February Favourites………………I’m Loving My Body!

Hi Everyone,

It’s that time again! The majority of makeup i have been wearing this month has been spoken about in other favourite posts, so i thought i would concentrate on what i use on my body this month.

I take skin care routine of my body as seriously as i do my face. My skin is becoming drier with age and i get the odd rough spot around my ankles and elbows; therefore. i like to use good exfoliants and moisturizers. Of course, what you put into the body is equally as important as on it, so i try and drink plenty of water daily to cleanse the skin from within.

February Favourites

1. Body Shop Body Brush.

I brush my skin at least once a week. This helps with circulation and stops any more cellulite forming. The bain of my life!! It aids muscle tone and keeps skin clear so toxins can be released effectively, easing stress on internal organs. Strengthens the immune system and also prevents premature ageing. Yes! All that from a Β£8 brush and 5 minutes of your time.

Every woman should have one no matter what their age is. Of course, exercise and drinking and eating healthy goes a long way to, although i never could resist the odd bar of chocolate!

2. Body Shop Drench Sponge.

I have been buying these for years. Great soft and gentle body wash sponges. I don’t like those scrunchy things. Sorry! Not sure what they are called. A good gentle sponge does the trick for me and it suds up very quickly too.

3. Clinique Sparkle Body Exfoliating Cream.

Lovely menthol smell to it and it is quite gentle and very effective. I use this once a fortnight and it leaves my skin super soft and removes those rough spots. It is also very refreshing in the shower. Great product, a little goes a very long way.

4. Bliss Body Butter. Grapefruit & Aloe.Bliss You Butter Watch Out

I was very lucky and managed to get a pack of three of these very cheap over Christmas. I got the Blood Orange and White Pepper, Lemon and Sage and Grapefruit & Aloe for the price of one of them alone. I really like them all because they have a refreshing incredibly natural aroma and actually moisturize the body really well without being heavy or sticky, which is the reason i don’t really use other body butters in general. Bliss just get it right. A little goes a long way with this product too.

5. Roger & Gallet Ginger Soap.

Roger and Gallet SoapThe Packaging is stunning and they make a gorgeous present. These French beauties last a long time and keep the same intensity of fragrance from start to end. Worth every penny and get them every year for Christmas.Roger and Gallet Ginger Soap Box

My only disappointment is that L’Oreal have discontinued so many of Β the fragrances and Blue Lotus was my all time favourite. Shame on you L’Oreal! I thought i would try out Ginger this year and so glad i did. A lovely warming scent and not harsh like you would expect.

6. Body Shop Honey Bronze Lip Balm.

Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip BalmSwatch of Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmer lip balm

Love Body Shop lip balms. This cute balm has a lovely honey scent and keeps my lips smooth and soft during the winter months. It also has shimmer, so can be worn over a matte lipstick. Loving the packaging too.

There you have it, some of my favourite body products for the cold winter month of February. What is your skin care routine for keeping a healthy looking body?

Have fun and i will see you all soon. πŸ˜‰


~ by Mirifique Beauty on March 1, 2014.

10 Responses to “February Favourites………………I’m Loving My Body!”

  1. Great article!!

  2. I want to try that Body Shop Body Brush so bad

  3. Aromatherapy Associates Body Brush which I particularly like as ther is a strap to put your hand into to keep hold of it when hands are wet or greasy. Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength, DeStress and Deep Relax bath oils. Bath oils always available on ebay at 1/3 of retail price. I also adore Clinique Sparkle Exfoliating Lotion. I swear by Utan Californian Mousse & Utan Marbella Gold Lotion for a bit of colour but nothing OTT. Margaret Dabbs for pedicure and legs, again always picked up on ebay for half retail price. Rodin / By Terry / Creme De Mer lip balms depending on which flavour I am in the mood for. Candles are either Diptyque Jasmin or Mimosa scented. These so enhance relaxation and mood and are heaven in the bathroom mingling with the steam. Finally having exhausted every conceivable hand / body cream at every conceivable price point I always go back to dear old Diprobase as it never fails to calm my eczema and is so cold on application it really soothes. One last little gem……if you do have any scaring from bites, spots or in my case surgery, Bio Oil is my saviour. I had a huge tracheotomy scar at the base of my throat. For the first year is was so red and angry looking I had to cover it up with scarves. Then I was given Bio Oil and after 2 years religious use you would not know it’s even scarred. I can only see it when I use my magnifying mirror to do my make up. Magic.

    • I’m glad the bio oil worked for you. I used it for weeks on my stretch marks on my legs and never noticed a change, however, i might give it another go as It’s fairly inexpensive. I noticed since i have been using any body moisturizer i have not had any more. The secret with stretch marks must be to keep the skin soft, especially now i exercise a lot.

  4. Too much love for the drench sponge, the problem is I can’t bare to throw mine out! :O Great post πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks for letting me know about the Clinique body exfoliating cream. I have a sample lying around somewhere and want to try it but don’t know if it’s any good. You’ve just convinced me! x

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