A Fond Farewell to a Creative Genius………….What Now Chanel?

Hi Everyone,

In the last few days, the sad news has been filtering through of Peter Phillips imminent departure from Chanel. Creative Director for the last 5 years, he brought the brand up to date and Chanel cosmetics became exciting, often leading the way with revamped lines, such as the Rouge Coco Lipsticks.


I started wearing Chanel makeup six years ago. I had worn Clinique makeup for the previous couple of years and was quite happy; but, then one day i had a bad experience with a Clinique Sales Assistant. I left the counter really miffed off and as i was leaving the store, i walked past the Chanel counter. On it, was a beautiful eye shadow quad. The very friendly Chanel Assistant gave me 3 samples along with my purchase of those lovely eyeshadows, (I never got samples off Clinique unless i almost begged for them) and so began my love affair with Chanel and i haven’t looked back since.

I remember in the early years; Chanel collections used to only consist of two or three pieces. When Phillips came on board, the collections began to grown and they became a whole lot more interesting. Not that it was all him; however, his degree in Graphic Design helped with ‘thinking outside the box’ in regard to makeup and the shows and to think, he didn’t pick up a makeup brush until he was 27 years old.

One of his first pieces was a nail polish in 2008 called Gold Fiction, which renewed interest in the Chanel nail polishes. He then introduced Jade; a green nail polish, which was limited edition in 2009 and i remember it selling out in literally days. He also sent makeup lovers into a frenzy with particuliΓ©re in 2010.

Chanel Poudre de SigneeLovely pressed powders and the complete revamp of the whole lipstick range. Harmful parabens were removed and the formula reworked, plus adding more of a distinction between the lipstick lines. The Coco Lip Shine, a lovely watery balm style lipstick with iridescence were added while removing Aqualumiere lipsticks, which were never truly distinct from Rouge Hydrabase anyway and changing the name and lipsticks in the Hydrabase to Rouge Coco. There was an introduction to the Rouge Allure line of a velvety feel intense matte lipstick and then new Rouge Allure lipsticks with fresh brighter intense colours.

with Flash

with Flash

The next successful re-introduction were the Ombre Contraste Duo Eyeshadows. Made with a super buttery texture, these powders are very finely milled and have great pigmentation as well as staying power and so easy to blend.

Phillips then introduced the fantastic Illusion D’Ombre, a truly beautiful multi-dimensional glitter flecked creamy gel eyeshadow which replaced Ombre D’Eau, the strange liquid eyeshadow which had a bi-phase composition, a great move in replacing them in UK.

Chanel Apparence in Direct Sunlight

Chanel Apparence in Direct Sunlight

There are many more revamps going on this year too; the introduction of Rouge Coco Lip Shines with 30% more pigmentation, new Rouge Coco Lipsticks, and a whole new range of Lip Glosses, (Les Scintillantes) to be released soon.

The Christmas Collections generally sell out within two weeks and the quality of these are just outstanding.

He’s still remaining on board for the Autumn/Fall 2013 show and Spring 2014 and has a great relationship with Chanel, so will never be too far away; however,what a sad loss! I feel sorry for his successor because, they are one mighty pair of boots that are going to have to be filled.

I hope the makeup remains half as interesting, but i think it will. 😦


~ by Mirifique Beauty on February 28, 2013.

4 Responses to “A Fond Farewell to a Creative Genius………….What Now Chanel?”

  1. Thank you for this lovely mini history lesson of Chanel cosmetics. Their products are truly beautiful. I still can’t get my hands on the Notorious Sculpting Veil. Counters tell me it is only sold online, yet I can’t find it anywhere there either! Take care xo

    • Yes, that was one of his great little ‘inventions’ too. I also have never been able to get my hands on the sculpting veil either.It only sold in the 4 exclusive stores in UK and we cannot buy Chanel online from Chanel themselves like the US can, which is a sad shame. I know that a taupe eyeshadow can be used and this is what makeup artists normally do but it would have to be quite matte. Thanks for the compliment by the way. I love Chanel and i think Peter Phillips really revamped and brought the brand back to life again.

  2. It seems like whenever I compliment someone’s skin and ask what foundation they’re wearing, 75% of the time they say Chanel. Unfortunately, they don’t make a shade light enough for me 😦 I beg that whomever takes his place will add some lighter shades.

  3. I think they introduced a B10 in Perfection Lumiere in one of the collections not so long ago. Not sure if thats light enough though.

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