Chanel Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush……………. As Soft as a Fluffy Feather

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all doing fine. Well, i’m so excited. Having recently purchased the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder, review here;  i couldn’t buy the brush to go with it because it wasn’t on sale at the time. I went back in for it a week later and it had sold out. (It’s walking out the door). Finally; i got it today and it is as gorgeous and soft as all the reports suggest. I’m so happy with it.

Chanel Retractable Kabuki Brush

This is a new signature collection from Chanel, which has their original packaging and not the usual black packaging with white intertwining c’s as we have become accustomed to. There are going to be more additions to this range later on, so i hear.

Chanel Les Beiges have 5 shades of healthy glow sheer powder and this lovely Kabuki brush to apply it with.

Chanel Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush

The Kabuki brush retails in the UK at £33.00.

Chanel New Retractable Kabuki Brush 2013

Comes in a black metal case with light beige intertwined double c’s embossed on the top.The packaging makes it Ideal for travelling as well.

Chanel Les Beiges Pinceau Kabuki RetractableThe hair is a beige/white shade and tightly packed in abundance. It just feels beautifully feathery and fluffy. I swear when you try this in the shop, you will buy it. It reminds me of the very soft quality of Tom Ford brushes but without the incredible price tag.

Chanel New Kabuki BrushChanel instructions for washing kabuki brush

Instructions are to wash the brush with soap and water.

Chanel Les Beiges Kabuki BrushIt applies the Les Beiges powder really well and blends out super fast so your not spending all morning trying to get your healthy glow/bronzer to look good, when your in a hurry.

Chanel Les Beiges New Kabuki Brush

Chanel Les Beiges Number 30 and Kabuki BrushI have only just purchased this brush but it is proving to be an absolute must have in my brush collection. I will keep you updated if there are any changes but i think this is probably one of the best brushes i have owned yet, even from Chanel and i own a number of their brushes and It is reasonably priced for the quality too.

Release date for the carefree Les Beiges range of powders and Kabuki brush are out now in UK, France and Canada, May in Australia and August in US; however, dates are always questionable so, I suggest you ask your Chanel SA in your own country to be 100% sure.

Check it out for yourself but make sure you take your bank card along with you as you will only walk out of the shop disappointed if you don’t.

I am hearing on the ‘cosmetic vine’ that there may be new Les Beiges foundations later on too. Exciting!!!Chanel Les Beiges

Have fun peops and i will see you all very soon. 😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on March 27, 2013.

14 Responses to “Chanel Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush……………. As Soft as a Fluffy Feather”

  1. Cannot wait to get this, its only avaible in one shop here and they sold out immediataley 😦 so I hope its not LE because I really want to get it so go with my powder. Thanks for this lovely post.

  2. ahh thank you. Just wait until you try the brush, you’ll fall in love. It sold out where i was too and that was in its first week on sale. Your going to see why. I’m not sure if it is LE or not. I will ask but the Les Beiges range are going to be increased so i will be surprised if it is.

  3. Oh it looks so soft! I need it in my life…x

  4. It is lovely and blends so well too

  5. I just got my brush today and I wonder if mine is broken, because the inner-case slipps out too easily. It dosn´t have the smooth quality-slide it just slips whenever I open the brush -which does not remind me of the quality I know from chanel.
    On the other hand my only other brush from chanel is a lip brush, which is not perfectly in its outer case either. I just want my tools qualitywise in absolut perfection!
    The lip brush slides smoothly when I screw it out. The kabuki´s case is a bit weird. (I like the softness very much though, as well as the idea of the travel brush)

    • Where did you get it from hun? I think you need to send it back because that doesn’t sound right at all. Mine is smooth opening and closing and so is my mums. You may have got a defective one. At that price, get it replaced. I think you can go into any Chanel to replace it as long as you have a receipt. Good luck x

  6. I feel that I may need this brush in my life!
    It sounds beautifully soft.

    I have the eyelash curlers and try are excellent, just like the shu ones!
    J’adore Chanel xx

    • It is possibly the most wonderful brush i own. You have to feel it and you’ll know what i mean. I wanted the Chanel Lash curlers but i don’t know if they sell them anymore. Shame!

      • Thank you for the recommendation.

        I am not sure that they sell them anymore, but if I ever see them anywhere I will let you know – they are great curlers.

        I can’t wait to test this brush 🙂 thanks x

  7. Thanks so much. Can’t believe they stopped selling them

  8. Kabuki Brush looks very soft. Thank you for sharing. Would love to check this out

  9. Finally after month of searching for it (they hardly do not sell it here in Holland) I was able to get my hands on this wow what a soft brush unbelievable I love it! It totally was worth the wait.

    • Fantastic! Wasn’t it worth waiting for!! Lovely brush. I think they were probably a bit overwhelmed with sales of it. It sold out everywhere within its first week of release. So glad you got it now

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