Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Convoitise……………….. A Lustful Longing!

Hi Everyone,

Hope your all happy and well. Chanel  released two makeup collections last month, which was very surprising! First, was the release of Jeux de Regards, which contained eye pencils, two quads of eyeshadows, two Illusion D’Ombre cream eyeshadows  and the long anticipated Le Volume mascara. A collection all about the eyes. The next collection is L’Ete Papillion de Chanel; here,  at the end of the month and is inspired by the bright summery colours that butterfly’s have in their wings. I bought a few items in both collections and i am reviewing one of them here. The new Illusion D’Ombre shade in 90 Convoitise. It is a lovely beige golden shade with pink, gold and green sparkling spheres. These sparkle when light hits them. Illusion D'Ombre Convoitise I really do love these multi-faceted eyeshadows and own quite a few now. This shade appealed to me because it can be used in a number of ways. On the eyelid itself or as a highlighting shade in the corner of the eyes or under the brow arch. It can be used as a cheek highlighter as well. It comes with its own little brush for touch ups but i don’t use them. Chanel Convoitise Having worn it for the past few weeks now, i’m smitten. It is a lovely beige shade with a nice hint of gold and unlike other gold shades i have used before, this one doesn’t end up looking yellow on my eyelid after a few hours, it actually stays true to its original colour. I used my NARS smudge proof eye primer and never had any creasing or wearing off.

CHANEL Convoitise swatchConvoitiseConvoitise in sunlight

Left to Right: Swatch of Convoitise, Convoitise in normal light and pictured right in direct sunlight. I found this very easy to apply; in fact, it was much creamier in texture than Apparence, the shade released in the Holiday collection 2012. Here. Convoitise and Apparence Comparing the similar shade, Apparence is a slightly darker burnished gold which i only wear across my eyelid, whereas Convoitise is an understated beige gold. I think Convoitise is going to suit a wider range of people with greater uses. It is also Limited Edition, so if you are interested, get it now. Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Convoitise and Apparence Above, Convoitise and Apparence and below swatches side by side with Convoitise on left.

Final Thoughts. 

Convoitise and Apparence My final thoughts are that it is worth the £24.00 price tag because i’m going to get many uses out of it. Being neutral, it goes with any other shade of eyeshadow, with a slightly warm tone brought on by the gold. So many looks can be created from this. There is no wearing off, discolouration or creasing from it (a primer helps but i always use eye primer anyway).  The sparkle does diminish slightly after a couple of hours but the colour does not. A small amount goes a long way and it does have a lovely creamy texture to it. Once again, a great product from Chanel.

# I went to look at Tom Fords cream eyeshadows last week  because i wanted to compare them with Chanel ones. I was quite disappointed with them. They are £28.00 but do not have the multi-dimensional quality of Chanel Illusion D’Ombre. They are creamy and smooth but have only a slight shimmer to them.Nice but nothing special.

Have a great week everyone and i will see you all soon. 😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on June 11, 2013.

6 Responses to “Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Convoitise……………….. A Lustful Longing!”

  1. I’m not impressed with the rest of the Tom Ford line. I like the one lipstick I own and my bottle of Neroli Portofino.

  2. I need a silver colour! Do they do one Mandy? Xx

    • No. sadly they don’t and yet they created one for last Runway show. Platinum and was never released, not even in boutique stores. Maybe they will do in future. They do a white one but i would say that’s more of a highlighting shade.

  3. yes, I can’t stop wearing Convoitise. I even wear it without primer (creases a tiny little bit like that but not bad).
    I’ve yet to be willing to shell out money for anything Tom Ford. Sure they look nice, but… are they THAT nice?

    • I know what you mean by Tom Ford. I have heard the lipsticks are lovely shades but at £36 each. What!!! His version of lip shines have been slated on a few blogs and Chanel are apparently much better and only £24. I think if someone is going to come into the Beauty Market with products that cost more than Chanel and Dior, they better damn well prove themselves first and i don’t think he has established himself well enough in the world of makeup and beauty. Some of his products i viewed in summer collection were no better than MAC and MAC are a fraction of the price. Yes his packaging is nice but ultimately it is the product we use that we want to see the real value of.

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