Valentines Day………………………A Diva With Pearly Whites!

Hi Everyone,

Valentines Day is almost upon us and i have one post this year to delight. Check out the ones i wrote last year here,and here .

I don’t normally do red lipstiicks. Something to do with my ‘not so white’ teeth; however, i do have fairly nice lips and the right shade of red lipstick makes them look so much fuller. (Even when i’m not pouting)!

Diorific Collection Golden Winter Matte Lipstick 038 Diva

When i was looking through Dior’s Golden Winter Collection over the holiday 2013, besides buying the gorgeous Diorific 046 Minuit, i also noted the shade 038 Diva, which is part of the same collection.

I really wanted it so much but decided against it as i didn’t want to be highlighting the yellow in my teeth. Then i discovered Crest 3D White Whitening Strips for the teeth. How did i not know about these wonderful life savers? I managed to get hold of a packet off ebay and started using them for a few days. 

Crest 3D Whitening Strips

I noticed that all the stains disappeared on first use and then they got slightly whiter over the following 4 consecutive days. The result is only temporary and lasts a couple of more days after use; however, they can leave teeth feeling slightly sensitive if you leave them on too long. Something to be weary of! On the upside; you can wear your favourite red lipstick without keeping your mouth shut. Problem Solved!

Teeth with sunDiva

I went and bought Diva straight away and i love this lipstick so much. It is a highly pigmented cool toned red and as we all know, cool/blue based lipsticks are ideal for off-white teeth. (See pic above right after using strips for 4 days)

Diorific Collection Golden Winter Long Wearing True Lip Colour 038 Diva BulletDiorific Collection Golden Winter Lipstick 038 Diva Close upDiorific 038 Diva Lipstick Swatch

Diorific lipsticks dry down to a slight matte opaque finish with an incredible amount of longevity on the lips and rarely need topping up during the course of the evening. They have a gorgeous fragrance to them that reminds me of the sweets i used to eat as a child called Love Hearts, slightly sweet and sherbety. The lipstick comes in the lovely ornamental bauble style golden case and costs £27.00/3.5gm. Worth every penny in my opinion. I prefer this shade to the orange based Trafalger, Dior’s top seller.

I also bought the exact matching Dior lip pencil to go with this shade which is, 952 Rouge Royal. Gorgeous!

Dior Lip Pencil 952 Rouge DiorDior Rouge Royal Lip Pencil TipDior 952 Rouge Royale Lip Pencil

Diorific Diva and YSL Golden Gloss

So, now you can wear that drop dead red lipstick on Valentine’s Night with confidence, if you are like me and unlucky enough to have less than perfect white teeth.

Picture right is Diva worn with gloss if you like a more glossy finish.

Have a fab night out and i will see you all soon. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on February 11, 2014.

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