Avant Premiere de Chanel………………..Spring/Summer 2013 Preview.

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all feeling good. Just wanted to bring you new pics and information for the Chanel Spring/ Summer collection 2013. Chanel are going all out this year with their makeup releases. They have 6 new Rouge Coco Lipsticks and 8 new Rouge Coco Shine with 30% more pigmentation and 4 new nail polishes. Said to be inspired by the classic cinema. So premiering on the silver screen are;


Rouge Coco Shine 30% 3gm/£24.00?

  • 77 Ingenie         – Beige Gold
  • 78 Interlude       -Peach/Coral
  • 79 Saga (LE)        -Cool Pink        Review and Swatches here and here.
  • 80 Suspense       – Pearl Fuschia
  • 81 Fiction          – Pomegranate Red Review and swatches here  and  here.  
  • 82 Synopsis         -Brown Rose
  • 83 Scenario         -Reddish Brown
  • 84 Dialogue         -Deep Red

Rouge Coco Lipstick 3.5gm/£25.00

  • 48 Sentiment      -Beige Nude
  • 49 Liason            -Pale Pink
  • 51 Ce Soir           -Plum Brown
  • 52 Grace            -Rosewood and Copper
  • 62 Monte-Carlo   -Orange Red (Lovely)  Review and Swatches here.
  • 54 Le Baiser        -Sparkling Pink  Review and Swatches here.

smalti avant premiere chanel

Les Vernis Nail Polish 13ml/£18.00

  • 599  Provocation       -Plum Purple
  • 581  Cinema              -Red
  • 579  Paparazzi           -Rosewood pink
  • 575  Starlet              -Peachy Pink

I am almost salivating at those new Chanel Coco shine lipsticks. They are stunning; Don’t you think? I will update with UK release date when i know for sure but it is normally one month after US. Their release is April 2013. See you all soon. Take care. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on February 21, 2013.

12 Responses to “Avant Premiere de Chanel………………..Spring/Summer 2013 Preview.”

  1. I LOVE Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. I wear ‘Monte Carlo’ it’s the perfect, light, shimmery red for women who don’t like really red lipstick and want a more subtle alternative.

    I see four lipsticks there that I would love to wear.

    • I’m so glad you told me that. I have never been able to wear red lipstick at all but i wouldn’t mind trying this. I think the 30% more pigmented shades are going to be great as well. Can’t wait for their release

  2. Definitely try it, it’s a sheer ‘strawberry’ red. I’ve never worn a true red lipstick either, it’s too intense for me.

    My all time favourite is Chanel Hydrabase in Escapade, they discontinued it ages ago and I’ve had to resort to paying extortionate amounts on Ebay and Amazon to get the last few remaining ones in stock!

  3. ahhh no. I have one called Desert Rose in Coco range and luckily, i bought it just before it was discontinued.

  4. Provocation nail polish, let me add that to my already growing list 🙂

  5. I love Chanel! I have bought just yesterday a nail polish and a lipstick! Love them 🙂
    Nice blog I have one too, if you want to have a look at it, it would be great 🙂

  6. I went to the chanel counter today and asked when this collection releases and the sales rep said April 5th, she also said that the new glossimers will launch on the 28th of June

  7. Yes the lipsticks are in April but i was lead to believe that glossmers were only two weeks after that. It seems strange that they would bring them out that late when their main competition (Dior) are bringing them out on April 5th and already available at Debenhams. The dates are only ever approximate anyway and when you ask Chanel staff, they tend to be very cagey about giving out info on products not yet released.

  8. yeah i thought it was wierd that the glossimers are going to be released that late but atleast i won’t have to spend soo much money on the chanel makeup collections at one time, the sales assistant’s at my chanel counter in boots are really friendly and know me well as i have been buying from the same counter for years, they always take out a chanel book with all the release dates and show me all the lovely pics, sometimes they even show me the collections a couple of weeks in advance if they have the samples in store 🙂 I love my chanel counter as i get to collect lots of advantage card points and get lots of chanel products free too! plus the amazing samples they always give me 🙂

  9. hahaha same here to. I have been going to the same Chanel counter for 6 years and know the manager very well at Boots. Maybe they are being released that late.I didn’t ask her about the glossmers but i will do next time i am in. I think they are doing one collection release every month. So its these lipsticks next, then volume de chanel, Jeux de regards (May 9th) next, maybe the glossmers and then summer makeup with eyeshadow stylos and then i don’t know what is later after that. It will be Fall release next after that. But hey for future reference, dates are all apporoximate. My blog is all just a bit of fun.

  10. yehh the dates can b so confusing, my sales rep said the mascara is launching on may 3rd! but i can’t wait for the summer 2013 makeup collection as i pretty much want everything, i love bright colours 🙂 i hav also booked myself in for a makeover on the day the summer collection launches, can’t wait 🙂

  11. Well at least you know its in May. Great stuff!

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