February Favourites 2013……………………Bringing Out The Golden Oldies

Hi Everyone,

How are you all? February is a short month but i have been trying out some different looks with my makeup. I decided to bring out some products i haven’t used in a long while because i want to keep it exciting and refreshing to apply my makeup. So here are the products i have been using over February and i have been loving.

Feb Favourites

1. Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick. 136 Rose Drop 3.5gm/£24.00

I bought this one two years ago. It’s discontinued now and if it isn’t, it will be this year because Chanel are revamping some of the Coco lipstick range here. A nice shade for the winter with high shine. Not wore it in a while so i thought it was about time i did.Lip Swatch

2. Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quad eyeshadows Tenations Cuivrée 1.2gm/£37.00

I bought this one in the Les Tenations de Chanel Autumn/Fall 2010 collection and it was limited edition. It was the last quad i bought by Chanel and i was a bit in two minds about it at the time having only wore it once. I put it in my unit and forgot about it until literally a month ago when i found it at the very back. Funny thing is, i absolutely love it. Gorgeous shades of pink and copper red browns. I can’t believe i forgot about it. Its like owning a new makeup palette. Great colour pay off and no fall out while being lovely to blend. Without flash left and flash right.

Tenations Cuivree without flashTenations cuivree with flash

3. Chanel Shimmering Tweed Highlighter.13gm/ ? Swatch of Tweed Highlighter

Another limited edition from Chanel holiday collection 2009. Its a gorgeous highlighter with bronze and golden shimmer. Can be used as a blusher to. In fact, it is very much like the tweed blushers currently on sale. I have been wearing it as a highlighter with my Guerlain bronzer as the blusher. Lovely combination to liven up a winter pale face.

Tweed Highlighter & Tenations Cuivree

4. Guerlain Terracotta Light Summer Bronzing Powder 10gm/£34.00

Winner of, In Styles Best Beauty Buys 2013, (last year too). Guerlain sell a bronzing powder every 20 seconds somewhere in the world and i’m not surprised, they are fabulous. I love this one and its now hitting pan so will need to repurchase. Glowing and warm is the only way to describe this miracle pressed powder and somehow, no other company can get the warmth in their palettes quite right. Last years Limited Edition Chanel Bronzing powder, Rose Sable was the only one that has come close.

5.Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum 15ml/£37.00

I have finished my full size one. When i bought that i got this one as part of a gift with purchase. It is a bit heavy for my eye and makes my eye puff up a bit, but as i am on my ‘mend and make do’ year, i am going to use this up.

6. Body Shop 3 in 1 Blue Corn Scrub. 120gm/£10.00

A staple for me since i was 19 years old and is not only a Feb fav. It works and that’s what a good skin care product is all about. I have only used one other as good and that’s the mud face masks. I don’t fix anything which isn’t broke!

7. Clinique Repairwear Uplifting Firming Cream 50ml/£50.00

Another gift with purchase. I am using up my free samples because my dresser is covered in them. It’s a fairly good moisturiser. Not sure if its uplifting though. I am using it of an evening because there is a low SPF15 in it.

8. Chanel Nail Polish Fracas. 13ml/£18.00 (Printemps precieux de Chanel 2013)Chanel Nail Colour Fracas with Flash

Love this shade and have been using it all this month. Full review on my website. See below for link.

9. Chanel Lip Defining Lip Pencil 48 Bois de Rose £17.50

These lip pencils are always in my monthly favourites. They are pretty fantastic and this one goes well with my lipstick Rose Drop. Has a hint of beige in it.Chanel Bois de Rose

10. Lumiére D’Artifices Beiges. Illuminating powder with shimmer. 18gm/£46.00

Chanel Les Beige Swatch

I really do love this powder, (top pic on right and swatch is left). It’s a stunning mix of all over face highlighting powder with a mild bronzing effect. So it basically illuminates the face while giving it colour. It was limited edition in Les Essentiels de Chanel Fall 2012. It is still available to buy; http://www.boots.co.uk and full review, photo’s and swatches of this collection is on my website http://www.mandymcmulli7.wix.com/mirifique-beauty. Lovely.

They were my February fav’s. What were yours? Have fun and take care. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on March 3, 2013.

5 Responses to “February Favourites 2013……………………Bringing Out The Golden Oldies”

  1. The Chanel highlighter looks lovely!

  2. I got a phone case on Etsy that looks like a bottle of Chanel Fracas. I also used to use the Blue Corn scrub and think I may have to start again.

  3. They are great them phone cases. I don’t have an iphone but might still buy one haha.
    Yes, i love the highlighter, its a bronzing one so great when you have a tan

  4. I recently invested in my first Chanel highlighter from the Spring 2013 collection. Gorgeous. So much so, I almost hate to use it!

  5. I know that one is lovely isn’t it. Chanel do great highlighters in fact, there is not a lot that they do which i hate. Just wish i was rich so i could buy more

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