Dior Bird of Paradise Summer Makeup Collection 2013……………..An Inexpensive Trip to The Caribbean.

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all doing well. Dior are releasing their new summer makeup range on May 17th May UK and Internationally, my Dior SA informs me. I am very excited by this collection because it has two Nude tan blushers, which look fantastic. I own the Nude Tan Healthy Glow powder in Sunlight 002 and it is to die for. I can’t wait for this lovely collection to hit UK.

dior-summer-c main pic

Dior AmbSummerPalette_F39

I am very excited by these  new jelly lip pencils. 4 available and all limited edition.

Dior AmbSummerJellyLipPen_F39-484x5951-e1363692986444

  • 516   Copacabana
  • 476   Ilhabela
  • 636   Carioca
  • 656   Gaia


These are my stars of the collection. Two new and limited edition Nude Tan Blush duo. They also come with a really soft mini Kabuki brush

  • Pink Glow
  • Coral Glow (Not available in Asia)

Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-Promo5Two, 5 coleur Eyeshadow palettes. Limited edition

  • 374  Blue Lagoon
  • 434  Peacock



Besides the jelly lip pencils, there are 4 Dior Addict Lipsticks as well.

  • 771   Passionnee
  • 751   Extatique
  • 471   Flamingo
  • 431   On The Beach


There are also limited edition Les Vernis Nail Colour Duo’s in; Samba Metallic Green and Mint and; Bahlia, Teal Green and Fuchsia.


A new Mono Wet & Dry Eyeshadow in a bright deep blue shade; 273 Parati and; not pictured, is a turqoise Eye Liner Stylo (LE).

Dior-Summer-2013-Bird-of-Paradise-Collection-Promo10Last but certainly not least are two 1 colour Eye Glosses in 740 Zenith and; 530 Golden Sand. A stunning Collagen Lip Maximizer  which contains Hyaluronic Acid and marine based fillers for smooth plumped lips in; 001 pink.  There is also a Nude Tan BB Cream (Not available in Asia).


I really like this collection for summer a lot more than the Chanel one coming out in high summer, which is very unusual for me.

Dior have pulled it out of the bag with interesting new jelly lip pencils, Tan and blush duos, (great for travelling as it also comes with mini kabuki brush) and a rose tinted lip maximizer.

Have fun everyone and i will see you all soon. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on April 10, 2013.

12 Responses to “Dior Bird of Paradise Summer Makeup Collection 2013……………..An Inexpensive Trip to The Caribbean.”

  1. Amanda Hollingsworth Oh I love the bronze / blush compact and the nail colours are much nicer than the new 4 Chanel released last week and the 3 that are planned for Summer. I got my Dior Gel Top Coat today and it is fabby! It does give the nail bed that curve and extra dimension that a gel coating does. It sort of makes my manicure look a bit more finished and expensive! Very pleased although I suspect Dr Lewwins Top Coat might be nearly as good. BTW I bought it on Feel Unique and have chosen Dior as my VIP brand so I got an extra 10% discount which is nice! X

  2. Its good to know you get 10% off at Feel Unique isn’t it? I like some of the products too. Jelly lip pencils are interesting me a lot

  3. I’m really looking forward to trying the Collagen Lip Maximiser too! My step daughter is on her way to Portugal this morning with the obligatory list of Chanel Polishes to find for me! Last night I was on eBay Germany and they had a bottle of Jade (407) for 450 euros (£375). For those of you that don’t know……Jade is the holy grail of Chanel Polish and is the ultimate Golden ticket colour! And I think I am right in saying was Peter Philips first collection for Chanel. Scandalous really and Chanel could put a stop to this lunacy by doing a re promote collection of all the old favourites! Xxx

    • I know. I didn’t even like Jade but i remember it sold out within hours haha. There are daft people out there that would pay for that but i guess if they want a full collection they will do. I like the green one which is coming in the summer collection though. I quite like metallics.
      I want to try the new lip maximiser too.

  4. Nice but why do we not have ecommerce from the official site for beauty yet when France and the U.S,. Have had is since 2010! 😦

  5. Not sure what you mean Julia!!

    • Sorry, I didn’t explain that well… If you go on Dior.com for the U.S and France you can buy online with exclusive gifts with purchase and beautiful giftwrapping. We have to buy third party online I.e. Boots, not quite the same experience!

  6. Yes i know its incredibly annoying and its the same with Chanel. They get lovely little makeup bags. Its a little discriminating i think. When people have approached them with questions about it.,(Goss Makeup Artist has approached Chanel about the fact that you get more product for your money in the US) he has been ignored. Not good customer service is it??

  7. You are right it is terrible customer service especially as even France (the home of Chanel) don’t get ecommerce on the brand site! The U.S. seems to be the centre of the universe in terms of beauty ecommerce…I really hope this changes soon!

  8. I doubt it will after all, they see US as probably being their largest market.

  9. Great post, Dior always get it right , I started out my career with Dior , they are a superb company to work for and make ones job selling so easy because their products sell themselves ! 😎

    • Your so incredibly lucky working for Dior. Yes, i just got the paradise Duo Bronzer as a birthday gift and its fabulous. I love it. I love the nude tan Range. I wish i had the money to buy more of their products because they never disappoint. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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