Dior Mono Eyeshadows………….. Spring 2013 Preview

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all well. Dior are about to give us 18 new shades of wet and dry mono eyeshadows. They come in a fairly large palette and are a generous 2.2gm each. The palette also has a mirror and two brushes, one for wet and one for dry application. The general view is that these shades are only lightly pigmented when dry but come to life once applied with a damp brush.

Dior Mono Main Image

Shades are;

  • 386 Blue Denim           Denim Blue/Teal                                   dior monoo eyeshadow 13
  • 240 Mariniere               Rich Sky Blue
  • 176 Lilas Mitzah  Purple with Pink Shimmer — Review, Swatches here.
  • 887 Bow                    Deep Matte Pink
  • 566 Panama           Golden Warm Brown
  • 760 Tweed              Taupe Silver/Purple
  • 726 Grege                     Matte Camel
  • 477 Camouflage  Olive Green /hint of grey
  • 453 Spencer                 Medium Grey
  • 047 Gris Montaigne   Mid GreySilver/hint of green
  • 096 Khol                    Matte  Black
  • 006 Swan                   silver white
  • 623 Ribbon             Beige with sparkle
  • 826 Bikini            Pale Pink with shimmer
  • 653 Morodoré           Deep Burnished Gold
  • 616 Sequins                  Beige Gold
  • 434 Garden Party        Mid Green
  • 506 Nude                   Matte Cream

dior mono campaign

As well as the mono eyeshadows, there is also a black, blue and brown Diorshow Iconic Over Curl mascara.

Finally, a Diorshow Art Pen in 095 Stylish Black and Diorshow Flash Corrector pen for makeup mishaps.

Already Released now in UK.  Hope you enjoyed this preview and i will be back soon.     😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on January 30, 2013.

8 Responses to “Dior Mono Eyeshadows………….. Spring 2013 Preview”

  1. Those eyeshadow palettes are gorgeous.

    – KW

  2. Yes i like too many. Going to have to restrict myself to one only

  3. the collection has already released in the uk, i bought 2 eyeshadows nd the overcurl mascara 🙂

  4. Hi Aiysha, yes it was yesterday by me. I got an eyeshadow and they are gorgeous. I have a lot of mascara to use up at the moment but please let me know how you get on with the overcurl one. It can be difficult to predict release dates because they are released in each country on different ones. Can’t understand why they don’t just do one date for everyone.

  5. Hi, will definately let you know how i get on with the mascara, i’m just finishing off the Dior New look Mascara which is amazing, really lenghening :), the overcurl mascara looked amazing when the sales rep tried it on me, she said the formula has an ingredient which allows the curl to stay! i bought the 2 eyeshadows in swan and sequins which are really beautiful silver and gold shades they look amazing when wet to give an intense more sparkly look! i know what you mean about the release dates they never have definate release dates for the uk and when the collection releases i;m kind of blindsighted, i wasn’t even intending to buy anything from Dior yesterday, i went to buy a couple of things from lancome and chanel nd saw the Dior counter on the way out! i bought so much more makeup than i intended to!

  6. Yes i love New Look. I did the same. I was just going to have a look and i bought Lilas Mitzvah, purple with pink shimmer. I had to stop myself because there were six i liked haha. Sequins is gorgeous too. I will buy Overcurl when my others run out. I love Extase too

  7. I’m a huge fan of applying eyeshadows with a damp brush, it allows a real depth of colour! X

  8. I just bought one and in the process of reviewing it. I have to say, i am hugely impressed so far. They look metallic when wet and yes the intensity increases quite a lot. They are worth checking out.

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