Sisley Phyto Khol Star Glittering Eyeliner………………The Price May Leave You Seeing Stars!

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know a lot about Sisley other than they make very expensive skin creams; however, I am sort of on a mission to try out some new brands this year because i tend to stick with Chanel and Dior most of the time.

Sisley Phyto Khol Star Glittering Eyeliner

Walking past the Sisley counter, i decided to actually stop this time and take a look at what was on offer. TBH! I wasn’t really impressed with the makeup. The choices on offer seemed a little boring and quite generic. The glittering eye pencils did catch my eye though.

Sisley Phyto Star Glitteing Eyeliner Pencil

There were 5 shades ranging from grey, gold, black, green and the purple one i chose. I loved the grey one but i have a couple of then already from Bobbi Brown and Clinique and even though i own plenty of purple’s too, i thought this one just had the edge with its abundance of silver glitter.

The Pencil

A classic Kohl eyeliner ; therefore, it can be smudged out if you choose to create a smokey eye. There is plenty of silver shimmer on offer and it is immediately noticeable. The pencil is quite long, wooden, contains wild rose extract and comes with a purple Swarovski stone to represent the colour and shimmer of the pencil itself and the pencil does stay put all day without smudging or fading.

Sisley Glittering Eyeliner End

Now, here’s the jaw dropper. It is 1.8gms and costs £32.50. Yes, you read it right!  My mouth almost fell open when the SA told me. Luckily, she gave me a few samples of the pore minimizing cream then!!

Sisley Glittering Eyeliner Dark Amethyst Close Up(1)Sisley Phyto Star Swatch

I did think about saying no but i do really like this pencil and i would have been too embarrassed to do that and NO, i will not be repurchasing, haha. Can an eye pencil really be worth that much?!!!!Quite interestingly, the Diego Dalla Palma Liquid eye pencil i bought for only £14.00 from, had golden glitter and looked very similar in appearance and pigmentation to the Sisley one.

Now you all know why i generally stick with Chanel and Dior. At least their prices are reasonable and give exceptional quality, hence their success and wide availability.

Have you ever bought something not realizing just how much it was going to cost, or are you all very wealthy? Have fun and i will see you all soon 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on January 28, 2014.

18 Responses to “Sisley Phyto Khol Star Glittering Eyeliner………………The Price May Leave You Seeing Stars!”

  1. I bought a Sisley mascara once and it was nearly £40. The first time I used it the wand separated from the lid. I got my money back but I’ve never been tempted to try them again. Their blushers look nice but nothing that Tom Ford, Burberry or even Nars can’t do. Some of their Skincare is iconic and very, very good but nothing that no one else isn’t doing now. TBH I tend to think of them as a bit of a dinosaur that has lost focus. I don’t think you can do skincare and make up, it has to be one or the other IMO.

    • Yes they are famous for their skincare and probably more so in Asia than over here but this is a very nice pencil and the glitter does stand out on the eye, which makes it very unique. I am not disappointed with it in any way just with the price.

  2. I must admit it looks nice and the stone on it was such a brilliant idea but I guess it’s way too expensive for me 😀

  3. It is very pretty though! I can’t grumble about prices when I have just spent £80 on a Tom Ford Bronzing Brush. This year the make up brands I want to invest in are Tom Ford, Burberry and Charlotte Tilbury. With a bit of Chanel Dior and Guerlain thrown into the pot! Skincare…’s all about Omorovicza for me and little gems such as Effaclar Duo which had just been upgraded and Embroyolisse. I am staying with my La Prairie Daily Essentials but serums, night cream, moisturisers are predominantly Omorovicza. Xx

    • I would try Burberry if it were more accessible, i think when Tom Ford do products that wow me for the unbelievable prices, then i will give him a go. I do like the packaging though. TBH, i am buying a lot less this year as i have so many products now. I will invest in products that i have nothing similar to. I even turned down a Chanel lipstick today because it was a similar shade to one i already have, (very rare for me), but i mean to start off on a good foot this year. I have bought some new products from Chanel but none are like what i already own and i bought half of them using my Boots points. After the amount i spent on this eye liner, its time to become a bit more savvy.
      Before i forget, my Chanel SA told me Ballerina nail polish is a re-release but a very different shade to the original. Just thought i’d let you know because you love the Chanel polishes

  4. I have all three of the new polishes and she’s absolutely right. The original was a lot more subdued a pink. I must swatch them on a nail and compare as I have the original Ballerina from Rodeo Drive. How strange that they would have two different shades of pink. Mind you Rouge Noir is called Vamp in US and again is quite different to the European version but they are both numbered ’18’.

  5. Oh congratulations you have found the most expensive pencil yet! LOL! Is it really terribly bullet proof though? I’m in search of the one that will stay on my oily and hooded lids. And creamy… if i’m paying the price of an eyeshadow palette it has to be super creamy!

  6. Sometimes I see Sisley products for 50% off – and I still find them too expensive. 😐
    I once fell in love with a Tom Ford perfume without realizing how expensive those are. Didn’t buy it. 😦

    • Yes, i think 50% off says it all really. Quite clearly over charging. I have never yet seen a single Chanel product go into any sale here in the UK.

      • I think Chanel is very careful about that, they want an air of exclusivity. I remember that for the longest time they didn’t want to sell their products online either? when I see them on sale, it’s not in the big chains, it’s smaller boutiques and the mall’s flea market.

  7. Yes true Dandygal, i think they are a very clever company because putting high end beauty products on sale somehow cheapens the brand a little. I am always a bit stumped why Dior and Guerlain do it really because they don’t need to. You can find cheap Chanel products on various sites but they will only ever be the discontinued products and not their current lines

  8. I adore their skincare so I can understand the price but never really enjoyed the makeup…it always seems a bit dry and has an odd smell? If you ever get a chance try Sisley botanical night complex, it is amazing xx

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