DiorSkin Nude Tan Paradise Duo……………..A Healthy Pink Glow This Summer.

Hi Everyone,

How’s it going? Well, i have finally found five spare minutes to write this post and i have been wanting to get this one done for a while now as i have other bronzers/healthy glow powders i need to review too.

Dior recently released the Bird of Paradise Summer Makeup Collection 2013, collection here. I fell in love immediately with the Paradise Duo in both pink, 001 and the coral 002 version too. My birthday was approaching so, i dropped the hint about maybe wanting one of these and lucky me, i received the 001 pink glow version.

Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo 001

I own the Nude Tan Healthy Glow Powder Enhancing powder  in Sunlight 002. which Dior released previously, last year i think!!, review here; and i love it so i couldn’t wait to see the Paradise Duo versions with blusher included.

Dior Bronzing Paradise Duo

Well, i’m not disappointed at all. As usual with the four faceted bronzers/blushers by Dior, they offer many ways in which you can wear this palette. This is great for creating subtle different looks and a fantastic product for travelling with. Once again, it comes with a very nice quality natural hair, tightly pack mini kabuki brush.

Dior Paradise Duo 001

It will not give you a heavily tanned appearance like their bronzers do; however, it does leave a beautiful subtle healthy glow; (ideal for pale to mid skin tones) and the darker shade is great to contour the cheeks with. Having been born with slightly chubby cheeks myself, this is an absolute must.

If you travel and want a lovely healthy sunkissed look, i recommend this or the nude tan healthy glow powder too. Both are stunning.

Comparisons between Dior Nude Tan Bronzer and Paradise Duo

One thing i do want to add is that were the coral version is not available in certain countries; do not fret,  i would recommend the 002 Sunlight instead. This gives a similar effect but with a pink/coral glow. Gorgeous !!! A s you can see above right, it is well used and loved.

Dior Paradise Duo in day lightDior Paradise Duo in Direct Sunlight

Left in normal light, right in direct sunlight.

Many Uses.

Using both N and U shade gives a very subtle healthy glow that can be worn on cheeks and temples. N and D can be applied all over the face, D can be used to contour with, N can be used as a highlighter, E and U can be used as a pink blush, D and E can be used as a golden pink/brown blush and D and U can be used as a golden brown blush with a hint of pink. There is fine shimmer in it but not very noticeable on the face.

Dior Paradise Duo Swatch

Above are heavy swatches of each shade of the Paradise Duo in 001 Pink Glow.

The Negative

There is one slight negative with this product though. I noticed when i was comparing it to my 002 Sunlight, that the compact felt lighter in weight and that’s because it is.

The Paradise Duo weighs 9.5gm/ £40.00, whereas Sunlight was 10gm/£37.00. Half a gramme is a lot in terms of face powder and i noticed it immediately. Not sure if this is because of the added blusher with the Paradise Duo compact or if it’s a cost cut! I am still impressed with both nude tan face powders though.

There you have it. A beautiful healthy finish to the skin without any harmful, ageing sun rays.

See you all soon. Take care. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on July 27, 2013.

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