Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder. 002 Sunlight……………Sunny Day Optional Extra!

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all happy and well. Spring is here and its time to start warming up the skin tone for those ever elusive sunny days.

Last year i was on one with my powder bronzers. I bought a couple and thought that’s it, no more. Then NARS came to Liverpool and i had to have the famous Laguna bronzer to add to the bunch. NO MORE! Then, Dior had to go and do it. Bring out a gorgeous range of bronzer’s; however, along side them, they released 4 very beautiful glow enhancing powders, which looked very interesting and were limited edition in the Summer Croisette collection 2012. They proved so popular, Dior have kept them going.

Dior skin tan enhancerDiorskin Nude Tan enhancerDiorskin Nude Tan Enhancing Powder(1)

I was in two minds whether to purchase one or not and then i opened up my ‘In Style’ magazine and saw Blake Lively with this gorgeous shade on her cheeks. Next to her was a picture of the Dior Compact in the shade 002 Sunlight. Sold!


First of all i want to talk about the packaging. The powder compact itself is in a lovely, very sturdy, heavy, generous silver casing inside a velvet pouch. There is a mini natural bristled kabuki brush in it’s own velvet pouch. This brush is very nice quality, quite soft on the face impressive; although, you have paid for this and its quite clear by the individual wrapping that Dior want you to know it is an integral part of the product rather than the free cheap and nasty mini brushes often provided with face powders. It is ideal for travel use but i am not sure if i would carry it in my handbag because of its weight and also i would be terrified of dropping it.


This is a multi-funtion bronzing powder and is designed to be used to further enhance a tan, contour the face or, use when your tan is starting to fade and you wish to keep  colour. The powder itself  is very nicely milled and blends beautifully on the skin. Pictured below left is taken in normal daylight and right, in direct sunlight. The N & E and background contain mild golden shimmer and the D & U are more matte with a tiny amount of shimmer.

Dior Nude Tan in Day Light(2)Dior Nude Tan in direct Sunlight

The way i have been using it is, by contouring with the darker shades of brown with D & U, sweeping all over the palette with a blusher brush, to wear as a blush and up onto the temples,the paler browns in U and E for all over my face as a finishing powder and the pink N & E for a cheekbone highlighter or can be a pale blush. This truly is a versatile compact which leaves a mild luminous sheen on the face with no glitter, giving a nice healthy glow. The effect doesn’t fade during the day either. There are many ways to wear it; a star product from Dior

Dior 4 Shades(1)Swatches Guerlain Dior and Chanel

Pictured above left is swatches from top left to bottom right . Left,  N & E letters, right, background of N & E. Bottom left D & U letters and bottom right, background of D & U.

Pictured above right; pictured left, Guerlain Terracotta, 001 Light Bronzing powder Compact. Middle is Dior and right is Soleil Tan de Chanel Luminous Bronzing Powder. Limited Edition Sable Rose. The Guerlain has a strong pink finish and i love using this as a blusher in the summer and i have hit pan on it , it’s that good. The Dior has a more natural finish with peach and the chanel has a milder pink finish with more luminosity. The Chanel is also a multi-function bronzer and i love all three. I don’t mind NARS Laguna but it is not easy to build up like these three as it tends to start looking very muddy on the skin.

Guerlain BronzerSable rose(1)

There are four shades available for all skin tones.

001 Aurora (bottom left).  A pale beige /pink with brown and apricot; 002 Sunlight, (Featured review and bottom right)  which is a beige/peach to mid tone brown with a pink/peach finish; 004 Sunset. (Top Left) Pale Brown with deep brown/pink and peach finish and finally; 003 Zenith. A  mid toned brown with deep brown and pink/peach finish.

Dior Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder

The compact is 10gm/£37.00 and comes with the mini Kabuki brush.

I hope this helps you if your looking for a very versatile compact that you can travel with or just use over the summer to give you a healthy glow. Coming next month is two new compacts featuring blush in coral and pink too. See here for details.

I will catch up with you all very soon. Take care. 😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on April 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder. 002 Sunlight……………Sunny Day Optional Extra!”

  1. The compact is so beautiful, it’s very classic but not so much so that you can’t keep it in your bag.

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