A Twinkle of Star Dust……………..Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush 73.

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all doing good. I have finally come to the last gift i got for Christmas from the Chanel Éclats Du Soir Holiday 2012. It is the Joues Contraste blusher in (73) Star Dust. The review is a bit late but still very much worth doing and is still available to buy, so here it is.

Chanel Star Dust from Eclats du Soir

I got very excited when i saw this one on all the counters. It just kept catching my eye every time i walked past, it’s so beautiful. I kept swatching it every time i went into my local Boots haha. Bet the Chanel ladies loved me! They know me well, so they didn’t mind.Chanel Star Dust Blush

It is a bit of a special one from Chanel and is limited edition; has the fragrance of fresh roses, (unique to Jouse Contraste blushers) and its very pale in colour.

A true pastel pink; it gives a hint of colour on the cheek and would probably only show up on people with Porcelain or very dark skin tones. It does however, have a great deal of stunning glitter and shimmer to it.

Star Dust SwatchPink, gold and pale green spheres bounce right off the retina, which makes it great for a night out. It gives a lovely frosted pink finish to the top of my cheekbones and i wear it over Rose Initiale (72); a matte bright pink from the Autumn Les Essentiels de Chanel 2012 collection. See the full review, pics and swatches of this collection on my website Chanel Star Dust and Rose Initialehttp://www.mandymcmulli7.wix.com/mirifique-beauty. (Please press the facebook like button when you visit my website)     😉

Above left is the swatch in daylight. Pictured right is Star Dust, Rose Initiale and Rose Initiale with Star Dust over it.

As mentioned, it will show up really nicely on either super pale skin or be great as a highlighter on the top of the cheekbone for darker skin tones and can be worn over the top of darker blushers for every other skin colour. My recommendation would be to contour with the darker shade or bronzer and then add Star Dust to the top of the cheekbone.Chanel blushers no flashBlusher SwatchesSwatches with flash

Above are three of my Chanel Joues Contraste blushers with Star Dust to compare the shades. Left to right are Star Dust, Rose Initiale, Rose Ècrin and Espiègle. The swatches are in that order too. Left in natural light and right is with flash. The Star Dust is the palest pink as you can see, Rose Initiale is the brightest pink and matte; Rose Ecrin is pink with a hint of brown and Espiegle is an unusual shade of pink and coral, which i also love.

Star Dust is 4gm in weight, costs £31.00 and i love it! Still available online at http://www.boots.com and any questions, please ask away.

Have a great week and i will see you all with my next post very soon         😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on January 20, 2013.

8 Responses to “A Twinkle of Star Dust……………..Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush 73.”

  1. Stunning colour!!!

  2. Its quite pale but has so much glitter and shimmer going on. Great to wear on the cheekbone or over a matte blusher,which is what i do. I am a glitter freak haha. Thanks x

  3. I like Chanel blusher 🙂 I’m wearing ‘Pink Explosion’ right now

  4. Yes i have that one too. Its not unlike Rose Initiale. Only that one is a more intense matte shade

  5. LOVE this post – Lucky lady x

  6. Thankyou. Yes i am, my lovely mum bought it for me

  7. Stardust is so gorgeous! I fell in love when I first swatched it too, but sadly they had none left by the time I got there! Enjoy it! :]

  8. I just checked on Boots website and they are now out of stock. It was still in stiock when i uploaded this post. Ahh Sorry! Chanel Christmas Collections are notorious for selling out. So, if you see something you like next Christmas by them, just snap it up straight away. 🙂

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