Christmas Ideas 5……. Roger and Gallet Soap get The Royal Seal of Approval

Hi Everyone,

Hope your Christmas shopping is going ok and your almost there. Here is my final Christmas gift idea for 2012 and for anyone who needs that last minute idea.

Yes, i know i have mentioned Roger and Gallet soaps before but it was a while ago now and i have just purchased two new types for stocking fillers.

Back to front.Fleur D'OsmanthusSandalwoodBlue Lotus

Back to front.
Fleur D’Osmanthus
Blue Lotus

Soap really isn’t getting any better than these ones. Even the packaging has the wow factor. For history and review on Roger and Gallet soap then click here.

Soaps make great little stocking fillers and Roger and Gallet are no exception. They are a very posh Christmas stocking entry. As soon as you open the box, the fragrance hits you in the face and i have had a set from last Christmas which are still as strong as when they were given to me back then.

They are sold either as an individual soap in its own clear soap dish (£5.00) or three in a box at 100gm each for approx. £13.00. They are beautifully wrapped individually in the same style of pleated tissue paper as they were originally way back in the 1800’s and the boxed ones come in a decorated tissue lined box as well. The actual outer box is decorated to absolute stunning perfection. You can see they were actually designed for royalty!



There is no other soap that is this decadent, in my opinion anyway. I have had L’Occitane soaps in the past and they are very nice but not even close in quality to these and do not last as long either.

The fragrance lasts right through out  until the last pat of it. It never dries up due to the high amount of glycerine at its base, and keeps the skin moisturised. They are possibly the finest product that has come out of Paris, well almost. I cannot forget ‘ mon amour idylle’ with Chanel. I actually have a box of them open as i am writing this article and they are filling the room with fragrance. Who needs diffusing reeds!!? I swear that is not even a slight exaggeration believe me, they are amazing and worth the money.

3x100gm per box

3x100gm per box

The ones i bought as gifts were Royale Lavande and Blue Lotus and i own Fleur D’ Osmanthus and Sandalwood myself

Fleur D’Osmanthus

Fleur D'Osmanthus

Fleur D’Osmanthus

This soap have a mild base of green tea with a top note of sweet floral fragrance.These have possibly the mildest scent out of the whole range but give an oriental feel. Roger and Gallet say they are the rare and mysterious flowers of happiness. They are beautiful and i quite like the fact that they are mild. Roger and Gallet do Green Tea soap as well but i prefer it to be understated as with this one.


Heady and Spicy

Heady and Spicy

These soaps are at the opposite end of the scale with regards to fragrance. They are currently filling the whole room with the woody spiced fragrance. I love sandalwood.It has healing properties and is said to aid relaxation and can help you get a good nights sleep. So i use this soap when i have a bath just before bed. This fragrance is super strong and heady but leaves a mild scent on the skin and is a unisex soap.

Blue Lotus.

My favourite

My favourite

Another heady sweet floral fragrance. This soap has base notes of spices, citrus and sandalwood with a top note of Egyptian blue lotus flower. Its my new personal favourite because it is a sweet floral scent which gives a comfortable, warm, relaxing feeling. The fragrance is like lotus mixed with sherbet and is very feminine and gorgeous without being spicy and woody like scandalwood is. This one would be lovely as a perfume alone. It was once said that when the blue lotus flower (water lilly) inhabited the Nile, it smelt sweet and aromatic for miles around it. Sadly, they are rare to the Nile today.

                                                                          Lavande Royale



Well i don’t really think i need to explain this one two much. This is Roger and Gallet’s top selling soap. Lavender is known for its relaxing properties and this soap is once again strong in fragrance and my mum’s favourite. If she likes it, then it must be good.

Other soaps available in this range are Bamboo, Vanilla, Bois d’Orange, Rose, Carnation, Tea rose, Citron, Green Tea, Ginger and the original Jean Marie Farina.

Well i hope you all have enjoyed the Christmas gift ideas i have shared over the past couple of weeks. I have enjoyed writing them and helping with gift ideas for friends and family.

Take care and I will be seeing you all very soon       😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on December 19, 2012.

6 Responses to “Christmas Ideas 5……. Roger and Gallet Soap get The Royal Seal of Approval”

  1. These look beautiful! What a wonderful gift!

  2. They have amazing fragrance too thanks x

  3. I tagged you in my Holly Jolly Holiday Tag 2! Click the link for details 🙂
    Brooke xoxo

  4. Thanks Sweetie x

  5. Oh i love Roger and Gallet soaps, especially the green tea one. 🙂

  6. I agree Luchessa they are stunning and never dry up or lose their lovely fragrance. Thanks for the follow and your feedback 🙂

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