Chanel Joues Contraste 76 Frivole……….A Carefree Blush!

Hi Everyone,

how are you all? I thought i would do a quick review on my latest treat. Its the Chanel Joues Contraste in Frivole.

Chanel Frivole

This is from the Printemps Precieux de Chanel collection 2013. A lovely deep matte coral blusher. (You may have seen the photo on my header of my blog). Chanel are bringing out a few matte shades lately because some people do prefer matte blusher to ones with shimmer, according to my Chanel SA. I don’t mind either; its great to have a contrast in your collection sometimes by owning a few different types.

Chanel Frivole Swatch(2)Chanel Frivole Blended Out(1)

Frivole Chanel

They are also discontinuing several blushers. Two of which are in this post. 82 Reflex, 65 Espiégle and 55 In Love, not shown.

Anyway, back to Frivole. This shade is very pigmented and blends out nicely, (see above left). Only a small dab is required for each cheek and it can be built upon of course. I prefer the matte shade Rose Initiale which i have; however, i do like this as a contrast to wearing pink ones all the time. I have Genius, Liberté and Jersey Rose, which are three shades of lipsticks, also by Chanel that will wear lovely with this shade.

I thought i would do some comparisons with current Chanel blushers i own with similar coral shades for you to take a look at and compare.

Chanel Joues Contraste with Flash

Left to right are Frivole, Espiégle and Reflex. Frivole is clearly a deep matte shade, Espiégle is a lovely peachy pink with shimmer and Reflex is a burnt apricot with plenty of golden shimmer. They are all gorgeous for their own reasons. The swatches are underneath with and without flash.

Swatches with Fllash Frivole Reflex and EspiegleSwatches without flash  Frivole  Reflex and Espiegle

As you can see, the Frivole gives a matte finish and in the centre is Reflex. I wanted to place both swatches of these next to each other because there is very little difference in them. Reflex has a warmer golden colour on the cheek suitable for Autumn/Fall and Frivole offers a nice warm touch to the cheekbone. Espiégle is lovely for Spring/Summer with its peachy light glow.

For complete review, photo’s and swatches on Printemps Precieux de Chanel Collection 2013 go to my website

Anyway, that’s all folks. Have fun and i will see you soon.   😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on February 19, 2013.

8 Responses to “Chanel Joues Contraste 76 Frivole……….A Carefree Blush!”

  1. beautiful ❤ Chanel cheekies are my favorite

  2. Yes i do too and they stay great from the day you buy them too, never dry out. I also love the rose fragrance on them. Divine.

  3. This is gorgeous!

  4. oh dear I’ve been wanting this since it came out! and it’s matte! personally I prefer matte to shimmery.

  5. Yes its really pigmented too, a little goes a long way so good value.

  6. Brilliant. It is a lovely blush. They last a long time too so you don’t have to worry about them drying out either.

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