Suqqu Versus MAC……………………………….. The Taming of The Brow!

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all happy and well. Eyebrows! An important part to the overall finish of the face and should never be over looked in the makeup routine.

Coiffed, filled in and even dramatized like the scouse brow, (I’m saying nothing! ;-)). gives your face a whole new look. Yes, plucking, shaping, waxing and threading are a huge part of it but sometimes they need to be drawn in as well.

MAC and Suqqu Brow pens

I know mine are a little thin in places, so i have to fill them in but i try not to overdo it too much because i want to maintain a more natural shaped finish.

Recently, i was watching one of my favourite youtubers Michelle at MakeUpMLC, and she had bought the Suqqu Eyebrow liquid pen, highly recommended by Lisa Eldridge. I checked it out at because that is the only place where it can be purchased in the UK.

At the same time, MAC also had a new range of brow products and i had seen the Penultimate Brow Marker Pen on the website.

Suqqu and Mac tip

I used to buy eyebrow pencils; however, they do tend to wear off during the day which doesn’t really do the trick for me. They can also look heavy and smudge easily too. So i wanted to look at something which gave staying power with a natural finish.

I purchased both pencils for different reasons. Suqqu has an amazing reputation for its products and brush line and MAC offers great quality while remaining accessible and cost effective.

Suqqu Eyebrow Liquid Pen.

Is what is says it is. Comes in shades 01 moss for darker brows and 02 brown for fair to medium brows. Does have a liquid formula which melts into the brow and gives an overall incredible natural finish. I used the brown shade and light strokes to fill in my brows. Heavier strokes give a slightly more intense look. Once the product sets, it stays on all day and doesn’t smudge at all. It comes in a pen with a fine sturdy brush tip and 0.7ml is still going strong after every day use for over a month now.


Stays put all day and gives an incredible natural finish. A real winner. Amazing quality and hard to make any errors, which can be removed very easily if you do. Great for people with very light to medium brown brows and Moss is ideal for dark brows.


Expensive and Suqqu can only be purchased from Selfridges. The P&P is also high Β£4.50. Lets hope Suqqu eventually grow in the UK and have more outlets for its products.

Suqqu and Mac Eyebrow pens

MAC Penultimate Brow Marker.

Is slightly more intense in colour and is similar in consistency to a liquid eyeliner, as the title, ‘marker’ suggests. Light strokes give a good finish if a little heavier than Suqqu. Again, heavier strokes will give a very intense look for medium brown brows but i don’t think this one will be ideal for darker brows. Once set, it also stays put all day and doesn’t smudge either. It also has a fine sturdy brush tip and 1gm product is Β£15.50 to buy.


Good colour application, can be brushed through brows before it sets to even out the colour. Cheaper and more product for the money. Widely accessible throughout the UK. Ideal for medium brown brows.


Have to be more careful when applying to avoid making mistakes. A little more intense in colour so will not suit people with super light brows unless they want the scouse brow look!!! Only one shade available which doesn’t fit all. Takes a little bit longer to dry.

Plain eyebrowSuqqu Brow PenMAC eyebrow pen on brows

Top, brow with no pen, second is with Suqqu and MAC on bottom.

Overall Verdict.

I personally prefer the Suqqu liquid brow pen. (I have already purchased a back up) It has a lovely, easy to work with consistency and gives my brows a natural Β rich brown look while giving great definition. Its just an incredible shame Suqqu are so hard to get hold of.

I am not too disappointed with the MAC brow marker though because, it’s much cheaper and will probably end up lasting longer. It’s just a tiny bit more difficult to work with and gives me a darker heavier brow finish than i would normally like; however, always going to be easier to get hold of if i run out.

I love these pens far more than brow pencils and will never be looking back from now on. What is your favourite brow routine? Have fun and i will see you all soon. πŸ˜‰


~ by Mirifique Beauty on October 24, 2013.

4 Responses to “Suqqu Versus MAC……………………………….. The Taming of The Brow!”

  1. Oooh I like the Suqqu. Have you tried any Anastasia Beverley Hills or Charlotte Tilbury yet? If you log onto Burberry they now have an entire range of very beautiful nail lacquers too. Xx

  2. Oh its probably going to be quite some time before i try any of them. Unfortunately, i have a huge Orthodontist bill heading my way just before Christmas and Christmas gifts to buy of course.

  3. I prefer the Suqqu one too, it makes your brow look so much stronger!
    Twitter/Instagram : @colourmeniki

    • Thanks Niki. Yes and natural. I think the MAC one is better when you are having a night out but not so much on my brows for daywear. I wish i didn’t have to buy the Suqqu one from Selfridges though.

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