Chanel Notes Du Printemps……………..Spring 2014 Makeup Collection.

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all well and looking forward to Christmas.

Now that the makeup holiday collections have hit our shelves, the Spring collection promo’s are doing the rounds on the internet. I love Chanel with a bit of a passion and this collection is exceptional from them. Here it is.


The quad Eyeshadows consist of the pressed formula of finely milled powders rather than the baked variety often released in the UK and Europe. The US tend to favour this type of palette and they are usually buttery smooth to apply, although i like the baked ones also, because they can be intensified by applying them with a damp brush.

The Lumiére Facetttes Quadrille Eyeshadows consist of a lavender grey, deep matte brown, shimmering gold ivory and satin apricot pink. I like that there are four types of eyeshadow in one palette and these will suit all eye colours too.


The Illusion D’Ombre are just a massive hit with me, and these are no exception. Impulsion – a silver shimmering pink (LE); and, Diapason – a violet plum brown.


The Poudre Universelle is one of my all time favourite pressed powders from Chanel because it is a shimmering one but without overdoing it. It leaves a lovely healthy glow to the skin. They are always limited edition and come in a different shade each time they are released, so get them while you can. This one is a soft peach shade called Préface.


One that has become another favourite of mine is the Blush Crème de Chanel. The two new ones for Spring 2014 are; Intonation – an intense coral/pink (LE); and, Chamade – a rosy red.


Glossimers consist of; Murmure, Plaisir (Repromote), and Sonate.


Rouge Allure Lipsticks include; Mélodieuse – Candy Orange Red; Fougueuse – (LE); and, Velvet L’Adorée (LE)

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet is; La Diva – Matte Electric Pink (LE) . The Lip Defining Pencil comes in Sonic Pink.

Chanel-Spring-2014-lipstick_Chanel-Rouge-Allure-Melodieuse_Chanel-Rouge-Allure-Fougueuse_Chanel-Rouge-Allure-Velvet-La-Diva_Chanel-Rouge-Allure-Velvet-LAdorée_Chanel-La-Diva-Sonic-Pink-lip-liner-450x310 (1)

Rouge Coco Lipsticks include; Dédicace – blue based pink; and, Triomphe – a peach/pink. Both are Limited Edition.


Chanel Le Vernis are; 167 Ballerina, 603 Charivari; and, 605 Tapage.


Chanel Promo Image

Release dates are January 10th 2014 in Japan and late January in UK and Europe.

I am loving all the eyeshadows and the lip pencil at the moment. What are your favourites, if any, from this collection?

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on November 28, 2013.

15 Responses to “Chanel Notes Du Printemps……………..Spring 2014 Makeup Collection.”

  1. I loved the blushes 🙂 😀

  2. Bit disappointed to see a repromote of Ballerina and I’m not a very coral person but Illusion D’Ombré I must have! Stunning! Xx

    • They always pull the coral shades out for Spring and Summer i noticed, i love the eye colours too and the lip pencil but will be giving everything else a miss. I own 3 poudre universelle compacts and i do love them very much but i just don’t need yet another.

  3. unbaked eyeshadows! yisss! want.
    I’ll also check out the blushes but I need to see them against my skin.

    • I have one of the unbaked quads already and i have to say, it isn’t my favourite. Maybe it’s because of the shades it’s comes in. Its one i least reach for. I do like the one they are bringing out though and; like you, i will have to swatch it first. There are far too many things i like and i am going to start saying no a lot more next year haha. If i find the strength from somewhere, that is.

  4. Wow, this collection looks awesome! 😀

  5. It´s a beautiful collection, the lipsticks are awesome !!

    • I know i can’t wait to try them out. Releases in UK in a couple of weeks. Did you buy anything yet from this collection? Do you know which shade that the promo model is wearing at all?

      • I had the chance to swatch the blushes and they are gorgeous ! I don’t know wich lipstick they used for the ad, but it looks like mélodieuse or fougueuse …

      • Yes, i thought it might be Melodieuse too, thanks. I love Chanel cream blushers so much, gorgeous and don’t go patchy or fade on my skin either x

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