Chanel Rouge Moire Autumn 2013…………………………..Lipsticks and Nail Colour

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all happy. I managed to buy a couple of things from the Rouge Moire collection by Chanel. It seems that makeup companies have upped the ante on releasing new collections in 2013 and to be honest, i have found it difficult to keep up with them while also trying to review the products i have purchased. I still have to get around to the Chanel Superstition collection, if i ever do !!!

Chanel Rouge Allure Swatches of Lipsticks

I do love this collection of Rouge Allure intense lipsticks and the two nail colours and even though i have only bought one lipstick and the Rouge Moire nail colour, i love all the lipsticks in this collection and may buy some more later on. My wonderful Chanel SA also threw in a box of goodies for me to try too, which i am very impressed with. I also tried out another 4 lipsticks in the range from a freebie sample palette.

Chanel Goody Box

Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Autumn 2013First off in the palette of Rouge Allure Intense Lipstick samples is:

131 Étonnante

Chanel Rouge Allure Intense 131 Etonnate

This one is a pale peachy pink shade. Absolutely lovely for day wear with minimal makeup or with a smokey eye for evening. I think this one reminds me a lot of Jersey Rose, a discontinued shade in the Rouge Coco lipstick range. It will also be ideal with 65 Espiègle, Joues Contraste blush or any other pale peach/pink shade. I used Chanel Precision Lip Defining pencil in Praline D’or, a nude shade, to line my lips.

129 Surprenante

Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Lipstick 129 Suprenante

A cool pastel pink. I also really like this one for day wear too. It goes well with 72 Rose Initiale, Joues Contraste blush and Le Cremede Chanel Blush, 64 Inspiration, A pale blue pink. I think this shade may be very apt for early Fall or Spring, but that’s just my opinion.

135 Énigmatique.

Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Lipstick 135 Enigmatique

An absolutely gorgeous red/pink. I find this one great if you don’t have very white teeth like myself. Its a great way of wearing a reddish colour without highlighting yellow in the teeth. Its a cooler shade so great for this and a lovely fall lipstick too.

124 Ambiguè  

Chanel Rouge Allure Intense lipstick 124 Ambique

Another great fall/winter hue. Again, this beautiful plum/mauve pink reminds me of last falls release in Rouge Coco, 45 Caractère without the hint of brown. This one is quite unique out of the four testers and i will probably buy this one next because Chanel don’t often release colours like this one.

I also purchased one lipstick and one nail colour from the collection.

134 Audaceiuse

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick Audaciuse 134Chanel Rouge Allure Audacieuse

Another pink/red shade. Quite a warm colour with more pink than red unlike Énigmatique which is the other way around. It goes on quite intense and is great for both day and evening wear. I love it with limited makeup and it also stays put for hours, like all the Rouge Allure Intense lipsticks.

Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Lipstick 134 Audaceuse

One thing i have noticed about this new formula is that it is slightly more drying on the lip; however, i like the fact that i do not have to keep re-applying the colour continuously. I’m also super impressed with Rouge Coco Shine intense shades too for the same reason. They are worth the money when they stay put.

This shade also goes quite well with the nail colour Rouge Moiré.

595 Rouge Moiré

I love this new colour from Chanel. Its incredibly ideal for fall. It has a lovely shine to it and is a maroon shade with pink sparkle; sadly though, even though it goes on like a dream, it also chips and peels off very easily. It doesn’t even make one whole day with me which is so disappointing. Chanel Really!!! Its time to nail this formula once and for all !! (No pun intended). # I wore a top coat as well.

Maybe Chanel will address this problem one day because they do do the most beautiful shades but to be honest, i tend to wear more Essie shades because they don’t chip so easily and are much cheaper too.

Chanel Le Vernis 595 Rouge MoireChanel After1 day Shot

There you have it. I Hope you all have a great week and i will see you very soon. Take care. 😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on October 14, 2013.

7 Responses to “Chanel Rouge Moire Autumn 2013…………………………..Lipsticks and Nail Colour”

  1. So fabulous!!!!

    Great post!

  2. I do find the Dior Gel Top Coat holds off chipping for an extra couple of days. That and a dishwasher! Xx

  3. 21 new nail polish colours from Chanel this year alone……at £18 each that’s £378 in nail polish alone! They’re not daft are they? Xx

    • and that’s just the nail polish Amanda. Countless lipsticks too at £26.50 each. Big business but i really think they should invest in getting the nail polish formula right, i mean they pretty much get everything else right so why can’t they do it? I will still buy Rouge Rubis probably though haha.

  4. lovely colors all around.
    I feel you on the nail polish. and I just bought Alchimie today even though I swore to myself I wasn’t going to buy any Chanel nail polish until they changed the formula!

    • Yes i know, i get sucked in every time when they bring a new nail colour out and yet i can only wear them on a daily basis because they generally chip withiin hours. Its such a shame really.

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