I popped into Chanel yesterday and ……….Fell in Love!

Chanel Poudre de Signee


Poudre Signée de Chanel


~ by Mirifique Beauty on January 18, 2013.

11 Responses to “I popped into Chanel yesterday and ……….Fell in Love!”

  1. I am such a sucker for a gorgeous highlighter and this one is absolutely stunning. They def know how to get us 😛

  2. Yes Chanel are very clever. The embossing is stunning but so is the powder. Lovely rose gold. They really got this one right except for the price 🙂

  3. Wouldn’t it be great if the higher end brands had high street prices! This looks so pretty! x

  4. Oh wow … So special!

  5. Yes i wish they could be cheaper. I would have money in the bank then haha.
    It is a lovely colour and the stylo Yeux Or Rose, is matching shade for eyes

  6. Oh, if only I could afford it all! I do LOVE Chance CHANEL scent though – by far my favorite and I got it from an ex bf as a gift a year back.

    Oooo thank you – I just got an idea from this post for a blog on the French village Chanel grew up in! I visited it a few wkends last year while I was living in Pari – all the women there are sooooo classy and fabulous. I just love Chanel so much, but yes, it stinks it is so pricey 😦

  7. I look forward to that post Nomadyouth. She was one amazing woman. Trouser jacket suits and the little black dress we all wear are thanks to her. A woman to inspire every woman

  8. I swatched this … liked it very much … smacked myself in my head … walked away really quickly and didn’t turn back.

  9. HaHa, oh i really need to start doing that a bit more

    • I have a hoard of highlighters which I don’t even use as highlighters now – I use them atop of my blush for a more glowy cheek. I told myself I have the Routes de Indes de Chanel which is really enough. And then the gelee highlighters/bronzers from Estee Lauder last year … and then a whole bunch of MAC MSFs. so this was a #cannotcannotcannot!

  10. I know, i have the gelee one as well from EL. Got that one two years ago. Have a few others. It does get to the point where you have to say enough now and i think it will be for me after this one. They have to stop bringing gorgeous ones ou haha

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