Essie Is the Leading Lady……………The Mini Winter Collection.

Hi Everyone,

Hows it going? Has 2013 started out well for you? I have come into it with no expectations and with the attitude that i am just going to go where it takes me. I have made so many plans in the past and they very rarely ever work out; well not quite how you want them to however, that does make life less predictable and more interesting.

‘Life happens when your busy making other plans’, John Lennon, once quipped. Couldn’t put it better myself.

So with that said, i went into my local Boots a week or so ago. I had been looking at Essie’s winter nail polish range and fell in love with Leading Lady.

I originally wanted Chanel’s Malice from the Eclats Du Soir Holiday 2012 collection, but as i had so many presents to buy for Christmas, i just couldn’t justify the cost at that time and i have a similar colour, Gondola; anyway.

Leading lady is a close match to Malice without the price tag.

As i Approached the Essie stand, i was pleasantly surprised when i was greeted with this !!!

Essie TrioI had only planned to buy the one shade and here presented to me, were three mini nail polishes from the winter collection with a very mini price £9.99.  Essie full size polishes are currently £7.99 in Boots however, that is for a generous £13.5ml size. They are very nice quality and usually do not chip for at least 3 days without top coat.

Each mini shade is 5ml in size, making a total of 15ml. I think that is quite a good deal for the price and 3 shades to try as well!

Essie Leading LadyEssie Snap HappyEssie Beyon Cozy mini   Essie Leading Lady Swatch

246 Leading Lady

This is a deep red/Claret shade which as mentioned, does remind me of Malice by Chanel. Yes. the glitter is quite chunky in it and it is not quite as sophisticated as the Chanel colour but it is a very close second and at a fraction of the cost.

I wore this for three days without top coat. before it started to chip and i wasn’t being extra careful either. It was easy to apply and only needed one coat.

Even though i personally love the shades Chanel do, some of them are so hard to apply and they chip far too easily, even with top coat on. This is why i have been leaning towards Essie much more lately.

Swatch of Essie Snap Happy


244 Snap Happy

is a bright red shade with a tiny hint of orange.

When i first removed this from the box and had a proper look at it, i was a bit dubious. I have never been one for bright red colours on my nails unless it’s my toe nails.

Well, i really love this colour. It goes on the nails very easy, one coat is sufficient and it leaves a really beautiful shine to it as the picture right, shows. Its actually a great colour for winter too because it is bright. There are far too many dull days in the winter.

Essie Beyond Cozy

243 Beyond Cozy

This is the final one in the set. It is a glittery silvery shade with a hint of Champagne. This one is great for the holiday season.

Sadly, though i found it to be quite hard to apply. I had applied it twice and photographed it, but each application just looks as bad as the last. It dries far too quickly and is a very thick, textured polish. So when you try to go over the spaces it leaves on the nail, it starts to look slightly clumpy.

Its not a complete deal breaker but i think you would have to work quickly with this one to get it to look great. Its such a nice shade as well. What a shame!

I am still very happy with my purchase and as i said, i had planned to buy only one nail polish and ended up with three for only a little more money.

You got it spot on John!

Have a great week and see you all very soon. Take care 😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on January 23, 2013.

5 Responses to “Essie Is the Leading Lady……………The Mini Winter Collection.”

  1. Leading lady looks gorgeous! I love ESSIE polishes too – they don’t seem to chip on me very quickly unlike some of the other brands 🙂

  2. Leading lady, is the favorite for me 🙂

  3. It is a lovely shade. It is a very close shade to Malice by Chanel.

  4. Essie is my favorite brand of nail polish. This collection looks amazing!

  5. Yes i love Essie Polishes too. I love these mini collections, great value and gett to try a few rather than just the one

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