November Favourites………………………Keeping Those Winter Blues at Bay

Hi Everyone,

How’s it going? I can’t believe another month has just flown by. Time for my favourites for the month of November.

November Favourites

1. Le Blush Crème de Chanel, 64 Inspiration

.Le Blush Creme De Chanel 64 InpirationChanel Cream Blush 64 InspirationSwatch of Chanel Cream Blusher Inspiration

Have worn this almost every single day since i bought it a couple of months ago. I love that it blends onto the skin so easily and then sets and stays put all day with no fading. It is a pale blue toned pink, gives a nice flush to the cheeks and is an absolute winner from Chanel. My only gripe would be that i am already half way through it and my powder blushers have lasted so much longer although they wear off the skin a bit quicker. Guess we can’t have it all our own way!

2. Guerlain Terracotta 4 Season’s Bronzer, 01 Blondes

.Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons 001 Blondes CompactGuerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons bronzer heavily swatched 

(The photo on the right is a very heavy swatch and not how i would normally wear it on my face)

I love this bronzer with a passion. It just looks incredibly natural on the skin, is great for contouring and you cannot overdo it because it never goes muddy or orange. Contains Gold to keep the skin youthful and i’m not surprised Guerlain are famous for their bronzers really. Amazing product!

3. Chanel Soft Touch Single Eyeshadow, 99 Hasard.

Chanel HasardClose up of Chanel 99 HasardChanel Hasard and Fauve swatches(Swatches left; Hasard and right; Fauve)

Another one bought recently is the matte taupe/lilac shade, Hasard. This one got a mixed reception when it was released in the Autumn/ Fall Superstition Collection this year. I really like the shade and love wearing it along with Fauve, another single soft touch eyeshadow from Chanel with shimmer. They go together beautifully. I will say that it is a bit powdery and not as pigmented as it should be for the price but i still like it very much.

4. Clinique Quick Liner for Eyes, 08 Blue/Grey.

One of my staple favourites for a long time. It is an ideal shade for my blue/grey eyes and just brings out the blue in my eyes. It is an eyeliner that can also be smoked out and smudged. Love it

Clinique Quick Liner for Eyes Blue GreySwatch of Clinique Quick liner for eyes in blue grey 08

5. Lancôme Gel Éclait Clarifying Cleanser Pearly Foam.

A tiny amount gets rid of every bit of makeup off the face. By far one of the best foaming cleansers i have ever used and its also very gentle on my skin too.

6. Body Shop Almond Body Butter.

Love all Body Shop body butters. They keep the skin so soft and get rid of the rough skin on elbows and ankles. Enjoy the almond scent on this too because it is very natural and strong enough to last a good couple of hours on the skin.  I also really like the hand cream as well.

7. Vaseline Lip Therapy Limited Edition, Creme Brulee.

Winter is here, (talk about stating the obvious!) and i always use lip balms to stop my lips chapping. I love the limited edition ones that Vaseline bring out every year and pretty much own most of them. This one has a sweet caramel vanilla scent on it and i like the cocoa butter one too. A must for the winter months.

8. L’Oreal Elnett Satin Heat Protect Styling Spray, Straight 3 days.

A fab product. I managed to get it in Tesco for £3,99 and it really does work at keeping the locks straight all day. Makes hair look sleek and smooth too. Amazing value for such a cost effective high street product and i will deffo be repurchasing, even at full price of £5.99. Even works with my 230°c hair straighteners, What a find!

There you have it! Another month gone and we are almost into 2014. I will probably do a 2013 favourites post rather than December one next time. Have fun and i will see you all soon. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on November 30, 2013.

11 Responses to “November Favourites………………………Keeping Those Winter Blues at Bay”

  1. I love the Elnett Satin Heat Protect. Its a little miracle worker! Great post xx

    • Thanks so much x. Yes, i am very impressed with it and it’s so cheap too. Elnett hair products are very good in general. It’s so great to find a high street product that actually does the job as good as the salon ones.

  2. Oh I must try that Creme Brulee Vaseline Lip Therapy. Sounnds yummy! 😉

  3. Great list of favorites! It seems like you really enjoy Chanel, do you think you could do a post on the top 5 (or more) things that are really worth getting from Chanel. I have a few things, but I’ve been eyeing some of their products but I’m not sure what items are worth splurging on. Thanks!
    Ps. New Post!

    • Thanks Veronica. Yes Chanel are deffo my favourite products. Very expensive but i go back time and time again for more.
      That’s a fantastic idea for a new post and i will do one, thanks for that.
      I do love the cream blushers, if you like a matte finish i recommend you try one out. Once its set, it stays put all day too. Can’t stand blushers that go patchy or fade.

      • I forgot to mention, i am currently writing a post on the Ombres 5 colour matelasses eyeshadow palette; charming, in their current Nuit Infinie Christmas holiday collection and it is a must have for anyone. Completely neutral shades that suit every eye colour. These sell out very quickly, and the quality of the shadows themselves are exceptional as are all their holiday eyeshadow palettes.

  4. Great favorites, that Chanel cream blusher is the prettiest thing! xx

  5. Thanks for this Mandy. I’m very interested in the Chanel blusher, I think cream formulas are kinder to (my older) skin than powder ones. The Elnett Satin Heat Protect Styling Spray is on my ‘buy list’ too now, even though I have a ridiculous amount of hair styling products.
    By the way, you look great!

    • ahhh thanks so much. Oh i do like the Chanel Cream blushers a lot and the heat protect spray is up there with salon formulas in my opinion anyway. Great buy! Hope you enjoy it too xx

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