Dior Nude Glow Skin Perfecting BB Cream from Cherie Bow, Spring 2013…………………….Review, Photo’s and Swatch.

Hi Everyone.

Hows it going? As you all probably know, Dior are about to release their Cherie Bow Spring 2013 makeup. I went along to Dior today and got to see the testers of the whole collection.Diorskin-Nude-BB-Cream

I never got to swatch anything because it was all still in a box behind the counter. They release it next week in the UK, so they cannot put it up on the counter yet. What i really thought looked great in the range was, a pink, mildly sparkling loose face powder, the three lipsticks, nail polishes and brightener, the Beige Ribbon twin set, (it is a  lovely beige gold with a satin finish and the twin sets are highly pigmented) and the smokey pinks eye palette. The rest,looks very nice but apparently the quintet eyeshadows are not very pigmented; the emphasis is probably on nude with a hint of colour. The collection is here.

The real reason why i was there though was to try out the new BB cream.


I have never really been a fan of any BB cream. I hate the greasy feel of them and they are not unlike a tinted moisturiser, which i don’t like either. I did however, have an invitation to have a colour match and free 7 day trial of it from Dior. So, why not! It would give me the chance to see if it is worth the investment. It is called Nude Glow Skin Perfecting BB Creme SPF10 and retails for £30 for 30ml. It comes in 3 shades, 001 light,002 fair and 003 medium.Dior BB Cream

I handed over my invitation to the SA and she did a colour match for me. Then she pulled a tiny bottle from the drawer and started filling it with BB cream in 002 from the tube it actually comes in. I really did feel for her, struggling to get it into the little pot without it going everywhere. I thought that Dior could have just made little sample sizes of it to hand out!

My thoughts

I used a pea sized amount to cover my entire face. It covered my red patches immediately and unlike the cheaper BB creams, it was very sheer with no greasy feel to it. Not sure if this would be ideal for someone with very dry skin but worked very well with my combination skin. It set within a minute to a semi-matte finish with a satin smooth feel on the skin. I had no oxidation from it but i generally don’t get that anyway and it did not give a grey tone to my face, which is widely reported with BB creams.

There is a mild fragrance of roses, which is lovely and reminds me a lot of the rose fragrance present in the Chanel Joues Contraste blushers. It disappeared once the cream had set.

It can be used alone if you want a, ‘no make up’ look but i wouldn’t advise that, as it only evens out the skin; it does not leave an illuminating finish like a foundation will. It will not cover heavy blemishes either. The BB cream lasted maybe 5 hours on my skin before shine and redness started to reappear.

Swatch of Dior BB CreamOn the second day of using the cream, i put it under my foundation. The foundation i used was Dior Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup. I thought that i needed a bit less foundation because the BB cream had given a little bit of coverage. I also didn’t need to apply any concealer. After about 6 hours wear, i noticed that my t zone redness was starting to show through slightly and my skin wasn’t too shiny.

Blended Dior BB Cream



Is it worth the money? 

It really depends on what your looking to achieve from a BB cream. I personally never got the idea behind BB creams; i just think a perfectly good primer under your foundation can work wonders. My skin needs are, to try and hide imperfections, redness, fine lines and the occasional blemish. BB creams do most of that and so does my current redness solutions primer by Clinique, which is cheaper.

Saying that though; the Dior BB cream did control the oiliness in my t zone slightly more with less shine visible on my skin after six hours and i had only powdered my face once. That really did impress me.


I do like this BB cream more than any others i have sampled. There is no greasy feel, it sets within a minute therefore, no waiting around, controls t zone oiliness and gives skin a nice hint of colour with a velvety soft feel to it. There is no grey tone to it at all. The downside is that it will not cover heavy blemishes, has a low SP Factor and may not be suitable for people with very dry skin.

Now here’s how you get your Free seven day sample if you live in the UK. You will need to purchase Glamour Magazine, February 2013. (£2). Inside. is an invitation card that you can take to any Dior counter to get your colour match seven day sample and the magazine is a good read too.

Let me know how you get on please.

Thanks for visiting and i will see you all very soon with another post     😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on January 16, 2013.

10 Responses to “Dior Nude Glow Skin Perfecting BB Cream from Cherie Bow, Spring 2013…………………….Review, Photo’s and Swatch.”

  1. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award! http://propersweetie.wordpress.com/2013/01/16/liebster-award/

  2. Thanks Brooke, i really appreciate that and shall return the compliment x 🙂

  3. I just noticed on a forum that someone thinks my skin has a yellow tone. I do have more yellow toned skin on my hands, where i have swatched the BB cream however, my face is pink toned. The BB cream looks so much better on my face than my hand. Hope that helps everyone.

  4. I love bb creams, I’m pretty new to make up and always felt a bit odd in full foundation. I’ve found that no7 works best on my skin (blessed in the spot and wrinkle dept, but shows tiredness v easily) but the smell puts me off. Love the idea of a pleasant smelling face 😀

  5. I am quite particular about them. I love foundation and hate the thought of using both. Just as we are getting used to the BB cream, CC creams are on their way now. It took me long enough to get used to a face primer lol

  6. Its a step up from BB. Easier to blend, high SPF and less oily, with lots of vitamins to help skin apparently

  7. Dior SAs are always so generous – went to collect to sample from John Lewis tonight (can’t wait to try it) and was also given other samples which includes the Hydra Life Sorbet creme, a Miss Dior floral perfume, and the Diorskin Nude foundation (as I have not tried that one before – have always only used Diorskin Forever foundation, and have been very pleased with the results)

    To be honest I do not see the point with BB creams either – if you have to wear it with other foundations, it just seems like an extra step to me – which is not great when I’m always in a rush during the mornings! I will most likely stick with my Diorskin Nude mineral foundation for daywear which provides a good coverage on my skin anyway and is very quick to apply – love how it gives your skin this healthy radiance whilst looking very natural and flawless ❤

  8. Wow that was very nice of them. I think it all depends on the SA tbh. There is a new one at our local counter and she isn’t as nice as the last one. I asked her for a sample of the Capture Totale foundation and she said there were no little bottles left to give me a sample. When i asked about a mascara, she was not so forthcoming with it either. I will have to find a new counter to go to now. Damn!

  9. Sounds like a delightful BB. I might need to try it!

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