Dior Wet & Dry Mono Eyeshadow…………………….240 Mariniere

Hi Everyone,

I hope your all happy and well. I told you i wouldn’t stop at one of these great eyeshadows. When i purchased Lilas Mitzah reviewed here, i also noticed a beautiful unusual shade of blue that i fell in love with. I don’t normally ever wear blue because i have blue eyes but i thought i would give this a go in the socket with a more neutral colour across the lid. This way it wouldn’t be over doing it.

Dior Mono Wet and Dry EyeshadowMariniére is a medium blue which is quite subtle and not very pigmented when applied dry but is a little more when applied with a damp brush. It takes on a slightly deeper metallic effect, like most of the shades in the new Dior mono eyeshadows do. For full collection and names in the UK just click.

Diorshow Mono wet and dry 240 Mariniere Eyeshadow

Diorshow Mono 240 Mariniere(1)Dior Mono Wet and Dry Eyeshadow 240 MariniereThe swatches below are without and with flash on the right. The left swatch is dry and the right is applied with a damp brush.

Diorshow Mono dry and wet swatch 240 Mariniere without flashDior Mono 240 Mariniere Swatch dry and wet

Of the 18 shades available, they are split into day and night and nude, pop and smokey shades, so there is a shade for everyone. I am largely impressed with these shades. I am still planning to buy a couple more later on, when funds allow.

There is no fall out at all with either of the two shades i own now. I did find that Mariniére was slightly more powdery, (Blue shades always seem to be) than Lilas Mitzah and it would need to be used as an all over the lid colour when dry, rather than a socket colour. It just doesn’t have enough intensity. The Lilas Mitzah was so much more intense dry and wet.

I  have used Mariniére in my socket but it made little impact; so, i used it on my eye lid towards the outer corner of my eye with Lilas Mitzah in the socket. This gives a better effect.

I think this shade of blue is going to suit people with deep brown eyes best. It isn’t as universal a shade as Lilas Mitzah but its still a very nice shade of blue.

Hope you liked my post and i will see you all very soon. Take care. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on May 12, 2013.

2 Responses to “Dior Wet & Dry Mono Eyeshadow…………………….240 Mariniere”

  1. That deep navy is so beautiful! It reminds me of a Smashbox color I have and use fairly often.

  2. Yes i quite like it but it isn’t as intense as i was expecting, which is a bit disappointing because Lilas Mitzah is gorgeous and very intense

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