Laura Mercier Versus Smashbox Brushes……………….I’m a huge Fan!

Hi Everyone,

How’s it going? I love my makeup brushes and i’m forever on the quest to find the perfect ones for the lowest prices. Yes, you can pay £80.00 plus for a blusher brush made from pony hair; however, i want to spend a more realistic amount of money on a brush and i will hunt out the softest brushes i can find with mostly natural hair for the £20-£30 mark. The Goats hair mix brushes are usually pretty good as they are rough enough to pick up colour and yet soft enough so, they don’t scratch or irritate the face.

Smashbox and Laura Mercier Brushes

Recently, i have been on the look out for the ever elusive fan brush. Laura Mercier does a lovely one at £24.50 made from goats hair and Smashbox do one, (Not too sure what hair is used, synthetic maybe!) That is £14.50. I bought the Smashbox one and my mum owns the Laura Mercier one and i will review them here.

The Fan Brush

The fan brush has a number of functions. It is used to apply highlighter to the cheekbones, it can be used to remove excess powder from the face and is also used as a brush to apply the smallest amount of products such as blusher or bronzer to the face, if you choose to have only a hint of colour. Not everybody makes them and Laura Mercier do the best one, available at  While Smashbox do a very nice cheaper alternative. Available at

Smash Box Fan Brush 

This one does have really nice soft hair. The base hair; which is natural coloured, is slightly stiffer so that the brush will not splay too much when applying product. The dark brown hair at the top is very soft and deposits a very fine amount of product onto the face. It is a very narrow brush but it does the job of applying highlighter very well.

The only negatives i would say about this brush is, it has less hair so, will deposit a smaller amount of product and the  handle is very thin, making it feel less sturdy and feels cheap in comparison to the Laura Mercier brush; however, it is £10 cheaper.

Laura Mercier Fan BrushLaura Mercier Fan Brush

The cream of the crop. A beautiful duo fibre soft brush with an adundance of goats hair. The black hair at the base is sturdy to avoid splaying like Smashbox one but, the white hair at the top is more abundant and super soft. It just feels like a angels feather on the face. Lovely. The handle is very sturdy as well. and there is more hair for the money so it applies the product much faster.

Fan brush headsCross section of brushes

#There are plenty of counterfeit Laura Mercier brushes for sale on Ebay which are substandard, so be very careful. The hairs are supposed to be a lot harsher and fall out of the brush very easily. Buy the real deal and you won’t have this issue.


Neither brush has shed any hair so far and i use mine regularly. The Laura Mercier one is heavenly soft and the better of the two brushes; however, the Smashbox offers a great alternative for the price. Blow out or budget? I am happy with my Smashbox one but will consider the Laura Mercier one when or if it wears out.

Hope you enjoyed this post and i will see you all soon. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on June 19, 2013.

2 Responses to “Laura Mercier Versus Smashbox Brushes……………….I’m a huge Fan!”

  1. I love her brushes, so soft! 🙂

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