Avant Premiere de Chanel……….A Sneaky Peek with Swatches!

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all well. I just popped into my local Chanel to take a look at the new collection of lipsticks and nail colours based on the classic cinema. Both the lipsticks and nail colours are fabulous; (i really need yet another lipstick in my life)!

There are 8 new Rouge Coco Shines with 30% greater pigmentation and 6 new shades of Rouge Coco lipsticks.

I was given a tester card with 4 of the new shades and i am going to share them with you.

Avant Premiere de Chanel LipsticksChanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks.

Rouge Coco Shine are the new version of Aqualumiére lip shines which give a very nice creamy water-like feel on the lips with a bit of slip. They are great for people with dry lips and are incredibly shiny, hence the name. They are not long wearing due to the watery like nature but do feel really nice when you wear them. The new ones have great intensity in colour and are worth checking out if your a fan of them. They are smaller in size than Rouge Coco and Rouge Allure lipsticks. 3gm/£24.00.

81 Fiction

This is a deep plum/purple shade with a hint of micro shimmer. Great for people with olive skin tones or if you like the deeper shades. I personally would wear this shade in Autumn/Fall and it makes my teeth look white with its cool shade, so a real winner and very pigmented. More pics and swatches here.

81 FictionChanel Rouge Coco Shine 81 FictionSwatch of Chanel R C Shine 81 Fiction

79 Saga (Limited Edition)

This is gorgeous. A lovely pigmented salmon pink lip colour without shimmer. I can see this one selling out fast. It is ideal for fair toned skin. I love it and its going to be great for the summer and day wear. More pics and swatches here

 79 Saga DSC04886(1)Swatch of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 79 Saga

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipsticks.

Rouge Coco lipsticks are the new version of Rouge Hydrabase lipsticks and are slightly moisturizing but not as much so as Rouge Coco Shines or Rouge Allure lipsticks. That said; they have the longest staying power of all Chanel lipsticks, (Rouge Allure Velvet being the exception) and many others i have tried by high end makeup companies. I do think these are the best value for money because they last twice as long as Rouge Coco Shines and a third longer than Rouge Allure lipsticks; although, i do love them all for many different reasons. 3.5gm/ £25.00.

62 Monte Carlo

This is another lovely shade. It is a red with a coral undertone and lots of gold micro shimmer. I love sparkling lipsticks and i also really like a slight coral in my reds rather than the ‘in your face’ red, which i don’t suit and don’t have teeth white enough, to pull it off. This shade is very universal and thankfully, its cooler tone makes my teeth appear whiter than what they are. I am wearing it in my profile picture on twitter.

62 Monte CarloSwatch of Rouge Coco 62 Monte CarloChanel Rouge Coco  Monte Carlo swatch

54 Le Baiser

A deeper warm toned pink. Another universal shade with no micro shimmer. I love this shade but sadly; its warm toned and makes my teeth look very yellow, so i am going to have to pass on it.

54 Le Baiser Rouge CocoSwatch of Rouge Coco 54 Le BaiserChanel Rouge Coco 54 Le Baiser Swatch

So, there you go. I love all 4 shades on this card and normally i never like all of them. To see description of all the new shades available and the matching 4 new shades of nail colours, check here.

Swatches of Avant Premiere de ChanelAvant Premiere de Chanel Lipstick Card

Swatches on the left picture are from left to right, Rouge Coco Le Baiser and Monte-Carlo; Rouge Coco Shine Saga and Fiction.

I am sold on Saga in the Coco Lip Shine lipsticks and a number of the Rouge Coco lipsticks, which offer more universal shades to the collection. Very impressive from Chanel.

Avant Première de Chanel on sale now in UK. Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on April 4, 2013.

22 Responses to “Avant Premiere de Chanel……….A Sneaky Peek with Swatches!”

  1. Can’t wait to get my four new nail polish tomorrow! I cannot find a Kabuki brush anywhere except inflated on eBay and Les Beiges 20 is sold out everywhere. Will they restock both do you think? How do you think Chanel Lip products compare with Dior Xx

  2. I take it your a huge fan of the nail polishes. One of them stood out to me today when i saw them, i think it was Cinema, gorgeous! Yes they will deffo restock. I think the Kabuki Brush is so nice and i can understand why it has sold out but hang in there and don’t buy it on ebay. Can you order it off Harrods, Selfridges, Boots or even Debenhams maybe?
    I like Dior lipsticks but i just love the shades a bit more in Chanel ones.

  3. Still waiting for Harrods to get back to me re. Powder and Brush but everywhere I looked they’d gone. Chanel Polish is my collectible! I just love them but Dior polish this year has been fabulous and I quite like By Terry and Tom Ford too! I wish I’d been quicker off the mark with Les Beiges but I just didn’t think it would go so quickly! Xxxx

  4. Yes will do 🙂

  5. Hi Amanda, all powders and kabuki brush are ongoing, so they will be back in stock soon. Hope this helps.

    • That’s good news as that beautiful compact is taunting me now! I ordered my 4 new Chanel polish at 9.a.m from HoF as I found out I had loads of Recognition points which softened the blow a bit. Can’t wait for Monday which isn’t something you often hear me say! Thank you for finding out! Xxx

      • Oh wait until you try the brush. I was talking to a lady about it today in store at Chanel and she ended up having one put away for herself. I should work in sales haha. I want the nail polish coming out at the end of June, Taboo. That looks fantastic, i like the current ones too but i just bought two coco lip shines today, so money is too tight

      • Just ordered the new Dior Gel Top Coat too from Feel Unique which came out today too! Drew the line at the new Dior Polish today but the colours look lovely! And seen a Les Beiges compact on eBay for £70!!!!!! I suppose what with UK getting it first someone in the US may pay that to get it early? Taboo is out in America I believe so I think I might ask my Mum to get me one on the way back from Canada as end of June seems an eternity to wait and it does look fab! Quite Malice meets Paradoxal? Xx

  6. I’m so jealous but i can wait for it. Is the top coat good from Dior? I am trying to find one that actually works. £70, what a joke! I was hard pushed to pay the £38 it cost. Well more fool anyone who pays that

    • Dior Gel won’t arrive until Monday either but I read in the reviews that it helps give a curve base over the nail bed like a gel nail does which should give a nicer shape to a natural nail! Ummm. Probably a load of hype but worth a try? If I don’t like it I will put it on eBay which I do with most stuff I don’t like and then I don’t really lose anything for giving it a go? I hadn’t really bought a great deal in a while apart from topping up on more obscure hard to find Chanel Polishes that appear now and again on eBay but all these lovely new products seem to have come at once! Apart from Les Beiges and the Kabuki brush that is me done now until the Summer…..well maybe the odd thing from someone else’s travels! X

      • haha Chanel are bringing out new mascara and a new collection at the end of May so i have saved my Boots Card points up for it so i don’t have to spend any money, hopefully. Fingers crossed haha

      • Is that the Volume mascara? I have that on my birthday list! Do you have a date yet? I have a fairy god sister who lives in West Hollywood and she goes to Chanel on Rodeo Drive for emergencies like The Hong Kong Collection of polish but I thought the mascara would be a worldwide release and I would have to be patient! Xxxx

  7. End of May. That’s all i know . Its next month and there are 3 shades. Blue, Black and plum. Can’t wait to try it. Its getting great reviews

  8. hi, I tagged you to do the I heart spring tag! xx lulu http://lulusbeautyspot.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/i-%E2%99%A1-spring-tag-lulus-beauty-spot/

  9. Thanks i will probably do this next week. I am currently in the middle of writing two other posts but i like this tag alot

  10. Hey, just went to my chanel counter and picked up lots of goodies along with lots of stuff from dior 🙂 i bought 2 rouge coco shines in saga and suspense they are so amazing 🙂 and also picked up the lipstick in le baiser. also picked up the polish in cinema which is beautiful, can’t wait to wear it! i already have provocation from fashion night out 2012 and really want to get my hands on the limited edition shade starlet but they hadn’t shipped to my store yet so have gave them my number so that they can give me a call when they arrive, i wasn’t too sure about paparazzi which is a brown shade, but it is permanant so i can buy that anytime 🙂 the formulation of the lip products were already good but they really do seem even better now due to the increased pigmentation eventhough there was a slght price increase! i’m debating wheater or not to buy the rouge coco shine i fiction which is the plum shade as it looked beautiful on the sales assistant, she gave me 2 samples of the lip products from the collection and will see how i get on with them 🙂

  11. I have bought both Saga and Fiction. Fiction is lovely on. What price increase?? I paid £24.00 for lipsticks, which has been that price since Rouge Coco Shine were launched.

  12. i thought i bought a rouge coco shine for £23.50 a few months ago, i must be mistaken.

  13. No they have always been £24.00. I think Dior have put their prices up on the lip glosses though.

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