April Favourites………..Slimming Down and Toning Up.

Hi Everyone,

How are you all? Time for my monthly favourites. These are products i have loved using during April, with a twist.

So, with the weather now warming up, i have been out in the local park working up a sweat and trying to get rid of the bulge that crept up on me during winter. There’s nothing more distressing to me than having to cover up during summer because i have flabby arms; etc, and i have a firm resolve to at least tone up for summer. Even if i don’t lose a ton of weight, Β i can feel more confident wearing my sleeveless tops during summer time.

Picture of Slimming and Toning Kit

I don’t do gyms really and especially not in the warmer weather. Why would i want to be in a sweaty gym while the sun is shining outside and have to pay for it as well? We get little of the sun in the UK as it is, so time to capitalize on it.

Here are my favourite products i am currently using to get my body prepped as much as i can for the summer.

1. Running Gear.

I have a few pairs of Climacool Adidas running tights/leggings. They are very comfortable and i don’t feel hot in them. I wear a good pair of trainers as well. It’s so important to try out trainers to make sure they suit your feet before buying them, having bought a pair in the past that i ran in once and it was the worst 30 minutes of my life. I also wear a running jacket and a loose fitting cotton t shirt.


2. Hand Weights

I own half a kg, 1kg, 2kg and 2.5kg weights. The 2.5 are a little heavy and i don’t want to have bulging muscles as such, just toned arms. The half kg are great to hold while your running but are not useful as a hand weight. I use the 1 and 2kg weights at the same time as using the step so i am working more muscle groups out at once.

3. Mini Reebok Step

Without a doubt, the best bit of equipment i own. I do not have space for treadmills or mini gyms so this is fantastic. Takes up minimal space, can be stored away and fantastic for those days you cannot get out and jog because it’s raining. Best investment ever and try doing 1000 fast steps within ten minutes on it when your unfit? Haha!

There are a number of ways it can be used and it can be adjusted, so its higher off the ground again, for an even more intense workout. Reebok do mini videos on the internet to show you the ways it can be used. At Β£40, an absolute bargain.

4. Biotherm Eau Pure Invigorating Shower Gel and Eau de Toilette

Nothing is better than a shower after a sweaty workout. I love both of these because it smells like the Ocean when your in the shower and is also invigorating. Love fresh smells like and mint and lemon when i have done a workout. There are many cheaper alternatives but i love Biotherm products and the spray mist stays on for hours too. I have mentioned these in another favourites post because they still are.

5. Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliating Cream

Now summer is on the way, prepping the body for tanning products is a must. This is another great product as it has a slight menthol smell to it and isn’t harsh on the skin, but it still exfoliates really well. Great for stopping that sunless tanning cream from streaking.Clinique Duo Creams

6. Clinique Deep Comfort Body Butter

A lovely rich indulgent no fragrance body butter that really works on any rough patches. It isn’t a heavy cream like some of them and actually does soften the skin while melting into it so you don’t get any greasy feel afterwards. They also do a body lotion version too.

7. Body Shop Body Brush

Another must. I brush my thighs and tops of my arms at least once a week. This helps stimulate the skin and helps to remove cellulite. It also brushes away dead skin cells.

8. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse

I have used many tanning gels, mousses and sprays over the years and my all time favourite was discontinued by Dior. Gutted!. It was the air brush tanning mist and was fantastic but Dior got rid and even though i like their tanning gel, it isn’t as good as the St. Tropez mousse. I have bought this one time and time again and its my personal favourite. It gives my skin a lovely warm glow without being orange and its buildable too.

9. Clarins Liquid Bronze for Face

I did try the St. Tropez for the face but i wasn’t too impressed really. The Clarins one is fantastic. It takes only 30 minutes to work and there is absolutely no streaking with it. The face takes on a lovely healthy natural glow too. I hear the body gel is great so i might give that a go when my others run out.

Clarins and St. Tropez Tanning Products

10. Plenty of Water and a Diary

One great piece of advice i have been given is, always measure yourself rather than weigh yourself when you first start exercising. Reason being, muscle weighs more than fat so, if you go running for a week and weigh yourself you might not be any lighter; however, if you measure yourself you will see that your toning up.

I keep a diary and measure the tops of my arms, waist, hips and the tops of my thighs and i do it every week. If i relied on weighing alone, i would be put off more quickly and i was sometimes, in the past. Another thing, drink plenty of water while exercising so you stay well hydrated. Not too much though, if you feel bloated, stop immediately.

I also change my eating plan slightly by cutting portion sizes down, but only a bit because i don’t do diets. They are a short term solution which no one ever sticks to long term and once you eat normally again, you just pile it all back on with a vengeance.

Do you change any of your eating, body plans during Spring time? Or do you just keep the same routine all year round? I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a great week everyone and i will see you all soon, with a slightly trimmed healthier body. πŸ˜‰


I am not a health expert or dietitian. I just do the exercise which feels right for me and i do it in moderation. I also still eat solid meals and i just cut down on the unhealthy junk food. If you have any real weight issues or health concerns, always consult your Doctor first before taking up heavy exercise or different eating patterns. Β 

~ by Mirifique Beauty on April 28, 2013.

11 Responses to “April Favourites………..Slimming Down and Toning Up.”

  1. I really want a body brush!!!!

  2. haha lol

  3. awesome post! love the body brush tip. do you use it with the exfoliator or solo?

    • Ahh thanks. I use it on its own because it is quite exfoliating as it is and always brush in an upwards direction. It stimulates blood flow under your skin and gets rid of dead skin cells. I forget to do it sometimes so i have left the brush on show so i don’t in future haha

  4. That step thing looks amazing, sometimes it is in the triple digits where I am so working out in my apartment would be a better fit. I also don’t have the room for a large treadmill or something. Do you just do the steps or did you look up other ways to use it?

    I have heard sooo soo many good things about the St. Tropez bronzing products. I’m so pale that last summer I decided to try and start self tanning and that is hands down the number one product recommended.

  5. You can do steps to exercise legs, bum, and tum and you can use the step to do triceps as well. I don’t do triceps on it though, thats why i use hand weights at the same time as the step. There are mini vids on the Reebok website to show you how to use it. They sell a different model to this one but equally as good and they also sell the air one, which unbalances you when your on it haha.
    I love St. Tropez tanning Mousse, its the best one in the range for me as it gives a nice healthy glow. I recommend it.

  6. ooh I did some step work when I was in college but haven’t done any in a long time– I think it might be time to start!!

  7. I’m certain you can’t get bulging muscles from 2,5 kg weights. I use 4 kg and get only slight toning. πŸ™‚
    I need to check if those tanning products are available around here. been looking for ones that don’t get patchy.

  8. I do tend to become muscular quite quickly. I guess it all depends on how often you exercise πŸ˜‰

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