Dior Addict Gloss 2013 Preview…………………Sexy Lips and Nails Bang on for Summer.

Hi Everyone,

Hows it going? I have been dying to see this collection. I really do like Dior Lip Glosses and think they have come a long way from just 4 years ago and this collection are no exception. Going on national release on 5th April in the UK are 4 new nail polishes and 24 brand new Lip Glosses.

Dior Le Vernis £18.00

  • 343  Spring Ball     Pink Coral
  • 643  Diablotine      Red/Coral
  • 433  Delice              Coral
  • 553 Princess            Pink
  • Topcoat


Dior Addict Lip Gloss £22.00

The new formula is very moisturizing and contains hyaluronic acid for lip plumping as well. Comes in three types. Creamy, shimmer and pearlescent finishes.

  • Prune Fantasque  Dark Pink
  • Dormeuse            Pale Pink
  • Nuit Boreale        Beige Gold 
  • Night Fantasy       Red/Brown
  • Angelique            Pale beige coral
  • Princess              Soft Pink
  • Ambre Lumiere     Beige Brown
  • Delice                 Coral/ Pink
  • Rouge Defendu     Red
  • venus                  Beige/Pink
  • Paradise              Pale Coral/ Orange
  • Dolly Pink            Candy Pink
  • Cygne Noir           Brown
  • Diablotine            Coral/Red
  • Fancy Purple        Pink/Mauve
  • Etoilee                 Pearlescent
  • Bed of Roses         Pale Coral/Pink
  • Atout Coeur         Mauve
  • Spring Bal             Sparkling Beige
  • Fairy Pink             Mid Pink
  • Etincelante           Sparkling Beige/Gold
  • Bal D’Ete              Coral/Orange
  • Incroyable            Pink/Red
  • No Angel              Beige Pink





There you have it. I am more interested in the shimmer finish ones rather than the creamy ones or pearlescent. They just look great and i love Dior anyway. Take care and i will be back soon. 😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on March 5, 2013.

7 Responses to “Dior Addict Gloss 2013 Preview…………………Sexy Lips and Nails Bang on for Summer.”

  1. These look super pretty! I’ve never actually tried Dior before..would you recommend the brand?

  2. Yes, really great quality on par with Chanel and the other high end brands. Are expensive but you do get what you pay for

  3. These look amazing..your blog is dangerous! Every time you post something I end up adding it to the wishlist..haha! x

  4. I know i want one and i want one of the new lipsticks by Chanel and i want the new mascara by Dior and i want the one by Chanel lol. I have to reign in my spending ahhh

  5. Ooooooo, so many pretty colours! 🙂

  6. This collection is amazing, i picked up 3 of the 4 polishes in delice, spring bal and diablotine and the gel coat can’t wait to wear them, i loved the diablotine colour so much that i bought the matching gloss and addict extreame lipstick 🙂 the sales assistant said that the nail polishes are going fast and i got one of the last gel top coats. i’m debating if i should get the nail polish in princess or if it is similar to a few polishes released by chanel a couple of years ago in the shades mistral and morning rose?

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