Valentines Day 1……………Roses, Chocolate Hearts, Love and Romance as Standard.

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all feeling fine. Yes, Valentines Day is almost upon us. Loved by many, dreaded by a few. I was never one for hearts and flowers personally. I prefer it if  i don’t get chocs to make me fat; or, overpriced roses, which die within days. I would rather be bought something that last’s instead….Like a car!!!! Ha. Or a big fat diamond. Ahhh well i’ll keep dreaming. Until that happens though, (note the optimism there) i have a couple of ideas for Valentines day that will not die or put weight on you and just may last a wee while.

Poudre Signée de Chanel, Spring 2013Close up of Poudre SigneePoudre Signee De Chanel

Chanel have just released their Printemps Precieux de Chanel 2013 collection and in that collection is the show stopping illuminating face powder, Poudre Signée de Chanel. It is a beautiful rose gold highlighting powder with the intertwining C’s and other Chanel emblems embossed into the surface. This finely milled pressed powder is ideal for the top of the cheekbones and a dab down the bridge of the nose. It makes a beautiful gift for any woman because of it’s universal shade. Limited edition; get it before it’s gone for good. 8gm/£46.00. Who said you wasn’t getting any roses this year !!

Body Shop Chocomania

Need your chocolate hearts? When i saw these sweet little soaps which are scented with chocolate, i had to buy them, 4x25gm/£4.00. There is also a beautifying oil, 100ml/£9.00 and a chocolate lip butter, 10gm/£4.00 (which smells like hot chocolate) to make up a nice little set. There you go, your hearts and chocolates in one hit and your man will be tempted by you smelling good enough to eat. 😉

Body Shop Chocomania

White Musk Body ShopI also love this sweet little solid perfume from the Body Shop White Musk Libertine range, in a heart shaped tin. 13gm/£5.00 You can also buy the shower gel, body butter and body spritz in this collection, see here for details.

Dior Miss Dior (Cherie) Eau de Parfum 100ml/£89.00.

(They have dropped the name Cherie from the bottle since i purchased this, which is going to make things very confusing. Even the Dior SA admitted it. Reason being is because, their original Eau de parfum is also called Miss Dior and is spicy and musky; nothing like this lovely one).

Dior Miss Dior Cherie

Said to be inspired by love and romance, this perfume is a knockout scent. The bottle itself, is beautiful and has the hound-tooth design on the base, with the Cherie bow on the bottle top. The only perfume i own in which, i can wear both the Eau de Toilette, (i had previously) and the Eau de Parfum variety and love them both. I have only ever liked one of the two in other brands.

Base of Miss Dior Cherie Bottle

The ingredient list is quite typical of a high end perfume. Top notes of wild strawberry and mandarin orange; a heart of Jasmine and Rose; and, base notes of patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, oak moss and Amber. The Eau de Toilette version replaces the last four ingredients in the Eau de Parfum with vanilla, praline, lily of the valley and freesia. It’s sweeter but no less powerful or punchy. Both gorgeous for different reasons. Romance isn’t dead after all girls!

So there it is, my Valentine’s Day suggestions for roses, chocolates hearts, love and romance. If you have the man, then that’s just the icing on the cake.

Have a great day on February 14th and speak to you all soon     😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on February 6, 2013.

6 Responses to “Valentines Day 1……………Roses, Chocolate Hearts, Love and Romance as Standard.”

  1. this is so good!

  2. Thank You Sean 😉

  3. I already asked for OPI Euro collection for Valentine’s Day. Haha!

  4. Great stuff. Be cheeky and ask for more 🙂

  5. oooh i love miss dior cherie! why on earth have they dropped the cherie bit? i will have to be careful next time i buy! great post

  6. I know, that’s what i said. I am going to have to smell it before i buy it lol. A bit of a faux par from Dior. Unless there is a good reason for it and i’ve missed the point.

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