Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyes Mini Haul…………..Fall 2013.

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all well. As everyone knows by now, i love Chanel, Dior and Guerlain beauty products but i also really like Bobbi Brown cosmetics too. I decided to pay a visit to the counter a couple of weeks ago and came across their new Fall collection and i have to say, its a great one too.

There was a selection of sparkling eyeshadows, cream shadow sticks and smudging kohl eyeliners, along with smokey eyes mascara.

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow

I bought two products and got a freebie along with it and the SA was absolutely lovely too.

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow, 25 Pebble.3.8g/£22.00

I was a little dubious about buying this because i had bought one a couple of years back and within months it dried and went hard very quickly. I do; however, love the purplish taupe shade with its high amount of pink sparkle.

I am also pleased to say that this one does not appear very tightly pressed into the palette, making it very easy to use and adhering to the brush with just one dab. It does not add a high amount of pigmentation but rather, its ideal to apply over other eyeshadows, such as the cream eyeshadows that BB sell or any matte one you might want to jazz up a bit. It leaves a good amount of sparkle and surprisingly, no fall out. Another great point is the plastic packaging the eyeshadow comes in, is now much sturdier and airtight. BB must have realized the flimsy one they used before did not help the shelf life of the product.

So far, so good and i will keep you posted if there are any changes.

Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eyeshadow in PebblesBobbi Brown Single Eyeshadow without FlashBobbi Brown Single Sparkle Eyeshadow with flash

Above is the sparkle eyeshadow, middle is in normal light and with flash to the right.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liner, 6 Storm.£18.00

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Kajal Liner Storm

The kajal eyeliner has made a comeback because it is ideal for smudging out to create smokey eye effects. I immediately fell in love with this shade with its metallic grey intense colour. Even though it is designed to smudge out, i tend to wear it as a straight line over and under my eye area. It makes my blue/grey eyes pop and stays on all day. Love it! It also comes with its own sharpener too.

BB Storm 6Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyes liner in Storm with FlashBobbi Brown Kajal Eyeliner Storm

Above left is swatch of Kohl pencil and on my eyes.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyes Mascara, Black. 5ml/£22.00.

Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

This sample was given to me to try out by the lovely SA. Once again, i was dubious about trying it out. I had visions of it smudging everywhere for some reason and i was wrong. This has a lovely big brush which sweeps over every lash and coats them very well, while lifting and curling them too. I had no smudging with it at all and no irritation as it has no real fragrance of note.Bobbi Brown Smokey Mascara

One coat is great for a daytime look and two coats creates more of a false lash effect. I prefer to do one coat of this and then one coat of my Lancôme Definicils mascara, to give long lashes. My only real gripe with this mascara is that there is very little product for the price and my Dior Extase is much better value at 10ml/£23.00 and creates the same effect. It is a very nice mascara that gives the lashes a lovely deep black finish though.

Below left is one coat and two coats on the right.

One Coat of Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyes MascaraBobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara 2 coats

Even though Bobbi Brown products  have not always been my first choice, i do tend to go back to them time and time again, especially the cream eyeshadows. This is a great collection for fall.

What Bobbi Brown products do you enjoy using? Have fun and i will see you all soon. 😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on November 10, 2013.

5 Responses to “Bobbi Brown Smokey Eyes Mini Haul…………..Fall 2013.”

  1. Only really use a shimmer brick from Bobbi Brown. Like Mac I tend to under use their products as I prefer Chanel, Dior & Guerlain. Maybe it’s an image thing but I always feel like both BB and Mac are targeted at under 30’s whereas the other 3 are more my age range. I never use Clinique and only buy mascara from Lancôme. That is pretty much the big players of most average size beauty halls covered. I would need to go to a big regional city branch such as Liverpool, Manchester or Birmingham to get other beauty ranges beyond those. My plans for next year are to try Charlotte Tilbury, Burberry, Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana make up.

    Love the first picture of your eyes Mandy. They look beautiful. Lovely job you’ve done with your eye make up. Xx

    • Yes i agree that they along with NARS, target a younger market but i think BB are improving all the time, which can only be a good thing. I use certain products from MAC and NARS. They don’t get it all perfect but do some things exceptionally well like MAC Studio Finish Concealer, which is one of my all time favourites. Thanks for the compliment. I try different makeup looks out all the time on my eyes, some turn out great and some not so but its all fun. I want to try out a few Laura Mercier products and Givenchy next year and i am in love with my SUQQU brow pen at the moment and hearing fantastic things about their makeup along with Hourglass. I may even buy the odd Tom Ford item next year, who knows!

  2. I adore the pot rouges. they look so natural. I’ve only recently switched the pot rouges for Chanel’s cream rouge, because that one is applied a few nanoseconds faster.

    but I’ve had a similar packaging problem as you describe with a lipstick, which is why I don’t buy their lipsticks. The cream shadows come in good packaging, they are still like new two years later.

  3. forgot to add: the linerlooks so great on you.

    and because you mentioned Givenchy up there: I am very happy with my Givenchy eye shadows.

    • Thanks for your comments. I think BB are learning as they go that packaging does have a major role to play. I am glad to hear you love Givenchy eyeshadows. They look so nice and i think Givenchy don’t get enough love in the blogging world. Their lipsticks look great and get fantastic reviews too. I deffo need to try out some new brands next year but i know Chanel will always get my top vote.

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