i can finally own one for myself now.

Next on the list is the Dior waterproof eye liner stylo in Gold (548). 0.30gm/£18.00

This is a gorgeous deep gold which would look great on the inner corners of the eyes or on the waterline. The waterproof stylo’s do last a while on the eyes but to make them last even longer on the waterline, pat gold eye shadow on top of the pencil line.  This is a make up artists trick.

I love the stylo’s in both Dior and Chanel and they are never a waste of money. Most colours are limited and this one is no exception. They are on offer in Debenham’s at the moment, so be quick if you are interested in any of the Dior Grand Bal Holiday Collection 2012.

Other products in this range include 4 Diorific lipsticks and nail polishes, a lip and eye palette with gold and silver eye shadows, Lip palette with three lip colours, lip primer and lip pencil and eyes palette with 3 brown eye shadows, eye liner and mini mascara and two lip glosses.

I hope this helps you make some great choices for loved ones. I highly recommend the 5 colour eyeshadows and stylo. These are stunning colours for the holiday season and will suit any eye colour. Take care everyone and i will see you all  at the weekend   😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on November 28, 2012.

4 Responses to “Christmas Gift Ideas 2………. Dior Invites you to The Grand Bal 2012.”

  1. I have Tagged you to do the Winterlicious TAG! Check out my post for the questions

  2. Your a star Sweetie, thanks so much x

  3. These look amazing!!! X

  4. Thanks. Yes they are and you can wear them in many combinations. 5 colour eye shadows are Dior’s top sellers and the ones coming out in Spring are lovely too

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