December Favourites: Face, Body and Hair Care Products.

Hi Everyone,

A new year and 2012 is almost history and we survived it! Phew!

Do you have any new year resolutions? I suppose i am going to try and spend a little less on beauty products (haha, yeah right!) well i can at least give it a go.

So December favourites are here and as promised, i am going to make this a face, body and hair products favourites. I haven’t really used any new makeup since November anyway, so no point in repeating myself and i wanted to make this post more accessible to my male viewers, who can hopefully benefit as well.

So lets crack on.

December Favourites for the face

Cleanser: Lancome Gentle Softening Cleansing Milk for Face & Eyes 200ml/£21.00

I love this cleanser. It is very gentle to the face and eyes of my sensitive skin and also leaves my skin feeling soft. You don’t need to use a lot to clean off your makeup either. I have been using this one for quite a while now and its still going strong.

Face Mask & Scrub: Body Shop Blue Corn 3 in 1 Cleansing Mask 100ml/£10.00

I have used this face mask/scrub for many years now. I use it at least once a week to keep my skin cleansed and it is great for tackling open/large pores too.  Nice price and once again, it lasts a good several months. Once applied you only need to wait 8-10 minutes for it to set and then gently wash off in circular motion to exfoliate the face. Leaves my skin so soft and feeling very clean.

Toner: Biotherm Gentle Purifying Lotion 200ml/£15.50

Great for tightening open pores and contains copper, zinc and witch hazel to brighten skin. I think this is a great toner that doesn’t irritate or dry out the skin. A must for people who have problem or oily skin. I purchased this in September and its only nearing the end now.

Serum: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Complex. 50ml/£58.00

If you have never used this then you are missing out big time. I always thought this serum was just hype, but it does actually work in reducing fine lines to almost zero. Probably due to the hyaluronic acid used as one of the main ingredients. I purchased this 30ml bottle last February and its only just passed the half way point. Worth every penny. Buy it if you haven’t already, because botox doesn’t look natural.

Moisture: Clarins Hydra Matte Lotion 50ml/£24.00

I have used this one the last month to keep the shine off my face and its doing a great job.

Eyes: Vichy Lift Activ Eye Cream. 15ml/£22.00

I like this one for lifting the eye area. Does what it says. Great value for the price.

December Favourites Body Products

Body Cleanse: Biotherm Eau Pure Invigorating Shower Gel. 200ml/£17.00

The fragrance on this is like having a shower in a blue ocean. Its so lovely and refreshing and i have been using it over the past month. Its a unisex fragrance.

Body Scrub: Clinique Sparkle Skin  Body Exfoliating Cream 250ml/£20.00

I use this at least once a week. Its great for exfoliating to avoid mottled skin. Not harsh on the skin either. Also great if you use tanning products. It has a slightly menthol aroma and only a small amount is needed. Great value.

Body Moisture: Body Shop White Musk Libertine Body Butter 200ml/£10.00

I love Body Shop White Musk and i like the slightly floral twist they have done on this with Libertine. For full review on this range press here. 

Body Spritz: Biotherm Eau Pure Invigorating Cool Mist 100ml/£26.00

Great to use after the shower gel, (see above). Has a strong fragrance of  the ocean and only a small amount is required. Refreshing fragrance and gorgeous. A winner for me. If your a man who prefers stronger woody. spicy fragrances, then i would skip this.

Bed Head

Hair Cleanse: TIGI Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes Resurrection Shampoo for weak, Brittle hair. 750ml/£12.75

I dye my hair and heat style it, to make matters worse, i have fine hair, with oily roots and dry ends that snap easily. So as you can imagine, my hair can end up in a terrible state especially using high street shampoo’s etc. Therefore i can’t use them.

TIGI leaves my hair shiny, lovely and soft. I love the smell of it too. I usually buy these in duo sets, (tweenies, when they are available) or at this size as it makes them better value for money. TIGI products are great for my hair. Matrix and Kerastase are also.

Hair Conditioner: TIGI Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes Resurrection Conditioner for weak. brittle hair. 750ml/£12.75

Again makes my hair lovely and soft without a heavy feel to it. Only a walnut size amount needed for my mid length hair.

Hair Volume: Kerastase Volumactive Volume Expansion Spray for fine and vulnerable hair. 125ml/£14.95

As i have just mentioned, i have fine hair. Three sprays of this miracle product to the roots of my hair gives me at least 30% extra volume once dried. I absolutely love it and always use it. It does last a good while as well.

TIGI Catwalk Volume Collection Your Highness Weightless Shine Spray. 200ml/£8.95

Another miracle worker. My hair looks dull when i blow dry it, so i always need to put the shine back in. Most of the high street ones leave my hair either weighed down or oily looking. This is super light weight. In fact i don’t even feel it and yet it gives my hair a lovely smooth finish. A couple of sprays of this fine mist and your there.

All my hair products can be purchased with great discounts at

There you have it. My December face, body and hair favourites. I hope i gave you all some good ideas to try out in 2013.

Take care and i will see you all next year.



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2 Responses to “December Favourites: Face, Body and Hair Care Products.”

  1. So many amazing products here… I need to go shopping!!!

  2. Yes i love them all even though some are pricey.

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