All that Glistens………………. Chanel Apparence, Appears Burnished. Christmas Gift Ideas 4.

Hi Everyone,

Hows it going? Hope its on track for the Christmas holiday for you all. Speaking of which, i have been lucky to bag some beauty products for Christmas gifts, so therefore reviews and swatches will come after the holiday however; i have purchased one for myself as it is limited edition. I decided to put this in my Christmas gift ideas because it is a universal colour and who wouldn’t love to open a present on Christmas morning and be greeted with the intertwining C’s !!!

I loved Les Essentiels de Chanel Autumn/Fall Collection 2012. (for review and swatches please go to The collection suited my pale skin tone, so i purchased many products and love them all.

The Eclats Du Soir Holiday Collection 2012 has a couple more products for mid/darker skin tones. Sadly though. they don’t suit me. I do have the blusher in Star Dust and quad eyeshadows Harmonie Du Soir coming as Christmas gifts but the eyeliner and lipstick are far too dark for me and i will leave them out of my ever growing Chanel collection.

Chanel Apparence from Eclats Du Soir Holiday

I wanted to look at the single eye shadow Illusion D’Ombre in Apparence (817) in the Chanel Eclats Du Soir Holiday collection 2012, as i had seen a few pictures of it and it looked really nice with a shimmery subtle shade.

Illusion D’Ombre are Chanel’s mousse-like cream eye shadows which do not crease or dry, great for blending and offer beautiful sheen to the eyelids. I wear more makeup of a day than the evening so i’m not keen on dark or bright colours.

Anyway; i went along to my local Boots store to check it out. The lighting is quite poor there and i thought it didn’t show up on my skin so i put it back. I was a little disappointed but you win some lose some. Cutting the story short, i was in town today and went into John Lewis, and decided to take another look at it.I didn’t want to pass this one up in haste having often done that with limited edition items in the past and really regretting it.Chanel Eclats Du Soir Apparence

The shop was very well lit and airy and this time when i did a swatch, it showed up lovely on my skin. Still subtle, so i did a swatch of the Illusion D’Ombre in Ebloui (86) next to it. This is a reddish copper brown shade, a deeper warm colour so they paired up beautifully.

Apparence is a bronze/burnished gold shade with a hint of gold and pink sparkling shimmer, (my camera is not good enough to highlight the shimmer in low light, sorry)  is limited edition and nothing like Vision (89), which is an in your face bright yellow gold (Illusion D’Ombre released in summer 2012). It is more subtle and can be used as a highlighter for your cheeks, eyebrow arch, cupids bow or inner corner of the eye as well as an all over lid colour. Darker skinned beauties are going to adore this shade as it will probably show up as a stronger colour. Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadows come with their own little brush, but i find this is only good for lining the eye. The great thing is you can use your finger to apply all over the lid if you choose to. Costs £23.00/4gm. (Below left, Chanel Apparence in direct sunlight).

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre ApparenceThe colour is a bit more difficult to blend on the eye lid than some of the other shades i have in Illusion D’Ombre however; it is still lovely on and i used my NARS eye primer which helped a great deal. You can probably find dupes for this shades but as its a limited edition from Chanel, why not own the real thing? Or buy it for someone special this Christmas and make them beam and glisten of course.

Swatch of Chanel Apparence

Swatch of Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Limited Edition Apparence

Swatch of Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Limited Edition Apparence

Well, that’s all folks. I will review the rest of Chanel Eclats Du Soir after Christmas but beware, it’s all limited edition, if you see it now and like it, then buy it. Any questions you have then just fire away. Have a great week everyone and remember, if you liked this or any of my posts then don’t delay in hitting that follow button. There’s a prize for one lucky follower when i reach 100 followers.  Take care   😉


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