Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour Wet/Dry……………..Petal Pink.

Hi Everyone,

I’m still on a quest to try out new beauty brands this year as well as buying some from the old faithful’s. One beauty brand i did want to try out was Laura Mercier.

Laura Mercier products do get some great reviews on the blog circuit and i wanted to try out an eyeshadow or two.

Laura Mercier Baked Eyeshadow

I was in Space NK recently and spotted a gorgeous LM single eyeshadow which is a pale shimmering pink with pink sparkle. I didn’t buy it at the time but later on when i saw it again in John Lewis. It caught my eye again so i thought it was maybe time to give it a try out.

The Eyeshadow.

It is a rather large eyeshadow. A generous 1.8gm for £19.00. As mentioned, a gorgeous shade. On application, it doesn’t pack the punch i was hoping for unfortunately.

I did apply it over my NARS Smudgeproof Eye Base, which makes eye colours more intense and last much longer on the eye but this only helped out slightly on this occasion.

Laura Mercier Baked Wet and Dry Eyeshadow close up

It is very powdery and doesn’t really stick to the brush, so i had to keep going back in with the brush and apply again and again to get any colour to show up on my eye. It also had a bit of fall out onto my cheeks too. It sort of reminds me slightly of the old formula Chanel baked eye quads, (the bad ones that is, because some were fantastic) there appears to be a lot of talc added to the formulation, which in turn gives very little colour payoff and dry powdery finish.

Laura Mercier Baked Eyeshadow swatch

I did also try it out with a damp brush and thought that it made only a slight difference to the colour pay off.  I think Dior Mono Wet and Dry Single Eyeshadows do it so much better with a wider range of shades. Review here.

Laura Mercier Baked Eyeshadow Swatch

Above left swatch is dry and right swatch was applied damp. 

On the plus side though, i do apply it over the Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Impulsion before that dries down and it sticks well to it. I do only really use this as a highlighting shade because it has no real pigment to it. I believe this shade will show up so much better on olive skin tones rather than pale skin like mine.


Unfortunately, i have very little time in the morning to apply my makeup for work. I want to apply my eyeshadows and blend them quick smart without having to faff around with damping down makeup brushes and creating mess.

I prefer eyeshadows that pack a punch from first application and hold well to a dry brush and while i do love this shade and have cut my losses on it by applying it as a highlighter, i will not be repurchasing and i am not inspired to try out any of the other colours in the baked formula range either. I would love to try out her cavia sticks because these do get rave reviews and do look like they give great colour payoff.

Have your tried out any of these single baked  wet and dry eyeshadows? What were your thought on them?  Have fun and i will see you all soon. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on June 17, 2014.

7 Responses to “Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour Wet/Dry……………..Petal Pink.”

  1. such a beautiful shade of pink! great post! xx

  2. Excellent review Mandy. I’ll definitely give this eyeshadow a miss. That’s the great thing about reviews like this, it saves money on wasted products you were thinking of buying!

    • It’s such a shame Ann Marie because i had great expectations for it and it looks great in the pan, which draws you in.
      I think the caviar sticks look fantastic and i should have gone with them in the first place i think. The baked ones are just a lot of glitter and little of anything else but like i said, i will use it as a highlighting shade instead. Thanks for reading my review hun xx

      • It’s expensive for a mere highlighter though isn’t it?

        I do the same though, when I get a duff product I’ve paid a lot of money for, I find another use for it, even if I only use a tiny amount of it – I have a lot of expensive mistakes!

  3. My tried once and didn’t like products always go on ebay. I list them as Brand New but then put swatched in the heading and then knock off 25% the full retail price. That way I turn my expensive mistakes back into cash to try other things. I never sit on anything swatched longer than three months and more often than not it sells quicker than full price because people don’t seem to mind a product that has only been tried once……especially if you are super careful with packaging, using hygienically etc. The only Laura Mercier I’ve tried is the Secret Camouflage which is very iconic and I had a brow kit with tweezers, eyebrow pencils etc….nice brand, reminds me quite a lot of Nars and Bobbi Brown in approach. Lovely post Mandy but I definitely could not be faffed with all that fuss and messing around either. Maybe for a night out but not a daily use piece. Xx

    • I wish i could be bothered with ebay but i just don’t have the time unfortunately and this is the reason why i don’t generally try out new brands. I think Dior and Chanel have had a much longer time on the market to perfect their products and that’s why i stick with them in general.
      Sadly, i will probably never buy another product from LM again as a result of this and that’s where its so important for a company to get it right every time.
      They cannot market themselves as high end and only offer middle of the road products really because ulitimately, that will be their downfall. Glad i tried it though and it’s not a complete loss. It goes very well with my Gabrielle quad palette from Chanel 🙂 Thanks for the comments though and i’ve read some great reviews about the secret camouflage too.

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