Chanel Moire Le Rouge, Fall 2013 Collection……………Back to Red

Hi Everyone,

How is everything? No sooner have we heard about the Chanel late summer collection, Superstition featuring cream blushers, releasing in August then suddenly, a new one is on its way for international release in September.

Chanel-Fall-2013-Moire-Le-Rouge-Chanel-Collection-1 (1)

This collection features shades of reds and pinks as the title of the collection would suggest. Featuring plenty of new shades of Rouge Allure Luminous Intense lipsticks which are my personal favourites, due to longevity of wear, silky soft feel on the lips and fantastic classy packaging with its spring action pop top.


There are 8 new lipsticks to try, which are:;

  • Indécise –         Beige Pink with Shimmer
  • Etonnate –        Bright Pearly Peach
  • Surprenante –    Sparkling Fuschia
  • Impulsive –         Bright Shimmering Pink/Red (LE)
  • Audacieuse –     Shimmering Pink/Red (LE)
  • Énigmatique –    Brown Red
  • Ambigué –         Pearlescent Berry
  • Farouche –       Shimmering Chocolate Brown


There are also two new Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss;

  • Réflexion –     Shimmering Pink
  • Controversy –  Brown Plum

Chanel-Fall-2013-Moire-Le-Rouge-Chanel-Collection-3 (1)

Precision Lip Defining Pencils both limited edition

  • Rose Poudré –  Muted Rose
  • Rose Ardent –   Bright Pink

Chanel-Fall-2013-Moire-Le-Rouge-Chanel-Collection-2 (1)

Aqua Crayon Lip Colour Stick in Vivid Rose- Bright pink and Red brown.

Chanel-Fall-2013-Moire-Le-Rouge-Chanel-Collection-4 (1)

Finally, two new gorgeous shades of Le Vernis nail polish and a re-promotion of  the extreme shine nail lacquer top coat.

  • Rose Moire –    Light Pearly Rose
  • Rouge Moire –  Pearly Red

Chanel-Fall-2013-Moire-Le-Rouge-Chanel-Collection-6 (1)

I’m already loving the Rouge Moire nail polish as well as the Rouge Allure luminous intense lipsticks Etonnate and Impulsive.

Have fun peops and i will see you all soon. 😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on July 30, 2013.

8 Responses to “Chanel Moire Le Rouge, Fall 2013 Collection……………Back to Red”

  1. Just to add Violette (73) and Gold Shimmer (179) are being re promoted with Moire Le Rouge Collection so if you didn’t get them first time round now is your chance! Xx

  2. Oh right thanks Amanda. I saw them but wasn’t sure what the deal was with them. Great stuff

  3. Lovely review on the products! Some of the colours look great.

    Please feel free to check out my blog too 🙂

  4. Going shopping today, time to spend all my money at the Chanel makeup counter again 😍 xx

  5. I heard that Violette and Gold Shimmer were being repromoted with this collection but that seems very strange as Violette and Rose Moire are so alike and close in colour spectrum. We’ll see on Friday I guess! Xx

    • I got Rouge Moire nail polish yesterday and its gorgeous, i got Audaciuse lipstick which matches it too. There were only two nail polishes in her box and 8 lipsticks, two lip glosses and two lip pencils, unless they are putting them out with this collection but i didn’t see them and my Chanel SA didn’t mention them at all. Also got a lovely little free goody box full of samples too.

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