Dior Spectacular Shine & Shape Top Coat Gel………Keeping Nails Ship Shape!

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all happy. Recently released was the Dior Gel Top Coat. I wasn’t going to buy it but one of my really lovely followers; Amanda Hollingsworth, told me it was a fantastic product worth the money, so i thought i had to give it a go.

Dior Gel Top Coat

This great formula adds a beautiful shine to clear nails as well as over nail polish. It gives the nails a smooth ridge free look with a slightly raised finish to them, like they have just been manicured. That’s the first impressive thing about this polish.

Dior Top Coat GelThe second impressive thing about this top coat is that it literally dried on my nails within 30 seconds; so, no waiting around for it to dry or smudging it because it is still tacky.

Dior Gel Top Coat

It costs Β£18.00 for 10ml and i believe its ongoing and not limited edition.

Dior Gel Shine and Shape Top Coat

The last great thing about the gel coat is that it really does have a super shine to it as you can see above. Left to right, nail with nothing on; nail with Essie Leading Lady on it; nail with Essie and Dior gel top coat and nail with top coat only.

Final Thoughts

After now wearing the gel coat over my nail colour for the past week, i am very impressed with it. My nails hardly chipped. After three days, they had slightly chipped around the top edges of my nails and day six was still the same. This coating cannot be built up as it tends to start to look quite clumpy on the nails. One coat really looks very beautiful. Β It is pricey but i haven’t yet had a finish on my nails as good and as shiny with any of the high street brands yet. As i wear nail polish six days a week, this is going to become a staple in my collection.

Have a great week and i will see you all soon. πŸ˜‰

~ by Mirifique Beauty on May 29, 2013.

2 Responses to “Dior Spectacular Shine & Shape Top Coat Gel………Keeping Nails Ship Shape!”

  1. Definitely one of my most favourite products this year……the curve that it produces on tha nail after just one application looks Gel in finish. Yes there are other products like Chanel Laque Brilliance that deliver the shine and the chip protection but nothing else on the market delivers that ‘expensive’ just manicured finish that this product does. And it lasts longer than anything else too. Well done Dior! Xx

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