MAC Kohl Powder Eye Pencil……………..Orpheus is No Greek Myth.

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all well. You may have heard me mention my kohl powder eye pencil in Raven from MAC’s Glamour Daze Collection. I absolutely love it. Its a copper brown duo chrome which compliments my blue eyes.

When i had purchased it, i had gone with the intention of buying the eye pencil Orpheus in the same collection, so i went back just before Christmas and got this one as well.

It is significantly different to Raven as it is a nearly black with hints of golden shimmer. It is a duo chrome and i really like it.

I  usually cannot wear deep black eye liner pencils as they just look horrendous on me, however i have now found a black pencil i can finally wear because it is a nearly black shade and it goes really well with Illusion D’ombre single cream eye shadow in Apparence, which is a burnished gold shade.

MAC Kohl Powder Pencil in Orpheus

The eye and lip pencils by MAC are fantastic; cost slightly less than some of the high end brands but still have high end quality. I recommend them because they also have staying power and these particular powder pencils are great for smoking out.

MAC Orpheus

Picture taken above and left with flash.

MAC Orpheus Swatch in sunlight

Pictured right swatch of Orpheus Kohl Powder Eye Pencil from MAC’s Glamour Daze Collection 2012.

MAC Raven & Orpheus

Pictured left are both pencils. Left is Raven and right is Orpheus without flash.

MAC Swatches of Orpheus and Raven

Pictured right is swatches of both pencils (no flash). Left being Orpheus and right being Raven to compare.

Raven is a warmer colour, which suits blue eyes and Orpheus has a cooler tone which goes well with gold eye shadow and is a very universal shade. Both still available from MAC online £15.50.

I have done a full review on the eye pencil, Raven.

Well short and sweet one this time  and i hope you enjoyed it. See you all soon       😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on January 9, 2013.

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