Chanel Jeux de Regards Preview…………Are you Game?!!

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all doing well. Yes there is another Chanel launch heading our way and due for release in the US February, 1st and late March UK.

As per usual, i am already anticipating its arrival with a touch of excitement and have my eye on at least three products from this collection. There seems to be an absence of lipsticks, (I’m shocked by that) maybe they just haven’t released photo’s yet!

Also being released is an illuminating powder which also gives a matte finish in a round palette with a half moon brush, that is for definite on the 15th March UK and comes in 5 shades, no pics as of yet but i will post as soon as i get one.

So lets get these pics up.


Focusing on one look being warm toned with soft beiges and peaches and one being cool toned, blue, green blues grey and white. The baked quad is always a bit controversial from Chanel however, i own a number of baked ones which give a great pay off of colour; Tenations Cuivrée and Sparkling Satins being just two; they blend easy as well.


The top quad is 41 Fascination, which has aqua blue, green blue, grey and white. Bottom is 42 Seduction, soft beiges, peach and taupe/brown shade. £37.00 each. Limited Edition.

Chanel-Spring-2013-Illusion-DOmbre (2)

There are two new Illusion D’Ombre gel/cream eyeshadows. 90 Convoitise, a light warm beige golden shade (lovely) and 91 Apparition, (released last year in boutique stores in UK ) a deep navy blue. (Was available in USA last year) £23.00 each. Limited Edition.


Chanel Le Volume 3

There are going to be three Volume de Chanel Mascaras available in, 10 Noir; 20 Blue; and 30 Purple; (loving this shade for blue and green eyes,mmmm). £23.00 each.



The Stylo Yeux waterproof long lasting eye pencils are relaunches. These pencils have become very popular due to the fact that unlike Kohl pencil. which smudges and can wear away quickly, these stay put and are designed to be worn on the waterline as well as around the eye area. I really love them and the Taupe is an absolute must have.

Pencil shades are; Bleu Exquis; 100 Santal; 84 Taupe; 70 Black Shimmer; 85 Grenat; 20 Expresso and last is 35 Gris. £19.00 each.

There it is folks. Are you playing it cool or warming up for spring? Any questions then please ask and i will see you all soon with another product review. Take care   😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on January 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “Chanel Jeux de Regards Preview…………Are you Game?!!”

  1. ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. I know. I’m never going to have any money haha

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