Chanel Flutters into Summer with Super Brights……………..L’Ete Papillon de Chanel Makeup Collection 2013

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all happy. Yellow mascara anyone? mmm yes i think that one will end up in the bargain bin but who knows, i may be wrong. Time for the Summer Chanel makeup of 2013, which will be released internationally at the beginning of May and no doubt two months later in the UK. I will update with the official date closer to the time.

Peter Phillips wanted to create a makeup line that reflects the carefree feel of summer. The endless palate of colour in the scales of a butterfly was his inspiration behind this line of bright colours and sorbet shades of lip colour.

Anyway, if bright and i mean bright shades are your thing then your going to love Chanel this summer. The whole collection is limited edition except for the re-promotes.

Chanel L ete Papillon de Chanel 2013So, we begin with 5 shades of Le Volume de Chanel mascara. Yellow, green, blue, bright blue and black, 3 are new shades £24.00; however, the most interesting thing about this whole collection is the eye shadow sticks. Shade names are on the card.


CHANEL SUMMER 2013 chartChanel l-ete-papillon-de-chanel-makeup-collection-summer-2013-4368326

There are six shades available Platinum, Gold, Green, Pink, blue and Black and they look pretty much the same size as all the others released at the moment. I really like the look of the pink one but i am holding judgement on these, as i am not overawed with any of the current ones released by various other companies. These shadow sticks are highly pigmented There is also a waterproof Stylo Yeux in Turquoise. £19.00, which is going to be a very popular summer shade.

Chanel Summer Yellow Mascara Chanel summer 2013 1Chanel-Summer-2013-Lete-Papillon-de-Chanel-Collection-Promo9

Two re-promotes which are, the sunkissed bronzing highlighter, which i have and it is absolutely gorgeous and Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzing cream. Both £31.00

Chanel Summer 2013 2Chanel Summer 2013 4

The three nail polishes are gorgeous and i love the metallic finish on both the blue and green ones £18.00.

New Chanel Polishes for Summer 2013Chanel-Summer-2013-Lete-Papillon-de-Chanel-Collection-Promo8

Finally; there are two new Coco lip shines one in a soft peach; one a raspberry shade, (worn on promo pic and i love it) £24.00; and three lip glosses. Beige, Coral and translucent raspberry, £21.00.


A fairly interesting mix but i have to admit, this is the first ever Chanel summer makeup collection i haven’t got excited about; however, i do understand why they are targeting a younger market. What are your thoughts?

Have fun everyone and i will see you all soon. 😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on April 21, 2013.

10 Responses to “Chanel Flutters into Summer with Super Brights……………..L’Ete Papillon de Chanel Makeup Collection 2013”

  1. the colours are wonderful!!! You are so lucky to have those beautiful blue eyes, youe can try so many cute looks with them! 😀

  2. Thanks Amria. I think these colours would stand out more on darker eyes. I think i might be a bit on the mature side for some of the colours but i really like the pink eyeshadow stick. I want to see what they look like in person first. I tend to go more for taupes and purples.

  3. Not too excited about the selection either, but those shadow sticks look good enough to eat. 🙂

  4. I’m not really into loud and bright makeup but the lipsticks and glosses will be a must have of mine. 🙂

  5. As a Chanel devotee I am horrified with this collection. I can only think Mr. Phillips was trying to go out with a bang. I would love to know what age range the marketing genius at Chanel aimed this collection at as I know no one who is going to be wearing yellow mascara. The whole range lacks cohesion and knowledge of the core customer and I expect Dior will triumph over Chanel this summer if this is the best Chanel can offer. Such a disappointment after the triumph of Malice last Christmas.

    • I know Chanel Christmas collection was fantastic. I am surprised by their sudden and brave summer collection. I think Dior have done a better job at understanding its core market while also attracting a younger generation with some brighter pieces. The Nude tan duo can be worn by anyone, any age and so can most of their other pieces including the jelly pencils. I am a bit shocked by Chanel because although i understand why they want to bring in a younger market, i think they could have still maintained their mature market too as Dior has done with their well thought out Bird of Paradise collection. It will be interesting to see their sales and i am well in with Chanel girls at my local Boots, so they will let me know.

  6. I have to admit, the make-up looks fantastic on the models, but honestly I don’t ever see myself wearing something like yellow mascara… The nail polishes are great though, but I already have those colors from other brands. What is definitely on my wishlist though is the fushia lipstick at the bottom! Just hope it suits me!

  7. Yes i like the lipstick too.

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