Chanel 583 Taboo………….. A Twinkle From The Infinite Cosmos.

Hi Everyone,

How’s it going? Recently, i purchased a few items from the Revelation de Chanel collection, Summer 2013. In among the collection of lip glosses was one single nail polish.

Chanel 583 Taboo

Taboo is a stunning deep purple/red duo chrome with a multitude of red, pink, purple and white glitter which remains clearly visible on the nail when applied. (Many Chanel nail polishes contain fine shimmer which is not visible on the nails unless in bright sunlight).

Chanel Taboo in ordinary light

Taboo with flashI have only wore this once as i think it is more ideal for the Autumn/ Fall and plan to wear it more then. I did find this shade a little strange for the summer months but i guess it makes a bit of a change from the usual bright pinks and pastel shades released by many other companies.

I applied two thin coats to get an opaque finish to my nails and you will need a very good top coat for it to not chip within a couple of days. Unfortunately, Chanel formulas do chip quite easily but they do the best, most classy shades out there so i can forgive them for that.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 81 Fiction in Direct SunglightChanel Rouge Coco Shine Swatch 81 Fiction in Direct Sunlight

Taboo does go very well with Levres Scintillantes in Crushed Cherry and that may be why Chanel released the darker shade. It also goes beautifully with the Rouge Coco Shine 81 Fiction too; due to its red undertone.(Pictured above). Another lipstick shade i am saving for Autumn.

Chanel Taboo with Flash

If you haven’t got it yet and you like it, then i suggest you get it as it is limited edition and unfortunately, it is not as infinite as the Cosmos itself.

Have fun and i will see you all soon. 😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on August 22, 2013.

14 Responses to “Chanel 583 Taboo………….. A Twinkle From The Infinite Cosmos.”

  1. That polish is a gorgeous colour!

  2. Thanks Niki, i love it. Favourite by Chanel so far

  3. Love it! Totally agree about timing of release though! I have heard un petite rumour that Cosmic and Magic will be going into all Chanel Boutiques for Fashion Night Out 2013. Needless to say I have a contact going to Manchester Chanel to get mine as these look every bit as special and three dimensional as Taboo! X

  4. nobody does color like Chanel.

  5. Mandy you could have a whiz up the M62 and get some too! Get about 3 of each and then eBay them because they are going to be very hard to find and worth a bit especially at that time of year when people are starting to think Christmas. I know I sold 5 bottles of Malice for £30 once it had sold out in UK and when I put mine on eBay and they went in a couple of days which helped my pay for my Christmas shopping. And Malice wasn’t half as rare as Fashion Night Out. Les Khakis still go for £200 for the set and the Soho Collection which is a duo for £75 each. Next week I am trialing some new IBS products for an Danish company doing some medical research and getting paid mileage and vouchers for my trouble so I shall fund my Christmas shopping that way! Xx

  6. Gorgeous nail colour – I will definitely be trying this one!

  7. I have seen it all now. A very, rare, hard to find colour called Laurel Canyon (467) is on eBay without the box for nearly $1000. Apparently there were only ever 100 bottles produced. Bit of a monkey sick colour though. Not an iconic colour. For $1000 I want it to pop round and paint itself onto my nails! Xx

  8. I like this colour! I tested it out this weekend and it’s really pretty!

  9. Its great isn’t it? A good one for the cooler months i think. Thanks Melinda

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